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Member Profile: Eimi

Name: Eimi
Status: Inactive
Age: 38
Birthday: 16th May
Location: Kyushu, Japan
Total Posts: 2411
Member Rewards Marks: 7312 - Balance History
Crayon Awards: Eimi's Awards

Favourite Quote:
I have too many! So instead I will tell you my favorite words that I have picked up from my friends from other countries...

"Knackered" - exhausted, worn out (Thanx Brits)
"Cheers" - not just a drinking saying! It also means "Thanks" (Aussie and Brits)
"Sweet As!" - that's cool (Aussie and Kiwi)
"Good on ya!" - good for you, good job (Aussie and Kiwi)
"Dodgy" - not quite right, dishonest, unreliable, risky (Brit and Aussie - are you seeing a trend yet?)
"Yah" - the South African way of saying "Yeah"
"I KWOI WOI" - from what I've been told, it is the absolute worst thing you can say to someone in Thai! (Thanks to my Japanese friend who lived in Thailand and she loves SHIMONETA words!)
"Shimoneta" - dirty and/or rude words (Japanese, and no, I don't know any... honest... XD...)
"Genki" - having energy or enthusiam, being energized or animated - For example "The students are very GENKI today!" (very useful Japanese)
"Natsukashi" - a feeling of nastalgia, usually a good feeling - like saying "this brings back memories" but more of a feeling than a thought process (my FAVORITE Japanese word!)

Watching "Friends" in Japanese and trying to guess what they are talking about (I'm getting better at it!), travel, reading, sports (esp. baseball, basketball, and raquetball), KARAOKE...


Last updated on the March 4th 2016

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