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Rest and Recovery

Writers: Len, Suzee
Date Posted: 19th July 2017

Characters: Tavia, G'wen
Description: G'wen gets a little care in the infirmary
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 12, day 10 of Turn 8


"Hey there," she said to the greenrider as she patted his hand to try
and wake him a little. The fellis he'd been given should be wearing
off. "Time to wake up G'wen," she said softly.

"Wha...?" G'wen blinked his eyes open, and then quickly shut them
again. The light was stabbing into his brain. "What happened?"

"You've had a little concussion but you need to eat." she said softly.
"After you do I'll give you a little more fellis but only a little."

"Neath!" The small greenrider sat bolt upright in bed. "Is she
alright? Her wing, it's been scored." He clutched his head as he
spoke, the movement was too much for his pounding headache.

"She's fine," Tavia put a hand on him and gently pushed him back down
on the bed. "But you need to take it easy. She's with the healers."

"Oh right." G'wen rubbed his head and looked up at the healer. "Did
you say food?" His stomach grumbled loudly at the thought. It had
probably been candlemarks since he had eaten last.

"I did," she said, "I have some stew for you if your stomach is up to it."

G'wen didn't have to answer, his stomach did it for him. He looked at
Tavia and gave an embarrassed laugh. Just over his pillow, bronze Dusk
creeled as well. It wasn't just G'wen that was hungry!

Tavia chuckled. "Why don't you go fishing with Glory," she said to the
little flit. "I'll take care of this knucklehead." She turned toward
the side table and came back a moment later with a bowl. "Want me to
feed you or do you want to try and sit up again?"

"I can sit up," G'wen said hastily. The last thing he wanted was for
Tavia to feed him. What if someone like S'vin found out? He could feel
the embarrassment creep up his neck and flush his cheeks.

"Alright," she said, "but slowly." She put down the bowl and moved
back to him. "Let me help get you propped up."

"Thanks." She really was a nice woman. G'wen smiled shyly at her.
"It's funny that we've been in the same wing for a long time now and I
don't think we've barely spoken to one another. I think I've talked
more with your da." G'wen flushed, hoping she wouldn't take offense to
his words.

"Well that really isn't all that surprising is it?" She chuckled.
"Which of his creations do you like best?" Her father was a Senior
Journeyman Baker who'd come to the Weyr and never left.

"Oh, the redfruit cake, hands down!" G'wen smiled broadly. "I used to
sneak lick the bowls when he made them. Happy days!"

"Oh that is great," she agreed. "But I like his frosted klah rolls
with raisins." She smiled, "But if you can keep this down, I can go
see if he's made some of the cake." She reached over to help him up
and then propped some pillows around him before handing him the bowl.

"Really?" G'wen's face broke out in a wide grin. "I'd love that, thank you."

"No problem," she smiled back. "But first, eat your stew. And keep it down."

G'wen smiled at her and then tucked into his strew.

Last updated on the July 21st 2017

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