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Witnessing With Pride

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 13th March 2021

Characters: A'kades, Jadirah, T'lin, V'rel
Description: A proud family watches Aglayath's Hatching from the Stands.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 8, day 9 of Turn 10
Notes: Follows “DFW: First Clutch Together”,
Mentioned: N'vanik, Cyradis, Kadira, Jadirel


It was mid-day at Dragonsfall, and after the sun had set already at
Dolphin Cove, when the eggs began to stir. Volaith heard the news
first as it was passed through the metallic dragon gossip network.
}:Aglayath’s eggs are Hatching at Dragonsfall,:{ he told his rider.

**Tell the boys, would you? We’ll meet them down in the Weyrbowl,**
A’kades requested, setting aside the riding straps he'd been working
on. He knew V’rel was going to go cheer on his half-siblings, and
suspected his weyrmate would also attend.

Rymeth listened to Volaith’s words and his tail twitched eagerly.
}:V’rel! The eggs are Hatching!:{

Because it was after dinner, they were both in their weyr relaxing.
V’rel’s weaver habits meant he liked to always be prepared with a few
outfits for occasions. Having known he’d be attending multiple
Hatchings in not too far off timing between the two at Dragonsfall and
the one they’d have soon, he’d pre-picked two outfits each for himself
and T’lin, folding the two tunics and the pants in a drawer in the
wardrobe so they’d be easy to find.

Now he pulled it open and said, “Do you want the embroidered one, or
the dark one?” while holding both up to T’lin. He loved the way both
appeared on his weyrmate.

"The embroidered one," T'lin said. "I want to wear something you made
me at Dragonsfall. Even if I'm the only one who knows you made it I
want to, I don't know . . ." He blushed a little. "Show that I belong
to you."

"Aww, I'm honored by that, and flattered every time you wear it,"
V'rel said. He tossed T'lin the embroidered tunic and the nice pants.
Then he selected for himself the tunic of a deep blue that he'd dyed
to be close to Rymeth's hide color, then added pale blue ribbon trim
to the collar and sleeves to stand out and pulled it on.

"I hope one or both of them Impresses this time."

"Me too," T'lin said as he pulled on his own clothes. When he was
dressed, he stepped over to V'rel and kissed him. "You look gorgeous."

"We're going to be two of the handsomest men there," V'rel said,
beaming. "All right, father says to meet him at the Weyrbowl. He'll
take Volaith, and... do we just want to ride with him, so we deal with
fewer dragons when so many will be arriving?"

"I don't think Calaroth would forgive me if I left him here when there
are so many different dragons for him to talk to at Dragonsfall."
T'lin chuckled. "And so many new people to see."

}:I would be very sad,:{ Calaroth said.

**Rymeth, would you trust me with Calaroth? You know he would treat me
as well as he treats his rider,** V'rel asked.

}:I would want to congratulate them!:{ the blue asked. He knew V'rel's
siblings, he saw them through his rider's thinking of them. }

"Rymeth is objecting too, so I suppose we're all taking our own
dragons. Though we should get them to let us share a ride sometime
when it's less important and enjoy the intimacy of that," he

"We could take turns joyriding someday," T'lin said as he grabbed his
riding straps.

V'rel grinned. "Sounds good to me."

When their dragons were both kitted up, they met A'kades down in the
Weyrbowl. He was dressed in riding pants and a tunic in Dolphin Cove's
blue with bronze thread embroidery on it.

"You look very formal today," V'rel said.

"I'm acting as Weyrsecond and representative of Dolphin Cove. N'vanik
is coming as well, but Cyradis won't be coming," A'kades said.

"If you're not escorting the Weyrwoman, then can _we_ escort _you_?"

T'lin asked with a smile.

“I’m honored by the thought,” he said gravely.

T'lin saluted. "We'll be on our best behavior, sir." He was still
smiling. It tickled him to think of a Weyrsecond being escorted by a
pair of blueriders.

"As long as that best behavior involves substantial cheering when my
children Impress. I know you're closer to V'rel than my others, T'lin,
but I hope you'll be excited for them, too." A'kades winked.

They all mounted their respective dragons and /betweened/ to
Dragonsfall. The air was full of dragons but they unerringly avoided
each other with that respective sense they had and let down their
riders. A'kades took each of the boys' arms, T'lin on his left and
V'rel on his right, and let them flank him on in.

"There's a crowd already, will we get good seats?" V'rel asked

Jadirah was waving for them. She had heard the humming and immediately
bolted to the Stands to take a seat, choosing finding the best
location over detouring from the Infirmary to her Weyr for dressing
up. She'd found seats in an unrestricted area that was close to ground
level, closer to Aglayath and her eggs than to the exit where the
new-Impressed would go.

T'lin smiled at the looks they got as they made their way over to
their seats. A bronzerider with a bluerider on each arm was an unusual
sight. People could imagine what they wanted, but they _were_ family.
"Hi Jadirah!"

Jadirah grinned to see them together. She threw her arms around
A'kades and kissed his cheek, before hugging T'lin and then V'rel
each. "Oh, you look so _fancy_ today, Kad, what's going on?"

"Only N'vanik can make it today, so I'm helping represent since
Cyradis isn't also here."

