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Impressing at the First Hatching

Writers: Heather
Date Posted: 19th February 2021

Characters: Ki'ben, Saidrene
Description: Kaibren's impression
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 8, day 9 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: R'enh, Ashela, K'ran


Kaibren felt as if he'd eaten an entire jar of live vtols. He'd seen so many Hatchings as a goldrider's son that he'd lost count, but that did nothing to assuage his nerves.

"Thanks for coming," he said, looking up into the hazel eyes of his older sister.

"Are you kidding? I wouldn't miss it," Saidrene smiled and ruffled his hair. On her back Saikera was strapped and currently snoozing.

Automatically, Kaibren's hand went back up to his hair to smooth it into place. "How can she sleep through the noise?"

The hums of the dragons vibrated through the cliffs of Dragonsfall.

Saidrene grinned. "She can sleep through just about anything. It's amazing and wonderful. The perfect baby." She gave her baby brother another once over, making sure his Candidate robes were perfectly in place. "Okay, I'd better go join K'ran up in the stands. Good luck, squirt."

The nickname brought the hint of a smile to his lips as he gave his sister an affectionate shove. "Go on."

He watched her leave with Saikera's little head bobbing on her back, still sound asleep.

"It's time. Let's go!" The call rang out.

Kaibren stepped into line with the other Candidates, his knees feeling like jelly as they walked out onto the Sands. He hadn't anticipated how _small_ the Hatching Sands made him feel. Sandwiched between Aglayath and Chioneth, he felt miniscule.

He caught his mother's eyes for a moment, and even though he could see that she was actively keeping Chioneth calm, she spared a wink for him as he passed by.

What if he didn't Impress? His mother, sister, father, aunt, and uncle were all dragonriders. What if he was the only one in his family to not find a lifemate? Granted, he still had some time before he was ineligible to stand, but that didn't lessen his worry.

Before he felt ready, Kaibren found himself with the other Candidates, facing Aglayath's eggs with Chioneth and her clutch at their backs. He looked to R'enh and Ashela, the riders of the clutch, and he wondered if it was weird for his mother seeing R'enh so touchy feely with another woman.

The thought flitted from his mind as several of the eggs began to rock and shake. His heart rate increased dramatically, racing away from him as a deepening crack showed in one egg.

The brown egg with the creamy speckles suddenly split, producing a wheat-colored bronze dragonet, small for his color, but handsomely proportioned with a perfect arrow-shaped head.

The dragonet began sifting through the unhatched eggs, making his way towards the Candidates. Kaibren could barely hear over the thrumming of his heart as the baby dragon neared the group of Candidates.

**He's... he's looking at me....** he thought as the dragonet's head turned in his direction.

}:Yes. I am looking at you. Who else? None are worthy except you.:{ Setoth's voice was a tad bit snooty, making Kaibren grin.

Hooking his arm around his dragon's neck, Kaibren rode the high feeling that swept over him as he exultantly shouted Setoth's name to the waiting crowd.

He'd done it. He'd impressed, and not just any color, a _bronze_. Not even his father or uncle had done that. Pride swelled within his teenage chest as he and Setoth left the Sands to be shepherded by Weyrlingstaff to the feeding tables.

Last updated on the February 24th 2021

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