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Uncomfortably Handsome

Writers: Devin, Suzee
Date Posted: 28th July 2017

Characters: A'dryn, R'enh
Description: Poor A'dryn wakes up next to his handsome Wingsecond.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 3 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: B'jon, A'kades
Notes: Follows "Handsome New Dragons"


Over the last few days A'dryn had gotten used to sleeping next to
B'jon every night. When the person next to him stirred he didn't even
open his eyes, only murmured sleepily, "What time is it B'jon?"

R'enh had been awake a few minutes and hadn't moved when he'd found
himself cuddled around the young greenrider. But he had to smile at
the sleepy voice. "Seems to be about the eighth candlemark."

That voice. It wasn't... A'dryn sat up with a gasp. "Oh no!" He was
naked in bed with a strange man. No, not strange. When A'dryn got a
look at the rider he recognized him as his new _Wingsecond_. A'dryn
groaned and covered his face with his hands. **Why did you have to
choose bronze!?**

}:Mnoranth flew me _very_ well.:{ Her mindvoice was practically a purr.

The young ones were always so dramatic. R'enh half smiled. It didn't
matter if they were male or female, it just took them awhile to get
used to the fact that their dragons chose. "Are you alright?"

Yes, politeness. Manners. Things A'dryn could cling to. His rear end
was sore, but no more than it had been after Nalarith's other flights.
"I'm uninjured, thank you." He swallowed. "And thank you for the
flight." Reaching out a hand he snatched up the thin sheet and used it
cover himself.

Unbidden, his gaze started to wander along R'enh's fine, muscular
form. A'dryn caught himself and quickly looked away.

"Oh Thank _you_," R'enh replied. The dragonlust was still on him even
though the young man wasn't exactly what he craved. No, she was too
far away at the moment, and he had made promises. He swung his legs
off the bed and found his trousers. Pulling them on he walked toward
the table. "Need a drink of water?"

A'dryn _was_ thirsty. And sore. And hungry. But he didn't want to have
any reason for R'enh to get close to him again. He couldn't stop
himself from thinking about how handsome the man was and what they'd
done. R'enh's hands on him, their bodies joined. By the Egg, it was
hot in here. "I'm quite all right, thank you." Thankfully the sheet
hid his body's reaction.

}:You should mate with him again.:{

**He's a _bronzerider_!**

R'enh turned his back to hide his smile. Talk about jumpy. He threw
back a long drink of water then bit into a juicy redfruit. "You sure
you don't want any?" He held out the basket of fruit.

A'dryn wasn't looking at him but even just the sound of his voice
rolled through the greenrider like a caress. Why was R'enh being so
polite? Why didn't he just leave? Why did he have to be so handsome?
A'dryn realized with horror that it wasn't just the flightlust, some
small part of him actually _wanted_ R'enh. It was the first time he'd
shared a flight with someone he found attractive. A'kades was a good
looking man, but A'dryn had never thought of him that way. His other
two flights before this had been with riders he hadn't been attracted
to outside of the dragons' influence.

"No thank you sir," A'dryn managed, his voice slightly rough. How was
he going to be able to look at his Wingsecond after this?

"Alright," R'enh said and crossed back to the bed to pick up his
shirt. "But you should eat something soon. You'll need that energy
back. And A'dryn," he smiled. "It was a very nice flight. Thank you."

Last updated on the September 1st 2017

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