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Gimme Shelter

Writers: Devin, Miriah, Paula
Date Posted: 24th July 2017

Characters: A'dryn, B'jon, Lanniya
Description: A'dryn and B'jon have a place to stay.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 12, day 23 of Turn 8
Notes: Notes: After the disaster at River Bluff
Mentioned: Chaysea


A'dryn slid from Nalarith's neck and clutched the small carrisack of
things he'd been able to salvage from his weyr. He felt displaced, and
it wasn't just from literally being at another Weyr. Things didn't
feel quite real, everything a little distant and fuzzy. But at least
he wasn't alone and that was a huge relief.

He glanced back at Denenth and B'jon, thankful the other greenrider
had been willing to come with him to Dolphin Cove, and more than
thankful Lanniya had made the offer.

Denenth backwinged and landed neatly next to Nalarith. B'jon
dismounted and unloaded all his current property: a meager sack that
looked mournfully empty. He didn't had much when he came to Weyr as
candidate. Now he had even less.

Lanniya was there to greet them the moment she heard the two dragons
arrive. Anaeryth claimed she would not mind the company, but was off
sunning with a bronze, so didn't greet the pair upon their arrival.
"Hi!" She waited for them to dismount before gibing A'dryn a hug and
smiling at B'jon. She didn't know him as well, but she offered to take
his belongings as she gestured towards her weyr. It was of course,
large and well appointed, and she had taken some time to ready the
guest bed chamber for them. "I hope you don't mind sharing a room."
She glanced at the pair of them. "It's only got one bed, but if you
need another one, I think I can have one brought up." She led them in
and pointed out the chamber, opposite from her own. "You can put your
things in there, then I'll show you around."

"One bed is fine." A'dryn felt heat rush to his cheeks. "I mean we
aren't... aren't going to...it will only be _sleeping_."

There was sleeping and there was _sleeping_, but honestly, B'jon
really hadn't been on the mood since the disaster. "There might be
occasional scream from a nightmare," he warned them. He hadn't slept
properly since. "Thanks for letting us stay with you, Lanniya. The
headwoman has to be hard pressed to find a place to all us

Lanniya's brow furrowed. "I'll wake you if I can. And you're very
welcome." She looked between the pair of them. "A'dryn, while you're
here, it's you and B'jon's room. Whatever you do is completely up to
you and none of my business." She finally smiled. "Besides, K'ale will
be here sometimes too, so..." She wasn't sure when he'd be able to
move in, but there was room, though the ledge might get crowded. She'd
worry about that when it came time to worry about it. "It's your home
until Chaysea finds you your own quarters and gets everyone settled. I
want you to feel welcome here."

A'dryn set his carrisack near one side of the bed and then went to
give Lanniya a hug. "Thank you." A lump rose in his throat and he told
himself firmly that he would _not_ cry again.

B'jon's pitiful sack joined A'dryn's carrisack. He sat down into the
bed. "You okay, Ad?"

A'dryn pulled away from Lanniya and went to join B'jon on the bed. "To
be quite honest, no." He hesitated a moment -- Lanniya was watching,
afterall -- before putting and arm around B'jon and resting his head
on his shoulder.

Lanniya looked at the pair of them, her expression sad and a little
lost at her lack of ability to make them feel better. "Well, you guys
rest for a bit and maybe we can go find Chaysea to get you some more
clothes and things, okay?"

A'dryn nodded, suddenly realizing how _tired_ he was.

B'jon stroked his neck in a gentle, comforting way. "Sounds good,
Lanniya. I have like one spare tunic and some spare undergarments
besides what I'm wearing," B'jon replied. Replacing his wardrobe was
going to suck. He had been slowly working on it after Impressing. He
had had some very fine gather-clothes.

"I'm sure Chaysea has some things that will fit both of you." Her
brow furrowed as she tapped her lip. "You know, I might be able to get
word to my family on the trader caravans. They have clothing too. I
can get them to set some things aside for you. Would you mind that?"

"That would be wonderful, thank you." A'dryn was lucky to have a
friend as kind and thoughtful as Lanniya. He snuggled a little closer
to B'jon, enjoying his touch and the solid warmth of his body.

Last updated on the September 1st 2017

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