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A Cry for Attention

Writers: Eimi, Paula
Date Posted: 5th September 2019

Characters: Merlish, Eilomar
Description: Eilomar is in the mood, but he has competition for his wife's attention...
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 12, day 17 of Turn 9

"Your new piece sounds lovely, husband," Merlish said, watching her
reflection in the mirror as she continued her nightly ritual of
brushing her hair one hundred times before bed. "Will it be a solo?"

"I think so, unless the composer changes his mind about it," Eilomar
replied. Fresh from the bath, he was wearing a robe and sat at the
edge of the bed. He enjoyed watching Merlish during these little

"Good. I think it suits you," she said as she laid her brush on the
table. Merlish might not be a silly girl in love with her husband,
but he had no greater fan. "How does your throat feel? Do you need
me to make you another cup of tea before bed?"

"The throat is feeling fine," Eilomar replied. "You spoil me rotten."

"I don't spoil you, husband, I take care of you which is my job," she
said, blushing with pride that she seemed to be doing her duty to her
husband so well he would give her such a compliment. Merlish rose now
that her nightly routine had finished and she planted a kiss on his
wrinkled cheek in gratitude. "And you take care of me, as well."

"It goes both ways," Eilomar said. Bit surprisingly, he wrapped his
arm around her waist and gently pulled her into his lap. "I love you,
Merlish," he wispered to her ear. He was not usually on to a shows of
affection. He was starting to feel amorous tho.

"I have no doubt of that, husband. You show me every day." She
settled into his embrace, fully knowing where it would lead. But,
that was part of taking care him, too. Merlish had long ago accept
that fact, and always hoped that one day it would lead to a family of
their own. That was, after all, the ultimate gift a wife could give
her husband

Eilomar proceed to kiss her.

Merlish demurely accepted his kiss and stroked his beard the way she
knew he liked to signal she was willing. The coupling was infrequent
enough that she could indulge him without fireeling too put upon in anyway.

Eilomar put some more effort and moved them to vertical position. His
fingers found her laces. Sharding thing seemed to be really well

Merlish pulled back as a small crying sound drifted through the door.
At first she wasn't sure she had heard it, but there it was again.
"Stop, husband. Listen. I hear crying sounds."

"Hmh?" Eilomar had just gotten that knot open. "I didn't hear
anything," he said but he did stop what he was doing.

"No, there it is again!". Her face took on a pained expression. "It's
little Ash! He sounds so sad!"

"Thread take that creature," Eilomar muttered.

"Eilomar!" Merlish gasped, pulling herself our of his grasp. " How could you say that? He's only a baby! Oh, and listen to him cry! He's lonely!"

"He's feline, they are loners by nature," Eilomar said.

Merlish looked at the door with great distress as the meowing was now accompanied with the sound of scratching. "Then maybe he's hurt, or hungry..."

"Seriously?" Eilomar sounded incredulous. "How about my needs?"

His wife looked at him in shocked disappointment. "How could you think about _your_ needs when that poor creature is in pain?"

Eilomar didn't know how to reply to that. He had a feeling that whatever he said, it would not be received well.

"I want to let him in," Merlish said, crossing her arms over her chest with a look almost daring him to tell her no. Tears would be next.

"Fine, tend your kitten," Eilomar grunted. He did not want to see her in tears. He couldn't stand see her cry.

She rushed to the door and didn't need to open it even more than a crack before a little grey ball of fur squeezed through the opening and snaked around her feet, rubbing his cheek along her bare legs and crying indignantly. Before she could reach down to scoop him up, he already had trotted over to the choir master and jumped into his lap without any invitation. Laying his paws against the round stomach, he looked up into Eilomar's face and let out another quiet cry for attention. "See, he _was_ lonely," Merlish said as she came back to sit next to her husband.

"Apparently," Eilomar said. Why was that thing looking for his attention? He reached to rub the kitten behind his ears.

The kittens eyes rolled back with pleasure as he was hitting just the right spot. "Some people say that felines are excellent judges of character." As Merlish began to gently stroke the kitten's back, she laid her cheek against her husband's shoulder with a soft smile.

"They are?" Eilomar never really paid attention to animals around him. Firelizards were useful, as well as runnerbeasts. Rest were just background props for him.

"Ummhmmm," she hummed, watching as Ash settled down onto his lap and began to purr loudly with contentment. "Our feline certainly is."

"Can't argue with that," Eilomar replied, still petting the feline.

Last updated on the September 11th 2019

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