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FAQ / Newbie Guide

Last updated 17th June 2013 by Suzee

What do I need to know about Roleplay Dates?

Article by: Bree

Where do I find out what month it is?

A list of roleplay months and their real-life equivalent can be found in the FAQ's.

#1) http://www.triadweyrs.org/faq.php?q=month

Do these months ever change?

Sometimes if a major plotline has gotten bogged down, the Council will extend a month and allow posts to continue to go out.

Can I post in a month that isn't open?

Posting in a month that isn't open is called backdating a post. Backdated posts are allowed, but unless the post is late because of a member or council LOA, the post won't be timelined and will not count for ranker reqs.

What if my post is late because my mentor hasn't had a chance to approve it?

Though our mentors try their hardest to make timely replies, sometimes they can't keep on top of posts when school or work is particuarly hard. If your mentor gets bogged down, you will always be given a waiver to backdate a post without penalty.

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