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Everything Will Work Out

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 2nd August 2017

Characters: Lanniya, A'dryn
Description: The two friends share some relationship news.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 2 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: B'jon, Chaysea, K'ale


"A'dryn!" Lanniya called out as she came into the weyr, her arms full
of packages. "I've got some stuff and there's more on the ledge. Can
you help if you've got a minute?"

"Sure!" He called from the spare room. He'd been tidying up, trying to
keep himself busy. A'dryn hurried out and took a few packages from
Lanniya that looked to be in danger of falling. "What is all this?"

She let them take the packages and grinned over the ones that remained
in her hands. "They're from my family's caravan. I sent word to my
grandmother and she spoke to my dad and mother and they sent all of
this for you and B'jon. " She flushed. "I kinda had look at your
clothes to get the sizes and stuff and your boots, but they wanted to
help. Gran likes you anyway, so once she heard that you were okay, but
needed stuff, they sent as much as they could."

She put down the packages on the table, then darted outside, dragging
two larger ones behind her. They clinked and rattled as she pulled
them to the table. "There's three more out there."

A'dryn hurriedly set the packages down and pressed a hand to his
mouth, his eyes stinging with tears. "Oh, Lanniya. That's so kind of
them." It shouldn't surprise him, he'd spent quite a lot of time with
her grandparents while she was missing, the three of them sharing
worry and hope until Lanniya returned. Still, the level of their
generosity touched his heart.

"They're the best, aren't they? Anything that you and B'jon don't want
can go to Chaysea." She grinned and dragged in the last few packages,
leaving them on the floor. She waved him over to one of the parcels on
the table. "C'mere. They sent this special for both of you." She
untied it and carefully opened it, pulling out a finely made light
green tunic with embroidery around the collar. "They normally don't
carry stuff like this, but Gran said she thought of you when she saw
it. It's for Gathers." She grinned and pulled out a second, a darker
green with piping along the sleeves. "This is for B'jon. I think I got
his size right, but I'm not sure. "

She pointed to the packages on the floor. "They sent some other stuff
too, like small cooking stuff and cups and plates,, sound's like. And
some blankets and furs." She eyed the packages, examining them with a
critical eye." There's one with boots and sandals too. Probably
trousers in the other one." She turned. "The only things that are
actually new are probably the tunics, though. I hope you don't mind
that everything's probably been used before."

A'dryn pulled her into a tight hug. "Your family is wonderful.
_You're_ wonderful! This is so incredibly generous I don't have
words." A few tears spilled down his cheeks. He'd cried a lot the last
few days, but this time it was for a happy reason.

"OOF!" She grinned. "Don't you know that my Gran pretty much adopted
you? You're family to her. I'll tell her that you loved it and said
thank you." She hugged him back. "But she'd probably rather get a note
from you and B'jon when he gets back."

"Oh absolutely. I'll write her a thank-you letter from both of us." He
gave a little embarrassed laugh. "Goodness that makes us sound like a
married couple."

Lanniya chuckled and her eyes lit up. "So you never really told
me...are you guys just friends or...more?"

A'dryn ducked his head, his lips turning up in a shy smile. "We're
courting. Involved. Whatever Weyrfolk call it."

Lanniya clapped her hands. "Okay, now you have to spill. When did it
start? Is he as super sweet as he seems to be?"

She always treated him so wonderfully normal. "I knew I felt
attraction to him even before Nalarith's first flight. When I finally
got the courage to tell him, we took things slow for a while."
A'dryn's eyes shone with affection. "He's so sweet and kind. He was so
very patient with me until I was ready for more."

"So you've...you know..." Lanniya grinned. "Done the more?" She
wiggled her brows playfully.

"Yes." Embarrassment heated his face but he went on. "It's quite
different when it's with someone you care for."

Lanniya nodded, thinking of K'ale. "It is really different." Her eyes
glowed. "K'ale...he's just wonderful. And I mean my flight was good,
but with K'ale, it's even better."

A'dryn took her hand and squeezed it. "I'm so happy you found someone
good and kind." He hadn't liked the way some of the bronzeriders, and
even a few brownriders, had acted around Lanniya when Anaeryth reached

"He is. And..." She turned her hand in his to show him a ring. "He
asked me to weyrmate with him. He's...wonderful. Just wonderful." Her
eyes gleamed. "In many ways."

A'dryn gasped. "Oh Lanniya." He pulled her into another hug. "Oh
that's so wonderful! Congratulations!"

"It is. It really is." She hugged him back. "See? Everything will work
out for both of us."

With Lanniya's enthusiastic optimism, it was easy to believe. "Yes,
everything will be alright."

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