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Don't Want to Be Alone

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 9th November 2017

Characters: A'dryn, B'jon
Description: The young riders have nightmares and reach out to comfort one another.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 1, day 4 of Turn 9

It was dark, so dark, but A'dryn could still make out Lenala in the
distance. She was screaming, rocks falling all around her. A'dryn
tried to run, to help her, but he could barely move. Then suddenly he
was in the Hatching Cavern on Nalarith's back. Water was halfway up
her sides, full of debris and dead bodies. The walls started shaking
and she pushed though the water to the entrance, but it was blocked.
The cavern was collapsing and they couldn't get out...

A'dryn woke thrashing, covered in sweat. It took several breaths for
him to realize he was in his new weyr and not trapped at River Bluff.
He uncovered the glow basket on the nightstand, trying to banish the
nightmare. He reached out to Nalarith. The green was still asleep and
he didn't want to disturb her. Besides, she could barely remember the
disaster anymore.

The greenrider tried to get back to sleep, but the horrors kept
replaying in his mind. He wanted someone to hold him. He wanted B'jon.
After pulling on a tunic and a loose pair of trousers, A'dryn left his

B'jon was trying to outrun a wall of water. Everytime he glanced
backwards, it was so much closer and he saw someone's face in it: his
father, sisters, people he knew and cared for.

A'dryn moved through the dark hallways of the Weyr, lit only by glows
set into niches in the stone. B'jon's weyr hadn't seemed so far away

}: Wake up, you're doing it again, :{ Denenth's mind voice woke up
B'jon. Blearily and still shaken, he rolled out of the bed and pad to
the weyrledge. The jewel-glow of Denenth's eyes guided him. He pressed
his forehead against her neck, comforted by her soft croon and the
musky scent of a dragon.

A'dryn finally reached B'jon's weyr. At least he was fairly sure this
was the right door. He chewed on his thumbnail, glancing up and down
the hallway. If he'd made a mistake he was going to be so embarrassed.
Taking a steadying breath, A'dryn knocked.

The sudden knock made B'jon nearly jump out of his skin. "What? Who?"
he called out.

"B'jon?" A'dryn tried to call loud enough to be heard but not so loud
as to disturb people nearby. "I'm sorry, but may I come in?"

"Sure, come in!" B'jon called and returned inside. After some fumbling
around in the dark weyr, he found out where the lights came on.

A'dryn stepped in, blinking in the brighter light. "I'm sorry to
disturb you, but I had a nightmare and I..." He swallowed. "I didn't
want to be alone." The fear from his dream still clung to him.

"You too, huh?" B'jon asked with wry smile. "I was just looking for
comfort from Denenth, so you're not disturbing."

"Ah." A'dryn wrapped his arms around B'jon, hoping to give comfort
while taking it for himself. "Was it about the disaster?" Or it could
have possibly been about Threadfall, as that was a common type of
nightmare for riders.

"Of course it was about the disaster," B'jon replied and leaned
against his shoulder.

They stood quietly for a moment. "It is nice to share this with
someone else." A'dryn didn't have to be alone in his grief and trauma.

"Yes, it is," B'jon agreed. He had thought about asking A'dryn to move
to same weyr with him, but his courage always failed before actually
asking him. He was too afraid that would spook A'dryn away.

"Would you mind if I spent the night?" Maybe it was silly to ask, but
A'dryn didn't want to assume. Even if they had lived together for
several sevendays.

"I would very much love that," B'jon replied softly.

A'dryn smiled and kissed B'jon's cheek. "Thank you." He held B'jon
tighter, breathing in his scent and enjoying the solid warmth of his
body. For all that he'd lost, A'dryn was incredibly grateful that he
still had B'jon.

B'jon held him too, finding solace from that touch.

A'dryn finally stepped back but kept their fingers twined. "Come on."
He moved toward B'jon's bed. The furs were rumpled and A'dryn smoothed
them as he climbed in. He thought it would be a relief to have his own
weyr again and while it was nice not to rely on Lanniya's hospitality
anymore A'dryn realized he missed this. The routine of getting into
bed with B'jon, settling down next to him.

B'jon crawled next to him and pulled the fur over them.

Fear and loss still clung to A'dryn but it was fading to a manageable
level. He cuddled against B'jon and kissed his cheek. "Good night."

"Good night, love," B'jon murmured, already drifting off.

Last updated on the December 10th 2017

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