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You're Safe!

Writers: Devin, Miriah
Date Posted: 18th July 2017

Characters: Lanniya, A'dryn
Description: Lanniya and A'dryn find each other after the disaster at River Bluff.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 12, day 20 of Turn 8


Lanniya's face was pinched with both distress and worry as she looked
over the rubble that had been River Bluff. Now that she had a moment
to breath, she focused on finding the friends that she was worried
about. Closing her eyes and hoping that she wouldn't feel even more
grief, she called out. **Nalarith? Please tell me you and your rider
are okay.**

Nalarith perked up at the human's voice. }:We are unhurt.:{ To her
rider she said, }:Anaeryth's is here.:{

Lanniya hadn't been in any danger but hearing that still sent a wash
of relief through A'dryn. Lanniya slumped in her own relief and
exhaled. **Thank Faranth. Where is he? I'm near the dragonhealers. I
want to see him and just give him the biggest hug I can.**

}:We are coming.:{ Nalarith was eager to see her gold clutchmate as
well. The air above the plateau was full of dragons and Nalarith
navigated carefully until she spotted Anaeryth and crooned a greeting.
As soon as she landed, A'dryn slid from her neck and ran toward his

"You're okay!" As soon as he got to her, Lanniya wrapped her arms
around A'dryn to give him a fierce hug. "I was so worried. I'm so glad
you're okay and that you're safe."

A'dryn squeezed her tight. "Me too. I'm so glad you're at Dolphin
Cove." He'd resented the distance but now he was thankful it had kept
her out of danger.

She hugged him again, then pulled away just a little. "Where are you
going to go? It's not safe to stay here right now and riders are
having to find places."

"A'kades offered to let me stay at the Tannercraft Hall with his
family, but I want to stay with B'jon and I don't think the hallfolk
would be welcoming toward our sort."

Lanniya's brows furrowed. She knew he couldn't go back home to his
family but if B'jon ...wait a moment...B'jon? She flashed a grin at
the assumption. "Well, I have a big weyr, so why don't you both stay
with me until we can get you settled?"

A'dryn blinked. "Oh, would that truly be alright?" It might be awkward
but it would also be a relief to stay with his closest friend.

"Of course it would. I have plenty of room. It's just me and sometimes
K'ale rattling around in that weyr. " She hugged A'dryn again. "I'd be
happy to have you there."

A'dryn hugged her back, eyes stinging with tears of gratitude. "Thank you."

She hugged him just as tightly. "It'll be your home as long as you
need it to be. And I'll help. I promise."

The greenrider thanked her again. "Are you all right? I know you were
all the way over at Dolphin Cove but did you hear it when...?"

Lanniya pulled back, her face paling. She swallowed hard and nodded.
"Yeah. I heard it."

"Oh, I'm so sorry." A'dryn squeezed her hands. He couldn't imagine how
terrible that must have been.

She shook her head. "I'm trying not to think about it." She took a
deep breath and exhaled. "What about your friends here? Are they all

"Aside from Lenala..." The pain of loss made his chest tight.

Lanniya's eyes watered and she closed her eyes at the reminder. She
hadn't been friends with Lenala, not really, but the woman had tried
her best to teach her and Lanniya mourned the loss. She also felt the
regret that she hadn't gotten to know her better or maybe tried
harder. There were so many regrets now. " I know.."

"I'm so glad you were at Dolphin Cove. It helped to know you were
safe." He didn't even want to think of how terrible it would be to
lose his closest friend.

It was hard to think about, especially since she believed that she
should have been here. Maybe she could have...She forced the thoughts
away and took a deep breath. "Come on, let see what else we can do to
help and then let K'ran know that you'll have a place at Dolphin

"Ok." Keeping busy did make things easier.

She grabbed his hand, holding it as she led him towards the infirmary.

Last updated on the July 28th 2017

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