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So Glad You're Safe

Writers: Avery, Devin
Date Posted: 28th June 2017

Characters: A'kades, A'dryn
Description: A'kades and A'dryn have a chat in the mess tent.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 12, day 20 of Turn 8
Notes: Mentioned: Lenala, F'lin, K'sedel, Jadirah, K'ran, Jayzine, B'jon

A'kades walked through the mess tent that had been set up by the
Headwoman's staff. There was food and drink available. He wanted hot
klah to try to wash away the chill inside. He'd intended
to leave and eat on his own with Volaith, but when he caught sight of
a familiar figure he changed his mind and headed that way.

"A'dryn, how are you?" he asked.

Seeing the bronzerider made his eyes sting with fresh tears. A'dryn
didn't even hesitate before wrapping his arms around the bigger man.
"I'm so sorry." He couldn't think of anything else to say.

Lenala had been a goldrider of River Bluff, and his lover, but she'd
been A'dryn's friend too. A'kades hadn't expected to receive comfort
from the younger man, but he wasn't going to turn it down when
everyone was grieving in their own way.

He patted A'dryn on the back. "It doesn't quite feel real," he
admitted, too emotionally raw to pretend it was okay.

"I know." A'dryn sniffed, trying not to get tears on A'kades's tunic.
"I keep thinking I'll wake up and all this will be..."

"A bad dream caused by a bad meal?" He guessed.


"I wish so too. I keep feeling regret. If we'd known a little earlier.
Or if Volaith had won Vilarth's flight, could he have made her move?"

A'kades knew, rationally, that he couldn't have gotten Vilarth t
leave eggs. Irrationally, he thought maybe if they'd gone down there
and taken Lenala away, the gold would have followed...

A'dryn moved a step back so he could look up at A'kades as they
talked. "Maybe another queen could have. But if you and Volaith had
been in there with her, and she still hadn't moved..."

This made him understand how Lanniya had felt. Why she'd made her
reckless choice. Only Vilarth was gone, the dragons knew it - if he
had gone back in time to save her then he already would have done it
and he would have known he succeeded...

The Weyrlingmaster's Second knew that A'dryn was right - he would have
died too. Or been critically injured, like the Weyrleader had been.
But he couldn't stop thinking about how they could have saved Lenala,
and then neither he or A'dryn would feel this lost.

"You're right," he said aloud.

"I'm glad you're alive," A'dryn told him. He couldn't bear any more
losses. He could hardly bear this.

"You and Nalarith weren't injured at all?" he asked.

"No, we're fine." They'd been ferrying people during the tsunami and
they'd been up on the plateau when the earthquake hit. "You and

"He got vomited on by a weyrbrat but other then that he's fine."
Remembering his dragon's disgust was enough to make him smile, just a
tiny bit.

A little sound that was almost a laugh escaped A'dryn. "I'm glad
you're okay." Had he already said that? His mind was foggy.

A'kades patted A'dryn's back again. "it's all right. Hey, did the
Headwoman say where you're going to be tonight yet?" he asked.

A'dryn shook his head.

A'kades wanted to get out the Weyr and not think about things for a
bit, and he wondered if A'dryn was feeling the same. "The Weyrleader
had said if we have any place to go so we're not crowded all up here,
we can take it. I'm taking Jadirah and the kids to my brother's at the
Tannercraft Hall. He has family apartments. If you'd rather head with
us than go home or stay here, there will be space."

A'dryn almost said yes. "I... I want to stay with B'jon. I don't think
the hallfolk would be pleased with a... a pair of male greenriders."

"I understand. A woman Master Healer isn't going to be their favorite
thing either," A'kades said. He'd had to talk Jadirah into it by
reassuring her that so late in the evening, few would notice or care.

"If we have to camp out for a few days and you and he would like to
come, let Volaith know and we'll give you coordinates," he offered.

The generosity of the offer made his throat tight. "Thank you." A'dryn
swallowed, thinking of the destruction, the weyrfolk making due with
tents and limited supplies. "How are we going to survive this?"

A'kades kept his voice quiet, mindful of the others around them. "We
get through today and tomorrow. We can camp out for now, and the
Weyrleader's got feelers out at our Holds asking if some of our most
vulnerable can shelter." A dragonrider could last camping out what a
weyrbrat couldn't.

The Masons are coming out to determine the situation. After they make
a call, we'll figure it out. The land has to be protected somehow, and
we need homes."

A terrible realization hit A'dryn. "Oh Faranth, how are was supposed
to fight Thread?" They had no Weyrwoman, not even a goldrider, and
he'd heard the Weyrleader was hurt.

That had been a source of grief for them in a planning meeting
earlier. A'kades remembered the way he'd wanted to offer to lead
Cascade - he knew watching his weyrlings was important, but he'd also
wanted to lead and protect Lenala's wing.

"We've got a plan for tomorrow's Fall," A'kades said. "K'sedel will
lead Cascade and I'll lead the weyrlings in firestone delivery."

And F'lin would lead their wing. A'dryn tried to tell himself things
would be okay. "Do we have enough firestone?" Had their supply been
buried in the collapse, or damaged by the water? "And we have no
infirmary." They had tents with limited equipment, that was all.

“Fortunately we’re not short on firestone. Dealing with the injured
will be a harder part, but I have faith in our Healers to manage. We
did get an offer of aid from Dragonsfall for the wounded,” the
bronzerider said. “Hopefully by the end of tomorrow we’ll have heard
back from the Holds on if they’re willing to shelter some people.
Dragonsfall might be able to take our injured who can safely

Worry still fluttered in A'dryn's stomach, but people who knew what
they were doing were taking care of things. "It's just... so much." He
understood the dangers of Threadfall and hurricanes, but he never
would have imagined destruction like this.

"I know. It's like the hurricane from earlier in the Turn, isn't it? I
thought that was bad enough, but it wasn't our home." Not like River
Bluff was, for both of them.

"We'll make it work, though. I hear you did good today. And you just
asked me some smart questions. I'm proud of you." Maybe it was the
magnitude of what they'd lost, but A'kades was prone to great
sentiment right now.

"I guess my mind goes to resources in a crisis. I _was_ a junior
understeward." One day it would have been his job to help manage
things if disaster struck the hold.

"You know what that'd make you? A great wingthird one day." If A'kades
was leading a wing in a few Turns, he'd ask A'dryn.

A'dryn's face heated, both pleased and embarrassed. "Thank you sir."

"You should eat and get some sleep, before we have to deal with Fall,"
A'kades advised. As long as A'dryn had somewhere to stay, he felt

A'dryn nodded. He didn't really feel like eating but he needed to keep
his strength up. There was so much work to be done, and Thread to face
tomorrow. "I was just on my way to get some food. We could eat
together, if you don't mind?"

"Of course I don't mind at all," A'kades said. "I'll always have time for

It was nice to feel even a tiny bit of warmth amid all this grief and
destruction. "Thank you. The same goes for you as well."

Last updated on the July 4th 2017

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