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FAQ / Newbie Guide

Please note: The FAQ is no longer updated; for current info please see the Wiki

Last updated 25th May 2006 by Bree

What is a Lurker and How Can I Become One?

"Lurkers" are members who receive all the club e-mails and have the same voting rights as every other member, but who do not have any persona in play at Triad. People chose to become Lurkers for several reasons. Some people want to check out the club before they choose to join in, and others just want to read the stories that are being written by other members. If you are curious about Triad, but not quite sure if this is the place for you, or if you would like to just watch for a while first, this a good choice for you. You can change your status to full member any time you choose.

You can become a Lurker by filling out the Member Profile here: http://www.triadweyrs.org/form_member.php
Under status, chose "Lurker". Just as other members, Lurkers are assigned Mentors to welcome them to the club and answer any questions that they may have.

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