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Two of a Kind

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 17th July 2017

Characters: A'vel, A'dryn
Description: A'vel welcomes a new face to the wing.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 5 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: K'ran, A'kades, Lanniya, N'vanik, L'pin, B'jon

After seeing how bad it had been at River Bluff, A'vel had wondered
what else he could do, besides volunteering, to help out. When he'd
heard that the weyr was unsalvageable, and a wing of River Bluff
riders was arriving at Dolphin Cove, he'd made himself a personal vow
- he would welcome all of the new residents to Dolphin Cove. They'd
find at least one face happy to see them.

It was easiest to start with those who would be in his wing. A'dryn
was about his age or maybe older and he was a fellow greenrider. So
after the first wing drill together, A'vel approached him.

"Hi there. Nalarith flew really well," he said.

"Oh, thank you." A'dryn smiled. "We're very honored to fly in the
Weyrleader's Wing." He wondered if K'ran and A'kades had recommended
him, or maybe Lanniya's influence had something to do with it. With
the scramble to place refugees he could have easily ended up in any

"I'm A'vel, of Tsogath," he said, offering his hand.

His face lit up at A'dryn's words. "I can't believe I got placed here
just after Weyrlinghood myself. I mean, graduating and flying at all
is an honor, but for the Weyrleader himself to notice you, that's
something special."

"Yes." A'dryn took the other greenrider's hand. "How recently did you
graduate?" He noticed A'vel looked rather young.

"Just a month ago," A'vel said. "But we worked hard via training and
we're an older pair."

"Ah. We graduated about nine months ago but we went straight into the
Weyrleader's Wing as well."

"So you're familiar with high altitude flight then, good," A'vel said.
"Want to get lunch together, by the way?"

"I would love to. Thank you for the kind offer." A'dryn appreciated
A'vel's effort to make him feel welcome in his new home. "Allow me to
remove Nalarith's straps and wash up and I'll meet you in the dining

"Sure," A'vel said. He could use his own cleanup as well. He washed
fast and efficient and pulled on one of his favorite tunics, in a blue
shade paler than harper, soft and a little worn at the shoulder.

Once he got to the dining cavern, he picked out a spot at the end of a
long table frequently used by N'vanik's wing and waited for A'dryn to
show up.

A'dryn spotted his new wingmate and headed over with a smile. After a
brief greeting he asked, "Are you originally from Dolphin Cove?"

"I was a Harper and stayed here when the Hall was here. Would you
believe I wasn't Searched till after the Hall went _back_, though?"

"That's an interesting turn of events." Right, the Harper Hall had
been sheltered by Dolphin Cove for a while. "Was it an easy transition
to weyrlife, then?"

"Not exactly. My father kept me in our halls all the time, he didn't
want me mingling with weyrfolk. Only child, had to be the perfect
followup," A'vel said. With a half of a Turn away from him he was
starting to realize how much wherrydung that was.

"Tsogath was the best thing to happen to me, and the teachers here
were a second," he said. "The weyrleader's a good mentor figure,
though he might not admit it."

"That's good to know. The Weyrlingstaff at River Bluff was quite good
to me as well." While a dragon meant anywhere was only a short trip
/between/, A'dryn had been hoping A'kades would come to Dolphin Cove
as well. It felt like another loss to have the Weyrlingmaster Second
half a continent away.

"I almost wished I wasn't Wing age so I could be a staff assistant for
a bit, it seems interesting and important as a job. But so's flying,"
A'vel knew.

A'dryn finished a bite. "Perhaps after some experience you could
become a 'Third. Harper training would be an asset for teaching

"Our current Third is a former Harper and he's great at it. Or I'd
like to be a Wingthird too, helping solve people's problems so the
wing works smoothly."

A'vel tilted his head to study A'dryn. "Do you have any ambitions?"

A'dryn shifted in his seat. "Oh, well I think it might be nice to be a
wingthird. Someday."

"It's neat that we can aspire to it. I read that there was a time when
all the wing positions were for bronzes and some browns, even 'thirds.
And some Wingleaders will still do it that way. But Dolphin Cove seems
relaxes about letting us greenriders take the job, and I think that's

"It's a bit like the Holds. Lords and Ladies should be of the Blood,
but they aren't the only leaders. Stewards and Headwomen are very
important leaders, and they can come from any background if they work
hard enough. Just as green and blueriders can't lead a Wing, but they
can provide important leadership within the Wing." Social hierarchy
was one of the few things A'dryn had found comfortable when he moved
to the Weyr.

A'dryn sounded like someone who paid a lot of attention to nuances,
not like some other dragonriders A'vel knew. He watched A'dryn talk
with obvious admiration.

"I wondered what being a regular holder might have been like. I knew I
was supposed to be a great Harper. A composer or an instrumentalist. I
always liked telling stories. Dunno if there's a hold job for that."

"Well, some of the Harper teachers use storytelling in their lessons,
and certainly every important Hold needs a Harper. But if you hadn't
been a Harper at all..." A'dryn tilted his head. "Perhaps you could
have been a trader? They always have interesting stories."

"Oh, that sounds fun," A'vel said.

"Lanniya was a trader. That life seems to have been quite a lot of fun
for her." A'dryn was more than a bit jealous that she'd been raised in
such a relaxed and accepting environment.

"I'll have to ask her about it," A'vel said. "What did you want to do,
before you came here?"

"Want..." A'dryn mulled it over for a moment. "I don't know what I
_wanted_, I know what was expected of me. I was an understeward,
perhaps I would have become a Steward someday." And he would have been
miserable, not because of the job, but because of the limitations of
Holder morals.

"So you're good with numbers and charts?"

"Oh, yes. I enjoyed the work. I wouldn't have minded being part of the
Headwoman's staff if I hadn't Impressed."

"That seems like a good job. No wonder you want to be a wingthird, it
sounds like you have the right set of background skills."

"I _did_ like being an understeward," A'dryn said, fully realizing it
for the first time. "Only I was so miserable otherwise I couldn't see

"I know what you mean," A'vel said sympathetically. "I think I like
Harpering more now than when I was one."

"They do say you sometimes don't appreciate what you have until it's
gone." A'dryn poked at his vegetables. "Although it's not really
_gone_ I suppose. We can still further our skills, even in a Pass."

"Exactly. I want to write about riders. Stories, songs... I can do
that in downtime. And you could be a wingthird and make things work
out right. Plus, we _know_ we're loved."

A'dryn's heart swelled with affection for his dragon. "Oh yes. It
truly is wonderful to have the certainty of that love."

"We both belong here at a Weyr. I hope you'll find Dolphin Cove good
to you," A'vel said.

"Thank you. People have been kind here so far. I appreciate you taking
the time to speak with me and make me feel welcome."

"You're a wingmate now and we have to look out for each other," A'vel
said sincerely. "If you want to socialize after drills, just let me

A'dryn had been spending his free time in his weyr or visiting with
B'jon and Lanniya. He'd been closed off even more than usual and had
thought to stay that way for a while. But he liked the idea of
socializing with A'vel. "I would like that, thank you."

}:It is good for you to be with others. I like many dragons here.:{
Unlike him, Nalarith had been busy making friends at their new Weyr.

"Tsogath wants me to watch her hunt, so I should go. Thanks for taking
lunch with me," A'vel said, before heading off.

Last updated on the September 1st 2017

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