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FAQ / Newbie Guide

Last updated 24th October 2009 by Eimi

5 Step Guide to Your First Persona

Article by: Eimi

You may be surprised how many people decide to join the Weyr without knowing anything about it. Triad is a strict canon Weyr. What does that mean? It means that there is a specific framework that we play in. There are certain things that are not allowed in Triad, not because we want to curb your imagination, but to make this world we play with as real as possible. As there are some things that just don't work in the real world, there are some things that just do not fit into the world Triad is based on.

Important FAQs to read:

*Triad's Club History: http://www.triadweyrs.org/faq.php?fq_id=534
This will bring you up to speed on the back story up until the current Pass started

*What Books Are Considered Club Canon:
Remember, not ALL books are considered Canon, and these books that are considered canon ALWAYS outrank the Dragon Lover's Guide to Pern.

*Understand the Mentorship Program:
All new members will be on mentorship for at least one month, until they have three consecutive uncorrected posts, and have their mentors approval to be released. No one will be released who has not demonstrated a firm grasp of Triad's canon.

*Read about how to write a persona sheet:
All you ever needed to know about filling out the sheet

*Read anything that will have to do with your persona. If you want a dragonrider, read about Life in the Weyr. If you want a Holder, read about Life in the Holds. If you want a crafter, read about Life in the Halls, AND about their craft. Read the information about the location you want your persona to live at. Many have gone through recent changes that you will need to know about. You might want read up on what's been happening in that area in the Newsletter. Know as much as possible before writing your Persona Sheet. It will help you in the long run.

When you submit a Persona Sheet, it goes directly to the Persona Approval Team. One of them then reviews it, and any questions are brought up to the PA team as a whole. If there are no corrections that need to be made, the persona will be approved. If there are some points that are contrary to Triad's strict canon, a letter will be written to the writer of the Persona Sheet asking them to make some changes. The goal is to have this done within a week. Once all the corrections have been made and there are no other breeches of canon, they will be approved.

There is nothing wrong with that! Triad's canon is difficult and complicated. Please don't take it as a rejection of you or your persona if you are asked to make some changes to your sheet. We want to make all new members feel welcome, but sometimes even veterans of Triad have to tweak their personas to fit canon. Please don't let it discourage you.

Some things that will help you to submit an error free sheet are reading the FAQs as was stated above, as well as understanding that you can e-mail the Persona Approval Team at any time if you have a question while writing your sheet. You can write them at pateam@triadweyrs.org and one of them will respond as soon as possible. Also, feel free to ask questions in the forums.

All of the active personas' sheets are available online for you to read. Sometimes seeing how other people write their persona sheets can give you a feeling of what it takes to have a persona approved. If you are not sure what kind of information should be included in their description, emotional description, history or dragon description, look at how other members wrote theirs.

If you really want to get into Triad and get your feet wet right away, adoption is a good way to go. MOST adoption requests are approved very quickly since the persona sheet has already been checked for canon errors in the past. The main exception would be if you request to adopt a ranker straight off. We prefer our members have some experience in the club before adopting a persona of rank. There are adoptable personas in each location. Some were once played by a member of the club who has since left, and some have never been owned by a member, but were created to fill out an area. As long as you do not change the fundamental facts in the persona sheet you adopted, (ie. suddenly change their appearance, change their craft, etc.) you are allowed to re-edit the persona sheet as you like as long as it fits within canon. Many members have adopted a persona and have truly made them their own. It is a fun and fast way to get involved. I am not saying you SHOULDN'T write an original persona sheet, but this is an alternative many have used as a way to start out in the club.

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