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Member Rewards

Ways to Earn Marks

1 - Post at a Weyr
1 - Transfer From Forums
1 - Corrections
          Not an award, just an administrative detail!
2 - Post at a Hold/Hall
3 - Post in a Bonus Location
          Bonus Locations are announced by the Council.
5 - Nominating For Crayons
          One Per Nomination.
5 - Post with/as a Newbie
5 - Getting Nominated For Crayons
5 - First 6 Months Meeting Reqs
          L2 or L3 Rankers
5 - Voting in the Crayon Awards
          One per contest.
10 - Winning a Crayon Award
          One Per Award.
10 - Persona for a Bonus Location
          Bonus locations are annoucned by the Council.
10 - Mentor Salary
          Council members ineligible.
10 - Welcome Committee Salary
          Council members ineligible.
10 - Advertisement
          Council members ineligible.
10 - Admin Duties
10 - Submit an Original Song for the Website
15 - Weyrwide Storyline
          Must have Council approval.
20 - Fill an open L2 or L3 Rank
20 - Holdwide/Hallwide Storyline
          Must have Council approval.
25 - Member Recruitment
          Awarded after member's first post.
25 - Craft Article
          Must be approved by the Council.
100 - 10 Posts Completed at a new Minor Hold
          For creators
250 - 10 Posts Completed at a new Major Hold or Hall
          For creators

Ways to Spend Marks

1 - Correction-Negative
25 - One firelizard egg to keep or distribute.
          Not a gold egg.
50 - Three firelizard eggs to distribute.
          No gold eggs.
75 - Five firelizard eggs to keep or give away.
          No gold eggs.
100 - Age Modification
          100 marks per Turn. Increases are unlimited, decreases are limited to 2 years.
150 - Sub-Location Creation
          A sub location is a place for PCs to be played that is not as big as a Hall, major Hold, or Weyr.
150 - Gold flit egg to keep or give away.
200 - Healthy, successful multiple birth of twins.
          As a history or in character.
250 - Parent of new persona is an NPC Lord Holder.
300 - Persona Appearance Modification
          Changes can include eye color, hair color or shade, and minor changes in height or general physical build. This doesn't include natural changes - for example haircuts, injury scars, a child growing taller. Must pass PA approval.
300 - Impress from the Stands.
300 - One complete flit clutch to distribute.
          Between 3-7 eggs, 1 gold.
425 - Guaranteed Impression of Bronze
425 - Female blue rider
          Must be a in post Impression as a Candidate with three IRL months of consistent posting
500 - Reactivate an existing PC Craft Hall
          Subject to council approval.
700 - Gold flit egg to keep or give away exempt from the one gold flit (per member) rule.
          Only one time per member for a maximum of two gold firelizards.
750 - Hears All Dragons Persona-New
          subject to council approval
1000 - Upgrade an existing PC Minor Hold to Major
          Must have 6 months of activity as a minor hold. Subject to council approval.
1000 - Reactivate an existing PC Hold
          Subject to council approval.
1000 - Create a New PC Craft Hall & Hallmaster at an existing Hold
          Canon approval necessary.
1500 - Retired Goldrider Exempt from the 1 Goldrider Rule.
2000 - Create a New PC Hold & Lord Holder.
          Canon approval necessary.
3000 - Jr. Goldrider Exempt from the 1 Goldrider Rule.

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