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Persona Profile: Taren

Writer: Paula

Name: Taren
Age: 51
Birthday: m11 d6
Rank: Weyrhealer
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Healer
Craft Rank: Master
Speciality: Surgeon

Physical Description of Persona:
Happy-go-lucky and jovial is the first words people use to describe Taren. He does love having fun and appreciates a good joke and good flirt. He is also skilled and dedicated healer. There are moments though when his face becomes blank and he is lost in some inner world of his. His bedside manner is very blunt and straightforward, and he doesn't believe in mindhealing, he believes in "swift kick in the arse" - figuratively (it's also his favourite saying). No one can deny his skills as surgeon and treating Thread Score. He is especially attracted to red haired people and has wide "taste" in sexuality.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Taren's hair is sandy brown and greying, he keeps it short and neat. His eyes are round and their colour is warm klah brown. He's around 5'7'' tall and has wide shoulders and wide chest, thick arms and strong legs. His face is triangular, with pointy chin and wide, high forehead.
Age is added lines around his eyes and brows. His skin has light, bronze brown tone.

History of Persona:
Born in River Bluff Weyrhold, Taren was child of two dragonriders. He had several siblings, most of them had different fathers. He had the usual weyrbrat's childhood. The only remarkable childhood "trauma" was when his older half-brother Tamah impressed three firelizards and Taren didn't! He had to correct that when he was grown up.

Taren took interest in healing early on. Impressing a dragon was not high on his list of priorities, despite his both parents having dragons. He apprenticed under the Weyrhold's healers. When Threads return became imminent, he participated in a project to recover old methods for treating Thread Scorings. During this project he gained his master's knot. However, he was later caught having a sexual relationship with an apprentice (he was redhead, of course). That got him transferred to Windswept Island Weyr. Then the Pass began and Thread fell. Proving his abilities in real situation, Taren eventually became the Weyr's Weyrhealer.
He also met Maerine, young greenrider with burgundy red hair. Their relationship was serious enough for them to weyrmate and have a daughter, Tarine. Taren was actually quite happy in Windswept Island, until Maerine was killed in a Fall. Then he started to look around. And Dragonsfall Weyr just happened to have a Weyrhealer's position open...

Family and Friends
Tamah, 55, Senior Journeyman Seacrafter, Seacraft Hall, River Bluff Weyr (half-brother)
Drumilla, 26, Junior Journeyman Healer, Dragonsfall Weyr (half-sister)
Tarine, 8, Weyrbrat (daughter)


Aes, Bronze Firelizard: aged 22, hatched m8 d7
Aes is medium sized and has light bronze coloured hide. He is independent and affectionate creature who share his human's happy-go-lucky attitude. He's trained to take messages but a pretty flit-girl can easily distract him!

Approved: May 9th 2012
Last updated: May 8th 2012

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