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The Harpers Will Sing Stories

Writers: Aaron, Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 12th March 2021

Characters: A'kades, Jadirah, J'ler, Kadira, T'lin, V'rel
Description: J'ler introduces Maishoth to his family.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 8, day 9 of Turn 10
Notes: Follows “DFW: First Clutch Together”
Mentioned: A’vel, Chioneth


As Kadira followed Jadirel - no, wait, J'ler - off the Sands, she
watched his brown's tail twitch and her brother's stride grow longer.
Impatience to feed his starving dragon? A new confidence from
Impressing? It was good to see it, whatever it was. He'd wanted this
for so long, and now he had it. And she'd been right next to him when
it happened!

The feeding area for the newly-Impressed weyrlings was a little
crowded. There were the dragonets and their new riders of course, plus
the weyrlingstaff members, plus people coming in to have a reaction
about it. Lots of noise and chaos and people and she felt suddenly
hesitant to walk in there. Had it been this crazy for V'rel's?

"What if you get started feeding him while I say hi to everyone and
they tell me how sorry they are, and that way he's less hungry and
then more interested in saying hi?" Kadira offered.

"Sure. Great idea," J'ler answered. He might have asked whether she
_was_ sure, whether she was OK were he not half distracted with his
own feelings of excitement and with taking care of hungry dragon.

}:Keep it coming,:{ said Maishoth once J'ler started to shovel the
pre-prepared meat into his mouth.

Jadirah and A'kades were descending quick as they could. V'rel was
going a little slower, and holding T'lin's hand as he did. He wanted
to let their parents have the right of first greetings and being proud
about Jadirel, and figured he and T'lin, with their experiences
waiting, could maybe comfort Kadira while the parents were doing that.

Kadira walked away from the dragonets and new riders and towards where
the family was descending the stairs. Their faces were joyous, but she
saw the way things shifted when they saw her first.

"Hey Kadira," T'lin said as he made his way up to her. "You okay?" He
remembered the numerous times his family had come to console him.

"It's okay," she said to them all, giving a smile. She decided to look
at T'lin and V'rel, rather than her parents, as she spoke. "This was
my first time and I wasn't really sure about Standing anyway. I'm not
heartbroken. Though - it was quite an experience standing between
_two_ protective golds and their clutches. Bet none of you ever did

If her voice wavered, it was just a tiny bit. She wasn't
disappointed, she told herself. This had been a decision she'd
considered if she even wanted to try, and she'd not been sure it was
right, so what was the point in being disappointed in not succeeding
the first time?

A'kades said, "No, clutches were too far apart for me."

T'lin shook his head. "Next time it'll be calmer. Or at least I hope
so," he said with a smile. "And you'll know what it's like so it won't
be so overwhelming."

"The only way it could have been more overwhelming was if Chioneth's
eggs had hatched at the same time. Imagine how crazy that would be..."
she said, shaking her head.

She submitted to A'kades' firm but brief hug, and Jadirah's long and
smothering one, and then said, "Go catch up with my brother, I know
you're dying to."

When the parents had headed off, she sighed. "I feel like I
shouldn'tve Stood this time, I'm worried I took attention away from

"It's not a competition," T'lin said. "Standing should be about _you_,
not about other people." He could definitely see what Jadirah meant
about Kadira putting everyone else first.

"Well, now I know what to expect." She put on a bright smile. "They're
probably done with the feeding the baby bit, right? Let's go say hi."

V'rel caught T'lin's eye and grimaced as they walked on over to where
the new weyrlings were. That went well...

A'kades and Jadirah were beaming at Jadirel and his brown. "Tell me
your name. And his name," Jadirah said eagerly.

Maishoth sat back onto his haunches and posed, aiming to look slick
and smooth, but his gangliness made him look a bit more awkward than
he hoped. His belly showed very clearly that he was not underfed.

"I'm J'ler," the boy introduced himself. "And this is Maishoth."

The brown lowered his top half in an approximation of a bow and then
sat up again.

"Can you believe I got the last egg, too?" J'ler asked with unblunted

"I'm so happy for you." T'lin pulled J'ler into a quick hug. "And
Maishoth is adorable." He smiled at the little brown's antics. It was
hard to believe Calaroth had been that small not so long ago.

J'ler smiled brightly at the hug. He might not have expected a hug
from V'rel's mate, but he was no less happy to have one.

"Thank you!" he said. He looked to V'rel and A'kades hopefully.

