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Not Weyrbred And Figuring It Out (1/2)

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 31st July 2017

Characters: A'vel, A'dryn
Description: Two greenriders talk about Weyrlife, and it goes surprisingly well.
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Date: month 13, day 25 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: A'kades, N'vanik, R'enh, Lenala, B'jon,
Notes: Part 1/2

Tsogath wanted her bath right now, so A'vel took her down to the lake
for a wash. He recognized A'dryn and his green, so directed his dragon
to land over by him. That way they could chat while washing.

"Hail, A'dryn! How are you?" he asked when they got there.

"Hello A'vel. I hope Tsogath is well?" A'dryn smiled. He quite liked
his fellow young greenrider and wondered if they might become friends.

"She's more pleasant tempered now that she's risen," A'vel said
teasingly. "How about Nalarith?"

Tsogath swished her tail in the water and created a small wave.

A'dryn picked up another handful of sweetsand and glanced at A'vel.
He'd spoken about it so casually. "Are you comfortable with flights?"

"Well, I've only had two," A'vel admitted. "But that's enough to know
that Tsogath gets...well... a little mean."

"So it's more that you're relieved Tsogath is no longer in a bad mood?"

"Yeah. I don't want to get in trouble at drills."

"Oh." A'dryn scrubbed for a moment. "Do you feel... awkward about the
flight outcomes at all?" Perhaps A'vel was one of those who had easily
accepted the Weyr's ways.

A'vel blushed and half-turned his face away. "I woke up with the
Weyrleader last time and it was _mortifying_," he said. "He's been a
mentor to me. A better father than mine ever was. And..."

A'dryn felt relieved, and then he felt guilty about that relief. It
wasn't good to wish discomfort on others simply because it made him
feel better about his own. "Oh how terrible." He thought about waking
up next to A'kades and shuddered.

"I wish she'd go with blues because they'd at least, y'know, want to
be there. But I have no idea how her mind works."

"Nalarith prefers bronzes as well." Heat rushed to A'dryn's cheeks.
"She chose the Wingsecond's bronze last time."

A'vel shook his head. "It's so embarrassing, isn't it? The first time
the winner and I both just wanted to leave. The second time...but
bronzeriders don't stay again." But he wasn't sure if he wanted to
stay again. It was so...so odd.

"I wonder if female greenriders worry this much about it."

"They have it so much easier. At least they're nor--" A'dryn caught
himself. "At least they have a more typical sexuality.'

}:You are thinking bad things about mating again,:{ Nalarith scolded him.

"All the riders want to wind up with them," A'vel agreed. "But I
remember a girl in my class who cried a lot thinking about it."

It had been really hard to watch her worry about it. Sometimes trying
to help Aitera out had helped him not focus on his own fear and
sometimes it had made his own anxiety spike.

"I heard someone at Dragonsfall _threw up_ on her flight partner."
A'dryn could at least say his reaction had never been that bad.

A'vel choked. "No way! That must have been so disgusting. Eugh." He shuddered.

"Indeed. It makes me feel a bit better about bursting into tears when
I woke next to my Weyrlingmaster Second." A'dryn had been so worried
things were ruined between them, but his relationship with A'kades had
recovered. Not that he didn't still have the occasional flash of
horrified embarrassment when he remembered what they'd done together.

Bursting into tears could mean one of two things. Either A'dryn had
liked the man, or he'd hated him, A'vel thought.

"Was he the mean kind of teacher to you?" A'vel asked.

"Oh no. He was extremely kind and patient." A'dryn frowned as he
scrubbed a bit harder at a spot Nalarith indicated. "I had hoped he
would move here after the disaster, but he's gone to Dragonsfall."

}:I would like Volaith to be here as well,:{ Nalarith teased.

"I suppose I hadn't thought about that your friends and mentors have
wound up all over. There must not be an easy way to split things up."
He wondered if anything short of catastrophe would make him leave
Dolphin Cove. "Did anyone else leave that you would miss?"

"Well, I..." A'dryn's throat tightened. "I was friends with Lenala."
Nalarith's eyes whirled with concern and she crooned at her rider.

"Oh no," A'vel said sympathetically. If something happened to N'vanik,
or L'pin, he knew how awful he would feel. Automatically he stepped
over to hug A'dryn.

"When the Harper Hall moved after the fire, we didn't lose too many
people. We all adjusted to the Weyr - together. if they'd split us up
across a few places, I couldn't imagine it."

A'dryn stiffened for a brief moment, but the warm embrace was
comforting so he hugged the other rider back. "My friend Lanniya is
here, though. And most of my Wing... my old Wing." Part of him wished
he hadn't been moved to adjust the number of green pairs, but he
couldn't really complain about being in the Weyrleader's Wing. "And
my..." A'dryn searched for a word. "Lover" seemed improper somehow,
although that was exactly B'jon was. "My, er, sweetheart B'jon came
with me." Heat immediately rushed to his cheeks.

"That's good that you two didn't get split up," A'vel said. "Do you
miss your old Wing?"

"I do, but many of them are here so I still see them around. But also
I'm not terribly social so we weren't close to begin with. It's
just..." He sighed and turned back to work on Nalarith's hide. "I have
a yearning for familiar things."

"That makes sense. I hope our wing's doing all we can to help out."

"Yes, many of you have been kind and understanding. The Weyrleader
himself has checked on my wellbeing," A'dryn said.

"I'm glad. He's such a nice person," A'vel said.

"Was he kind to you when he..." A'dryn made a vague gesture. Then he
realized how inappropriate that was. But this was a Weyr, people
talked about sex all the time and after more than a Turn he somehow
kept forgetting that he wasn't at the hold anymore. "I'm sorry, I
can't help being curious." Suddenly he found it very funny and covered
his mouth to hide a smile. "I mean the _Weyrleader_ my goodness!"

"He was a real gentleman after the flight. Asked if I needed the
Healers, tried to reassure me it was normal and happened all the
time." Of course, that probably wasn't the only part A'dryn was asking

"The Weyrleader's bronze catches enough dragons that he must really
know what he's doing in a flight. He seems popular with women. And he
understood enough about catching a man that well...I mean I certainly
felt good afterwards. But I don't...remember a lot."

At the time, it had been a good thing. He'd woken up satisfied but
unaware. But now he was realizing that he sort of wished he did
remember it. Or that in the aftermath, when they'd clearly both been
still interested, they could have...

Last updated on the August 23rd 2017

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