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FAQ / Triad Weyrs Canon

Last updated 20th August 2006 by Eimi


If you've ever wondered how to refer to measurements on Pern, here are the words with description Triad uses for measurements. These come from the DLG, page 141.

Please note that 'inches' 'feet' 'yards' etc. are not canon for Triad and adjust your posts accordingly.

Fingertip = 1/2" inch wide
Hand = 4 inches
Hand-span = extended thumb to little fingertip (8 - 9 inches)
Man-height = varies, over 5'2 inches under 6'2 inches
Dragonlength = size of a green or 40 feet
Weaver's length = from nosetip to extended arm fingertip, approximately 1 yard

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