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Not Weyrbred And Figuring It Out (2/2)

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 31st July 2017

Characters: A'vel, A'dryn
Description: Two greenriders talk about Weyrlife, and it goes surprisingly well.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 25 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: A'kades, N'vanik, R'enh, Lenala, B'jon
Notes: Part 2/2

"It sounds like your Weyrlingmaster was the same kind of nice for
you?" he asked, because he needed to think of something besides the
sudden realization that he might - _might_ wish that Loseth caught
Tsogath again so he could remember a bit more of it...

"A'kades was very considerate even though I got quite upset. And it
was... more pleasant than my first flight in many ways," A'dryn
admitted. It was strangely nice to talk about this with someone that
seemed to understand. He glanced around to make sure no one else was
nearby and moved closer to A'vel. "But when I found myself with R'enh
I got the first small inkling of why other male greenriders might find
this enjoyable."

"Oh, was he good at it?"

How could he ask something like that so_casually_! "I... I suppose,
from what little I can remember." A'dryn looked down at the water
lapping around them. "It was more that he was so kind, and he's so
_handsome_." His whole face heated. "For the first time it wasn't
merely dragonlust, some small part of me actually _wanted_..."

Tsogath nosed at A'vel, who had to spend a few minutes scrubbing
harder to please her. "I didn't really want anyone until I came here,
or let myself think about it. It's strange, isn't it?"

"I knew I belonged at a Weyr. But it it _is_ strange." A'dryn moved
back to his own green. "It's strange to think that these sorts of
situations are normal for a rider. That two men who have no attraction
to each other can give each other such pleasure and then simply walk
away. Or that a bronzerider can seem to feel no disgust when another
man _is_ attracted to him." He'd even seen riders tease each other
about it in a friendly way.

"I try to tell myself that if a man and a woman can do it, then two
men can. It's just bodies and enjoyment. Not that I succeed, always,
but I try..."

"I struggle with it myself. I suppose that in any flight the aftermath
can be uncomfortable. Certainly just because a man is attracted to
women, that doesn't mean he's attracted to _every_ woman, just as I'm
not attracted to every man I see. So we all can feel the pleasure of a
flight with a partner that we have no real desire for." He scrubbed at
Nalarith's forearm thoughtfully.

"That makes sense," he said. "I imagine if I wound up with a woman
during a flight - somehow - I could probably still make it work."

"A green flying another green?" A'dryn laughed at the impossible
image. He knew A'vel was only speaking theoretically.

"Right, if that happened. I imagine everyone would be awkward about
it, but...still."

"Because it's not really us, it's the dragons." A'dryn nodded. "But
this time did make me wonder what might happen if the rider was both
attractive and willing. What I might... allow myself to do."

"So if a handsome bluerider won next?"

"I don't know." With nothing but his own inhibition standing in the
way, would he surrender to the remaining dragonlust? "What would you

"I've had trouble warming up to doing anything with any man," A'vel
admitted. It had been hard to admit to his teachers and mentors, but
to A'dryn, who faced similar challenges, he felt more comfortable
admitting it.

"The Weyrlingmaster's Third had to recommend someone for me to...you
know." what A'vel didn't say was how badly his first flight could have
gone. That was a story for someone he knew better.

"But I know I should keep practicing this, and...there are some
handsome men here."

"I needed help in that area as well." It was so nice to have someone
to talk to about this, a fellow greenrider who struggled with this
aspect of weyrlife. "I was only able to manage it for Nalarith's sake.
The thought of hurting her was more terrifying than being intimate
with a man. And now I have B'jon and what we share... it's very nice."

"Are you two permanently attached?" A'vel wondered.

"Well, we aren't weyrmated, but I would like to think we're serious."
A'dryn sighed, but he was also smiling. "I find it hard to define
relationships in the Weyr."

"There should be a whole new category of words that expand the
difference between attached but not exclusive, exclusive, weyrmated,
etc. It'd be useful."

"That would certainly make things easier, although it doesn't seem to
bother the weyrfolk."

"It can be a translation guide for new hold and craftbred folks, then.
"The many varieties of weyr relationships", featuring definitions
written by exasperated Harpers," A'vel joked.

A'dryn laughed. "You should write it. It could be your claim to fame."

"I also told N'vanik I might write nice short stories of dragonriders
being supportive and nice and not all over-sexed predators or heroic
soldiers doomed to die. Maybe my fate is telling stories."

"Oh that does sound nice. I'd like to read stories like that."
Dragonriders had seemed so distant and unknowable, but now that he was
one of them, A'dryn found that they were simply normal people, even if
the culture of the Weyr was quite different.

Two people liked it. Maybe he _should_ do it. "Well, if I do, you can
hear them first and tell me if they're any good."

A'dryn's face lit up and he put a hand to his chest. "I would be honored."

"I guess you can Impress a Harper but you can't free him of his desire
to talk too much," A'vel said self-deprecatingly.

"Oh, don't say that. I enjoy talking to you, it's very pleasant. I
feel at ease around you." It was a nice break from the gloom that
settled over him so easily since the disaster.

That pleased A'vel and made him smile broadly. "Harper's duty. Any
time you need a lift, I can find you a song or story or joke," he

"I may need those services." A'dryn's smile turned sad. "I find myself
in need of cheering up often these days."

"Have Nalarith call Tsogath any time," A'vel said. Then, even though
he didn't know A'dryn that well, he risked stepping forward to hug the
other man.

A'dryn returned the hug. "Thank you. The same goes for you. I'd like
us to be friends."

“Me too,” said A'vel. It was going to be nice to share a wing with A'dryn.

Last updated on the August 23rd 2017

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