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Handsome New Dragons

Writers: Avery, Devin, Emma, Miriah, Paula
Date Posted: 29th July 2017

Characters: A'dryn, R'kehr, L'pin, G'ran, Sh'dori, V'con, J'ackt, R'enh
Description: Nalarith rises shortly after A'dryn arrives at Dolphin Cove.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 3 of Turn 8


Due to his grief and the stress of the move, A'dryn hadn't been aware
of how close to rising Nalarith was. Now as she woke on the Heights of
Dolphin Cove, the green's lust hit him with staggering force. "Oh,

}:There are so many handsome dragons here. Who will chase me?:{
Nalarith arched her neck and surveyed the males around her.

Rahmuth was quite excited about all these new dragons, new greens for
him to chase and win if possible. So he was among the first to reply
to Nalarith's challenge. }: I will, my beauty, :{ the brown replied.

}: I will! :{ Mareloth was also replying to her call. The bronze
stretched his wing and informed his rider that he was chasing this
lovely thing. G'ran just groaned, shrugged and started to jog towards

}:Oh yes, you beautiful creature,:{ Cacholetyth told the green. V'con
set the shirt he was working on to one side, his feet taking him to
the small knot of riders gathering about the green's rider.

Zith wasted no time in slinking around to find a place among the
gathering males. He crouched, unfurling bronze wings to push the
smaller dragons back and extended his neck towards the green. }:I will
chase, we will have a long fall, full of pleasure, Nalarith. :{

Chaneth went to the feeding pens to blood for strength. The older blue
found it to be especially useful when chasing younger greens. He
sucked a wherry dry as he watched Nalarith shine. }:I will follow
you,:{ he promised her.

Thadath knew Nalarith from being in the same class. He hadn't chased
her the first few times as he'd been young, but he was now starting to
appreciate greens and why not pursue one who he'd flown with?

}:Choose me,:{ he called. }:Choose me and know glory!:{

Nalarith was pleased to have so many dragons interested in her. She
shifted from side to side, her glowing hide catching in the sun. Then
she suddenly launched into the air. }:Catch me!:{

}: Oh, I have all intentions to catch you! :{ Mareloth declared when
he lauched after her. He was a strong, handsome bronze, why would she
not favour him?

Chaneth discarded the wherry and leapt up into the sky to follow the
shimmering green. }:I will show you a good flight,:{ he promised.

Thadath leapt up and bugled aloud, challenging all the other males.
}:Nalarith, you know I fly well. Let me show you.:{

On the ground the men moved to the flight cots. L'pin noted that the
greenrider was a transfer, someone he didn't know, and that he was
young-looking. R'kehr vaguely noticed that the rider was familiar, but
he was already sufficiently in dragonlust to know that he wanted to
win and claim them.

Rahmuth was bit slower in getting the air than the rest of the chases.
He wasn't overly worried, he was a strong brown and deft at catching
them. This green was new to him, so he was biding his time and
observing her.

Mnoranth dropped from the top of the Weyr where he'd been sunning
right into the middle of the pack, before he even informed his rider
he was chasing.

R'enh slammed the cup down on the table that was halfway to his lips
and blinked at the sudden bite of dragonlust. **You could warn me!!**
his chair scraped back and he trotted toward the mating cots.

J'ackt arrived at the mating cots around the time that R'enh did. He
saw the male greenrider and managed to hide a wince. He didn't prefer
male greenriders, but it wasn't something he could avoid. He took his
place as Zith found his own place in the chasers.

Nalarith climbed higher and higher, then turned to head over the vast
blue ocean. She was fully aware of the power of her body, muscles
working to drive her on, faster than any of the males. }:Keep up!:{
she called playfully. }:I want you all but I can only choose one.:{

}: I'm keeping up easily, :{ Mareloth boasted, relying to the strenght
of his bronze wings.

}: Choose me, I'm the best for you, :{ Rahmuth applealed, biding his
time and looking for opportunity. He moved to the side lines of the
chaser-group so he would not be boxed.

}:Forget those shiny types,:{ boasted Cacholetyth. }:Choose blue, for
fun and pleasure.:{

}:Nalarith, we have flown together before. Let me show you _this_ kind
of flight,:{ Thadath crooned. He was striving to follow her, but got
boxed into the pack behind a large blue. He snapped irritably at the

Chaneth flicked it dismissively. The bronzes should stick to golds!
Blues like him knew how to fly a green best. He sent a wordless stream
of promises and dragonlust to the young green.

Mnoranth rose effortlessly above the clouds watching for the moment
the rest of the pack broke through into the bright sunshine. He had
learned long ago that greens blues and browns were all too fleet but
he could take a straight line toward where they seemed to be going
instead of trying to follow the twists and turns of a young green. He
seemed to hang in the still air waiting while all the lesser dragons
chattered and chased.

Feeling the first hints of fatigue, Nalarith shifted to climb higher
again. Soon she would have to choose, and there were so many strong,
handsome males. It would be hard to... Suddenly a bronze was right in
front of her. Nalarith had only a moment to react. She could have
evaded, but then she recognized Mnoranth. Such a fine bronze, and
clever too, figuring out the path of her flight and waiting to
surprise her. }:Take me.:{ Nalarith eagerly surrendered.

Rahmuth was disappointed for not being chose but he wasn't overly so.
There would be more greens, more flights and his turn would come. On
the ground, Sh'dori picked himself a flight month.

Mareloth trumped with frustration and turned back to fly home. He had
not win a Flight for some time now.

Thadath spiraled away from the pack to plunge into the water to cool
off. On the ground, R'kehr was pulled into the arms of a willing moth
to sate his needs. L'pin walked away from the grasping hands of the
moths to handle it himself.

Mnoranth didn't wait a heartbeat before twining necks with the green
and arching into the fall that would make them one for a time. He
bugled his victory while R'enh picked up his prize and strode into the
flight room.

J'ackt was grateful to the warm arms of the flight moth as he spun
away. Zith could win other flights.

Last updated on the September 1st 2017

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