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Enemies, frenemies or new-found friends?

Writers: Jelena, Len
Date Posted: 16th January 2015

Characters: G'wen, Genna
Description: A green and gold sizing each other up.
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Date: month 11, day 3 of Turn 7


}: Genna? :{

**Yes dear?**

}: Someone is looking at me. :{

Genna sighed, but couldn't help the smile as she looked up from her work,
scrubbing the young gold's hide.

**People always look at you Lissath. What's new this time?**

Lissath liked the attention and getting her to pay attention to that was
one of her favourite pastimes, it seemed.

}: It's a green. :{

Lissath needn't say more, the tone in her voice said enough and Genna
snapped up straight, grabbing the gold by the jaw and looking her in the
eyes firmly.

** She's a beautiful, vibrant green and probably an awesome threadfighter.
You treat her with respect **

Lissath scratched at the ground a bit reluctantly, but she knew Genna had
already decided to make a stand, so she continued like it had been her own
plan all along.

}: Hello there, fair skies to you! :{ she greeted Neath.

The large green lowered her head to peer closer at the new gold. }:Hello to
you.:{ As fascinating as she found all the queens, Neath had never
experienced one so young before.

}: Are you an awesome threadfighter? :{ Lissath asked intensely, determined
to prove her rider wrong. Besides, she didn't think the green's hide was
quite so vibrant. It was green, after all...

With no trace of false modesty, Neath answered her. }:I am. I ride in the
queen's wing and I'm strong enough that I last the entire Fall.:{ As that
was something not many greens could do, Neath was proud of that fact. }:No
thread ever bothers our queens. We should be moving to one of the higher
wings soon, the only reason we were in the lowest tired one was because my
rider was hurt badly in our blooding, but now that he's better, I do think
we'll get moved.:{ As much as Neath loved being around the queens, her real
joy was fighting thread, and she wanted to be in the highest tiered wing so
she could see more action.

}: Why was he hurt then if-? :{ Lissath asked critically, cutting her
sentence short when Genna intercut with another reprimand. The gold thought
it quite offensive that the dragons that got hurt ended up in the Queen's
wing. Was it a place for weaklings then? That seemed highly inappropriate.

Maybe the golds weren't quite so deserving of her admiration, after all.
Neath gave the dragon equivalent of an irritated sigh and looked across the
waters before bringing her gaze back to the tiny queen. }:He was hurt
because it was our very first Blooding. And we were bringing new sacks of
firestone to the Weyrleader's Wing, where there is no protection, unlike
where you will spend your fighting days.:{ Her tone implied that she felt
the queens saw no_real_action.

}: Well, why don't we fight up higher, do you know? :{ Lissath replied
smugly, wanting the green to say she was more important. She still didn't
get it, if Neath was such a great fighter, why had her rider gotten hurt?
It was Genna who nudged her in the right direction.

**Do you do everything perfectly the first time you do them?** the young
rider prompted Lissath. When the gold didn't respond, Genna knew she had
gotten her point across.

}: How did you learn to be a great fighter then? If you didn't see much
action yet? :{

Neath ignored that question in favour of the first one. }:You don't fight
higher up because you can't, you don't breath fire, after all, and so are
weaker than the rest of us.:{

At that, G'wen's head snapped up and he looked up at his huge green.
**Neath, who_are_you talking to?**

}:That little scrawny thing over there.:{

}: Weaker? :{ Lissath almost bellowed in disbelief. }: Where would you be
without golds? You wouldn't even have been shelled! :{ her eyes whirled
with a hint of orange, until Genna once more forced her will on the young
gold in order to calm her down. She walked around Lissath in search for the
rider belonging to the green. She raised her hand in greeting when she
spotted G'wen, an apologetic smirk on her face.

The boy raised a hand back, his face full of embarrassment. "I'm really
sorry," he mouthed, figuring she was too far away to hear his words.

Ignoring him, Neath snorted at the tiny gold. }:If it wasn't for your green
sisters and daughters, where would_you_be? Charred and blackened, that's
where.:{ She flipped her wings to her back, her eyes whirling the pleasant
blue of a dragon at peace. Let that child have a strope.

}: Well, yes, obviously. I'm not saying we don't need greens. But you
cannot say a gold is weaker than a green, because it's simple not true. :{
Lissath squirmed slightly under Genna's strict gaze, but kept in check

}: We are bigger, for one. And while you can chew firestone, us golds have
a trick of our own. You simply cannot lay eggs. So no, we're not weaker. We
are different. :{ And in that, without realising, she had rationalised to
herself the worth of green dragons, something she hadn't really grasped as
of yet.

}:We are different.:{

In the meantime, G'wen edged over to the newest goldrider. He didn't know
her at all, but it never hurt to say hello. Giving her an appoligitic
smile, he said, "You okay?" in a low voice.

Lissath paused, wondering if the green had just agreed with her, or opposed
her further in some way she didn't quite comprehend. Finally, she came to
the conclusion that if it was the first, she was a smart green and if it
was the second, she had to admit she was even smarter.

For a little while, the young gold was silent, but the conversation she had
just had with Neath had so piqued her interest, she couldn't help but want
to prolong it. She dug Genna's brain for topics of conversation.
'Chit-chat', she thought her rider had called it.

}: Right. So, where do you go when your rider is doing people stuff? :{

Meanwhile, Genna grimaced at G'wen. "I'm fine, Lissath isn't being too
rude, is she? I try to tone her down, but sometimes..." Genna raised her
hands in a desperate gesture.

"She's okay, if anything Neath deserves it," G'wen whispered to the girl.

In the meantime, neath was answering Lissath. }:We're generally working so
hard that I tend to sleep when he's doing other things. Mine has a weyrmate
and I like to snuggle up with his green, she's very nice.:{

}: Snuggle? What's that? :{ Lissath asked curiously, not really sure what
Neath meant, nor getting any sort of definition from poking around in
Genna's mind.

Genna heaved a relieved sigh. Luckily this rider was a relaxed person, that
made things easier. "Them girls can be such a handful, can't they?" she

G'wen rolled his eyes at that assessment. "Just a bit."

}:Come over here, now press in for warmth. That's a cuddle.:{

Lissath looked from Neath, to Genna and back and then waddled over
hesitantly, leaving Genna with a raised brush and bemused expression on her

}: Like this? :{ Lissath asked as she moved towards the green, edging
closer slowly. It was odd, she had never liked being close to other
dragons. But she'd never tried it like this...

Genna turned on her heels to face G'wen again, surprise still on her face
as she gestured at the green and gold moving in together. "Are they...
cuddling?" she asked, dumbstruck.

G'wen--trying hard not to laugh--nodded. "I do believe they are."

Neath crooned at the young gold and settled so both of them would be more

"Sweet Faranth," Genna said, a grin forming from the previous confusion. "I
wasn't expecting that, for sure."

}: This is nice. :{ Lissath commented thoughtfully, ignoring her rider
completely. For the first time in her life she felt the warmth of another
dragon under her wing. It triggered something in her she did not really
understand just yet.

}: I can see why you do it often. :{

Quickly, before one of them could disrupt the cuddling going on, G'wen
grabbed Genna's hand and led her out of the cavern. Already he could smell
fresh bubbly pies that must have just come out of the ovens.

Now was a good time to get to know the newest weyrwoman of Dragonsfall.

And they could be far enough away that their laughter wouldn't upset the
two dragons.

Last updated on the January 27th 2015

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