"Whoa, fancy. And that gives these two some experience as escorts.
Good if they'll be wingthirds some day! Or for carrying important
passengers on duty."

V'rel blushed and said, "Probably just that one."

"T'lin, hi. Are you excited?"

T'lin nodded. "Two Hatchings in such a short time! And Kadira
Standing! Jadirel too of course."

"I still can't believe she's doing it when she's been so hyper-fixated
on her Healing," V'rel said as he took a seat next to T'lin. "What
changed her mind?"
"From when she talked to me, it was a mixture of mother's pressure and
talking to a number of people about it. Other riders who also had

"You pushed her into it?" V'rel asked Jadirah in surrpise.

The Healer didn't look repentant. "I chased one dream to the exclusion
of all else, and didn't stop to think until my thirties if I could
have done anything else. While I know Stands Impressions can occur, I
know sometimes you have to be open to the thought of other paths, and
maybe I was too close-minded for the rare dragons in my days. Kadira
has never seemed to think about anything but her healing, and she
thinks about it as a way to serve other people, and she's such a
wallflower who puts others above herself, you know? I just want her to
try something that would push her to think more about caring for
_herself_, and when you have a dragon you have to, right?"

"Then you have to focus on your _dragon_," T'lin said. "And you've got
to serve the Weyr and all of Pern by fighting Thread. Still worth it,

"I think I see what Jadirah's getting at. I mean, you told me when we
weyrmated that Rymeth helped get me out of my head and my anxiety and
make me more confident at times," V'rel reminded T'lin. "Maybe Kadira
needs the same kind of lift."

"Our dragons sometimes counterbalance us, or bring out even more of a
certain trait. Imagine you with even more flirtatiousness," A'kades
teased Jadirah.

"So maybe Kadira needs a dragon who will dote on her and help her be
more outgoing?" T'lin said.

"Maybe? I mean, would you say Calaroth brought things out in you?"
Jadirah asked.

Just then, the humming reached a loud pitch, and A'kades pointed at
the Candidates as they started to come in. "It'll be any moment now.
C'mon, let's wave."

T'lin lifted his hand high and waved at the incoming line of
white-robed Candidates. It was such a different feeling to be on the
other side of this, watching in the Stands with his dragon perched on
a ledge overhead. It was all anticipation and excitement, none of the
nervousness and worry of being down on the Sands.

“They’re so small down there,” V’rel said. “All those little
Candidates, and two big queens, and two clutches. Imagine if this
happened at Dolphin Cove. I wonder if Panitath would be calm about

“I know Saibra’s been dealing with Chioneth’s temper over it. No queen
must like sharing. Still, they did it before the Pass, when clutches
were huge as the queens ramped up. Seeing Tabirnath share the sands
was something,” said Jadirah.

“I still remember when I Impressed, back in the Interval when it was
quiet and almost no clutch had more than 15 eggs. You’d be lucky if
you got one every Turn.”

“I can’t imagine clutches that small,” V’rel said. “Can you, T’lin?”

A’kades pointed when he saw two dark-haired figures stop near the back
of the group of Candidates and wave up at them. “There they are!”

T'lin cheered for them, though it was lost in the general noise of the

"It would be lovely if they took home bronze and green," Jadirah said.

"Is he hoping for bronze?"

"Well, he's not a blue or green type. No offence to you two, you're
lovely. Blueriders are _so_ much fun in bed..." Jadirah dramatically
winked at the boys.

T'lin playfully stuck out a tongue. "Ugh, you're _family_. If he's the
type a bronze would look to, then I hope he gets one. And I'm hoping
for Kadira, too, if Impression is what she really wants."

The eggs began to crack and a bronze spilled out first. V'rel grabbed
T'lin's hand and squeezed it. "Oh, please..." But he went to a
different Candidate.

"That's the Weyrwoman's son!" Jadirah said. "Ooh, he got a bronze. But
not from his mother's dragon."

After that, the eggs began to crack rapidly and pour out small
dragonets, stumbling around. Most Impressed without incident, though
one green did stumble over towards Chioneth and nearly cause trouble.
"Close one."

"Her rider found her though," T'lin said with a smile as the girl led
the tiny green away.

"It's relieving," Jadirah said.

Soon it was the end of the Hatching and there were only a few eggs
left. Kadira and Jadirel stood side by side. The blues found lifemates
and the brown stumbled around until...

A'kades leapt to his feet and cheered when it became obvious
Impression was made. Jadirah whooped in delight and jumped up to hug
him. V'rel clapped heartily but didn't stand up, though he turned to
grin at T'lin. "All right!"

T'lin stood too. "Yay Jadirel!" He smiled as he watched the boy with
his little brown. After cheering and clapping for another moment he
sat back down. "Poor Kadira, though."

"It's terrible to be left behind," V'rel said, remembering how it had
kept happening. "But it's her first time, so maybe it's better. I
mean, it was kind of chaotic down there."

"You can ask her how she's feeling when we get down there," Jadirah
said. With the Hatching over, people were beginning to head out of the
Stands, some to the Feast, some to congratulate - or console - family
members. Today, they'd be doing both.

Last updated on the July 21st 2021

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