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Visiting the Harper Hall

Writers: AmajoS, Paula
Date Posted: 21st March 2019

Characters: Eilomar, Saranni
Description: Saranni looks up her old teacher at the new Hall and takes a chance.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 10, day 4 of Turn 9
Notes: Mentioned: Corowal (not by name)


Saranni followed the apprentice girl who was taking her to find Master
Eilomar. As she walked, she looked around, noting the ways this new
Hall differed from the memories she carried of the original. All in
all, it was quite impressive.

She was curious about the girl leading her along as well. The idea of
female crafters was more than a little scandalous. It offended her
sensibilities, though only in a vague way. She was almost as envious
as she was bothered. What would it be like to be an apprentice? To ply
a trade?

Her brother did not enjoy his harper apprentaceship, and Saranni
thought he would never excel as a harper. Certainly not to the heights
her father envisioned when he told his son that would be his future.
Might she have? She could play and sing better than her brother for

Her musings were interrupted when the girl stopped before a door.
"He's in there, miss."

"Thank you," Saranni replied with a polite smile before knocking on
the door. She wondered if he would remember her.

"Yes?" Eilomar's deep bass asked thru the door. He had group of
journeymen with him, they were going thru pile of new songs to see if
some of them would be suitable for the Choir's performance.

Saranni stepped into the room, "Master Eilomar, I hope I'm not
disturbing you?" She noticed the journeymen shifting through pages and
scrolls and thought she probably was.

"We could use a klah break," one the journeyman said and looked at Eilomar.

"And pee-break," another one muttered but very quietly.

"Fine, take a break. Bring back some klah for me too," Eilomar said
and waved them off.

"Will do, master," The first journeyman promised and they filed out
from the room, relieved to be able take that break.

"Looks like I have a moment," Eilomar told the girl and gestured her
to take a seat.

Saranni took the offered seat and a moment to look around. One would
never know that this room was not from the original Hall. It matched
her memory of such rooms perfectly. "I don't know if you remember me,
Master Eilomar. I was one of your students turns ago. Before the

"I've taught many young women over the Turns," Eilomar replied. He
couldn't place her, at least not right away. She did look vaguedly
familiar, so he had no problems believing that she had been his

She nodded, understanding. "Of course, Master. And I would not be
surprised if you did not remember me because of it, though I admit I
would be a touch disappointed. I feel I learned a great deal from you,
despite our relatively short time together." Then, she added, "How
silly of me, my name is Saranni. My sisters were Sarna and Annasa. If
it helps."

"Were they students here too?" Eilomar asked. "Did you sing in a choir
or just take private lessons?" He frowned, the name did ring a bell.

"My sisters only took private lessons, but I had just been added to
the choir as well a few sevendays before our father pulled us out,"
she replied, her tone a bit hopeful.

"I hate when that happens. How can I fine tune the choir's voices if
people keep leaving?" Eilomar complained.

Saranni hid a smile, even if he didn't remember her, that tone of
voice brought back memories. "I was quite disappointed myself, Master
Eilomar. I had been looking forward to performing before an audience
and did not have a chance even once."

"You can audition to the choir again, if you're still interested,"
Eilomar made an offer. He never said no to a good singing voice. If
she had made it to his choir earlier, it meant she had a good voice.

She was -so- tempted. It was not what she was here for, not even
close. She was meant to be securing her family's connections through a
marriage to the Lord Holder, not indulging in her love of music.
But... wait. The Lord Holder had a love of music as well, did he not?
Would it impress him to know her skill or would it be a waste of time
as she was required to spend time practicing instead of pursuing the
Lord? She already knew she would need to move slowly here. There were
others in the Hold with the same idea and she did not want to move too
aggressively and have him lump her in with them in his mind. Perhaps
this would be the key. Prove herself skilled in an area he had
interest in, and make it apparent that she had other interests than
pursuing him. That way, when she -did- make her moves, they would be

"I would like that, Master Eilomar. When are the auditions to be held?"

"I'm having one every other sevenday, so the first and the fifteenth
day," Eilomar replied. "From ten to noon."

"Then I shall return on the fifteenth!" She smiled a bit wider than
she usually did, allowing her teeth to show more than she liked, but
she couldn't help it. It wasn't often she got to indulge in her own
enjoyment -and- further her family's goals and she thought she might
just have discovered a way. She hoped so anyway. She hated to think
how her father would react if it didn't work. But nevermind that for
now, no use borrowing trouble. "Where should I go? I assume not here?"

"We use one of the larger classrooms for the audition," Eilomar
replied and gave her the instructions how to find it.

Saranni thanked the Master again before dipping in a quick curtsey, "I
won't take up any more of your valuable time, Master Eilomar. If it is
alright, I would like to explore the Hall a bit. The new building is
quite lovely."

"I'll hope to see you then," Eilomar replied and waved her off.

Last updated on the March 23rd 2019

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