"Maishoth is a lovely name, and J'ler's an interesting one. Did
Maishoth pick it?" Jadirah asked. She hadn't expected it - thought
with a pang how it was different from the name she'd given him at
birth - but he was becoming his own man, and that was a good thing.
Even so, it hurt for the children to step away.

"He did," said J'ler. Maishoth puffed out his chest, which looked a
bit more ridiculous than proud with his swollen belly. "I was maybe
thinking a couple of other things, but he knew it was J'ler before I
could even say them out loud. I think he wants to turn the world
upside down." He chuckled.

"We're 'we thought it wasn't going to happen and then he surprised us'
twins," V'rel said, grinning at his half-brother.

A'kades waited till T'lin let J'ler go, then pulled his son close,
hugging him firmly and clapping him across the back for good measure.
His eyes, when he stepped back, were distinctly moist. "He's a good
looking brown."

"Thanks, Dad," said J'ler, clearly quite chuffed at the praise and
approval from his father – and from the rest of his family, too.

}:Your family knows what's good,:{ said Maishoth, his eyes slowly
whirling a deep blue.

"Hello Maishoth." T'lin crouched down and extended a hand. "I'm sure
you'll take good care of J'ler, won't you?" The new name felt a little
odd, but he'd get used to it.

Maishoth touched T'lin's hand with his muzzle and then dipped his head
in a nod. It looked a bit less natural coming from a scrawny,
misproportioned baby dragon than a human, but it got the point across.

}:The Harpers will sing stories about us!:{ Maishoth asserted to
J'ler. }:Tell them:{

"He says there will be Harper tales about us." J'ler blushed, but he
still grinned, and he was not arguing. It never occurred to him that
not every Harper story had a happy ending.

}:You are bold, young one,:{ Volaith said to Maishoth, in a warm

"I hope they're of how you survived to the end of the Pass and then
made great discoveries," V'rel said.

}:No one ever got anything by waiting for it!:{ Maishoth declared to
Volaith – boldly, of course.

"Oh, and how would you know? You're half an hour old at best," J'ler
laughed. "I waited for you, didn't I?"

Then to V'rel, he said, "Maishoth, I mean. Not you. Obviously. Isn't
T'lin the one who makes the discoveries, anyway? Maybe I'll find a new
best way to smoke wherry meat."

}:You make a solid point,:{ Maishoth conceded.

"Okay that sounds delicious and _absolutely_ worth you getting into a
harper tale." T'lin laughed.

"There are all kinds of other discoveries you could make that don't
have to do with crafts, or candidates. I mean, remember Barrier Lake's
location was found by riders doing a sweepride. Maybe you'll find an
abandoned mine from the Intervals that turns out to have a bunch of
valuable gems in it and so a small hold re-establishes there and
honors you as a founder," V'rel said.

Kadira blinked. "When did you start coming up with such fantastical

"You've been spending a lot of time with that Harper lad, eh?" A'kades
asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jadirah laughed. "V'rel's not wrong, that's the kind of thing that
would form a tale."

"I guess I didn't have to wait for a Harper to do the tale telling
after all!" J'ler chuckled. He beamed with excitement at the thought
of V'rel believing he could do such things already.

“I think his point is, you’re going to do great,” A’kades reassured.
“I’m so proud of you and Maishoth both.”

“You’ve been waiting for this forever, I’m happy for you,” Kadira
spoke up again.

“And now you two get to go settle into the weyrling barracks before
the feast! We can have the whole family sitting together, telling
stories… It’ll be wonderful,” Jadirah said, eyes sparkling.

J'ler's heart was full to overflowing at having this moment together
with Maishoth and his family. His father proud of him, his mother and
siblings happy, all of them together.

}:Settling in sounds... good.:{ Maishoth yawned. He had been about to
object to the need to take a break, but in the end, he realized he was
having trouble keeping his eyes open.

"I'll meet you all there, then. I don't think I should be long...
Maishoth might need a carry at this rate," said J'ler. The brown was
stubbornly still seated upright, but his eyes were most definitely
half-lidded. Was he asleep already?

“Do you want some help with that?” A’kades offered.

"Do you mind?" J'ler asked Maishoth. Maishoth... snored. "Ha. Well. I
guess he doesn't." He chuckled. "I'd love some help with that."

"I'll see you at the feast," T'lin said to both J'ler and V'rel.
Turning to the others, he said, "Let's go claim a table."

“We’ll take a whole table and pile a plate high with food for you,”
Kadira agreed.

A’kades stepped over to his son and his dragon and said, “Come on,
Maishoth, up we go…”

Last updated on the July 21st 2021

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