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Mortifying Embarrassment

Writers: Paula, Devin
Date Posted: 10th September 2017

Characters: B'jon, A'dryn
Description: A'dryn seeks comfort of a different kind from his lover after Nalarith's flight.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 3 of Turn 8

A'dryn walked into their shared sleeping chamber in Lanniya's weyr and
dropped face-first onto the bed. "I'm going to _die_!"

"Hey, what happened? Did the Flight go badly?" B'jon asked with
sympathic alarm and dropped the straps he was tending. He knew that
Nalarith had Risen from Denenth who had made some jelous comment about

"When I woke up with R'enh I called him _your_ name." It was mortifying.

}:Human names _are_ hard to remember, do not worry,:{ Nalarith told
him sleepily. She was still dozing next to Mnoranth.

"I'm flattered, your first concious though was me," B'jon smiled. "How
did he take it?" He wasn't sure who R'enh was. Someone he yet to have
to meet.

A'dryn turned his head to look at him. "It didn't seem to bother him.
He seemed amused if anything. But I'm so _embarrassed_!"

"Why? Why are you embarrassed that you have someone who occupies your
thoughts so much that you utter his name when you're semi-concious?"
B'jon asked with gentle tone. He took A'dryn's hand and just craddled
it in his own.

"Oh." A'dryn turned onto his side, wincing slightly at the soreness in
his rear. "I didn't realize how it sounded. I'm not ashamed of you."
He squeezed B'jon's hand. "I'm still struggling to adjust."

"I know, I'm not insulted," B'jon replied. "I had it so much easier
than you to adjusting to this life."

"I do envy you that. I hope in time I'll be able to fully embrace my
nature without shame. And I appreciate how patient you've been with me
while I struggle with all this." A'dryn smiled up at him.

"I do have a great family," B'jon said. "You should meet them
someday." It had been his intention to take A'dryn to meet them but
just hadn't gotten around to do it. Never seemed to have a time for it
or something else came up. He had a feeling his family would welcome
him warmly and that was exactly what he needed. To see that there were
holders who accepted male greenriders.

"Your family isn't ashamed of you?" A'dryn knew that holders had a
range of reactions to having a male greenrider--or bluerider--in the
family. Since the return of Thread more found pride in being related
to a defender of Pern, no matter the dragon's color. But many still
had stories similar to A'dryn's own.

"They've not. My dad was proud that I Impressed, he didn't care what
colour. Denenth's hide-colour wasn't excatly a surprise to him," B'jon

"Because you were involved with someone at the Hold?"

"Yes, he was the farmhand hired to help with harvest. It was exciting,
all the sneaking around, trying to find a place for little
privacy...not getting caught. I still think my father knew and worried
about me. But he had been equally worried if I had been a girl, if you
catch my meaning," B'jon replied. "I was young, well younger and
naieve. He was quite few Turns older than me."

"So his concern was that you were being taken advantage of by someone
older?" His father's concerns had been right, as A'dryn remembered
B'jon telling him the farmhand had tried to blackmail him.

"Yes, and he failed, because I knew my father was on my side. If I had
said a word, he would have kicked his arse to other end of the Pern.
Too bad you didn't have a father like that," B'jon said.

A'dryn sighed. "Yes, it is." The only contact he had with his family
was a few letters exchanged with one of his older sisters.

"You just need to find yourself a new family," B'jon grinned. "And
convice Nalarith to let some nice blue catch her for once." He
couldn't resist a little gentle teasing.

"That would make things a bit easier." At least then the other rider
would be interested in men. "Though preferably one _not_ in the same
Wing." How was he going to face R'enh at drills?

"Yes. that would be easier. Most of the bronze and brown riders like
to pretend it didn't happen," B'jon spoke with the experience of few
Mating Flights more than A'dryn had. "You still _remember_ it

"Would you mind if I stayed longer?" A'dryn sat up, moving slowly to
be careful of his sore behind. "I mean, if it was a bluerider and _if_
I was ever inclined to." He was proud of himself for even considering
it. Perhaps someday he could fully enjoy flights the way so many other
greenriders seemed to.

"I don't mind. If you want to enjoy yourself or experiment, go ahead,"
B'jon replied. "You don't have to worry about my feelings."

"Thank you." It was odd to feel relieved about something like that,
especially when he had no immediate plans of acting on it. "I am quite
happy with you, though."

"And you make me happy," B'jon replied.

It warmed A'dryn's heart. A Turn and a half ago, he could never have
imagined such a life for himself. He'd been facing a future of hiding
his true self, with all the fear and misery that came along with that.
And then a search dragon had chosen him, and changed everything. Now
there was so much possibility before him.

A'dryn leaned over and kissed B'jon, a sweet, soft press of lips.
"You're wonderful."

"So are you," B'jon murmured.

"Would you hold me for a little while?"

"As long as you want to," B'jon replied.

Last updated on the November 2nd 2017

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