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A Professional Discussion

Writers: Leigh M-F., Paula
Date Posted: 6th February 2017

Characters: Taren, Zelltye
Description: About a progress report.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 10, day 6 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: A’kua, Talwynn, D’ale.

Zelltye adjusted his notes yet again. He didn’t need them, but sometimes the people he spoke with trusted the written word more, so he kept very neat files on his patients just in case. The file he was currently holding was very much needed; Taren didn’t hold stock in mindhealing, but perhaps a printed page would help. This readied, Zelltye went in search of the Weyrhealer to deliver the verdict on the weyrling bronzerider Taren had once treated.

"Hello, Zelltye," Taren greeted after Aes' chirp had drawn his attention to the fellow healer's approach.

“Good afternoon, Weyrhealer. I hope I haven’t caught you at a bad time,” Zelltye said, adjusting the collar of his tunic with his free hand. “I’d like to speak with you about a weyrling you treated, A’kua. I was recommended to him by greenrider Talwynn, whom I’m guessing you might have also treated at some point.” Dragonriders often wound up in Taren’s capable hands, so it wasn’t an unreasonable assumption. “I have what could be promising news regarding the weyrling.”

Taren nodded. "I'm familiar with both of them. Let me wrap this up and meet me in office in fifteen minutes," he said. It did sound like something they would want to talk in private and not in middle of busy infirmary.

“That works out perfectly. Thank you, Weyrhealer,” Zelltye said respectfully, and hastened to wait outside the office. It wasn’t a boring wait; he used the time to polish up what he wanted to say.

Excatly fifteen minutes later Taren arrived to his office. He ushed the mindhealer inside. "So, what's in your mind?" he asked after they had settled down to sit.

Zelltye smiled, eyes crinkling as he handed over the file and the notes in it. “Well, this is initially going to sound bad, but I promise I’m going somewhere with it,” he began. “Weyrling A’kua is intensely frustrated with what he believes is a lack of progress, and he’s heartily sick of being scared out of his mind every time he delivers firestone. His reoccuring nightmare of being devoured alive by Thread is fading; it used to happen practically every night, and even when he took short naps. Now it only comes back if he’s obsessing over a problem as a manifestation of his worry.

"Plus, all the previous times I asked him to show me the scars, he would nearly have a panic attack. The last time we spoke, I made the request again. His hands shook and he set his jaw, but he took off his left glove and pushed up the corresponding sleeve, which bodes well for renewed intimacy with his weyrmate.” Zelltye’s smile grew. “He reported seeing the scarring didn’t make him feel sick. All in all, I believe weyrling A’kua is more ready than he realizes to properly graduate and become a wingrider. He has related to me that knowing his bronze would have firestone would do a great deal to ease his fear.

"Now, I can’t promise his fear will entirely go away,” he mentioned, “but odds are good that it will fade, becoming a caution and alertness that will keep him and others in his wing safe."

"Life's a harsh teacher and the time is the greatest healer," Taren murmured an old wisdom. "Sometimes a little bit of fear makes us more cautious," he remarked. "Poor lad hadn't had it easy, has he?”

Zelltye shook his head. “Not in weyrling training, and not in other areas of his life,” he agreed. “But he’s going to make it, even if it’s by the skin of his teeth. So, with that in mind, along with everything else I’ve written, would you say he’s clear to fly Thread with Cyan Wing?"

"Well, physically he's fine. The Scoring has healed well. He'll have the scars and right now the scar tissue may affect the range of his motions, but that gets correct with time and little therapy. If you think he'll keep his head together, then I'll clear him for duties. Drills first and Threadfall after period of adjusting to the Wing," Taren.

“That’s more than fair,” Zelltye said, quite pleased. “If you won’t mind signing the second to last form in my notes, I can take it to Cyan’s leaders and get out of your hair."

"Sure," Taren agreed. "I'm sure they are delighted at the Wing. There always seem to be shortage of bronzeriders," he continued while he signed the mentioned hide.

“I know, it’s a shame. I’m not disparaging blues, browns, and greens, mind,” Zelltye said, taking back his folder once the ink was dry enough. “But more bronzes couldn’t hurt, especially if they help make healthy hatchlings. Anyway, thank you for your time, Taren. It’s greatly appreciated."

"No problem, Zelltye," Taren replied. Just because he thought mind healing wasn't real healing (Why did you need 6 Turns of training plus the specialization just to listen people rant about their problems?) didn't mean he would treat him anything less than with professional courtesy. Besides, mind healers did have the same basic healers training than he did.

“And now for the hardest part: Seeing if the Wingleader and Wingsecond agree with us,” the mindhealer said, getting up. “Have a good day, Weyrhealer."

"Good luck with that," Taren grinned. "See you around, journeyman.”

Last updated on the March 2nd 2017

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