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New Experiences

Writers: Estelle, Francesca
Date Posted: 17th May 2021

Characters: Arrilon, Jayala
Description: Arrilon arrives at the Harper Hall and meets with Jayala
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 10, day 1 of Turn 10
Notes: Mentioned: Chalzie, H'run, Eilomar, Vestian
Mentor Approved


Arrilon looked eagerly down at the Harper Hall from the back of the
green dragon. As they circled down to land in the courtyard, the chill
of /between/ was soon replaced by warm air. It felt a little cooler
than Dolphin Cove Weyr, but still pleasant.

He thanked the greenrider, grabbed his bags, and then stepped towards
the Hall entrance. He felt a confusing mix of emotions. He was sad
about leaving the life he'd had for Turns, and especially at leaving
Chalzie. He was nervous about the many unknowns of life at the Hall.
But, more than that, he was excited to finally be doing something he'd
dreamt about for Turns. And he was determined to show that the Masters
had made the correct decision in approving his transfer.

Arrilon made his way to the Hallsecond's office, with help from an
apprentice. The door was closed, so he took a seat and waited.

The muffled notes of a gitar drifted out of the office as the player
worked their way through a tricky rhythmic passage once, twice, and then
again, more fluently, before continuing on to the final chord of the
piece. Then, after a few minutes, the door opened and a young man
emerged carrying a gitar case, and looking thoroughly relieved to have
made it through his tutorial.

"...And we'll start work on the last movement next sevenday, so make
sure you've studied it beforehand. Well done, Tarmil, that was good
progress today." Jayala came to the door, and saw a startled smile flash
across the apprentice's face at the praise before he thanked her and
left. "Ah - Journeyman Arrilon. Welcome to the Harper Hall." She stood
back. "Please, come in. How was your journey?"

"Thank you, Hallsecond," Arrilon said with a smile, entering her
office. Last time he had been there, he was being tested, which had
been a stressful day. Now, he was there as a Hall resident. That would
take awhile to sink in. "The trip was nice and easy." He took a seat,
wondering what his next few days would be like.

"I'm glad to hear it." Jayala collected the score her pupil had been
working on and put it away on a shelf before coming around her desk to
sit. "Some of our new apprentices and journeymen arrive quite tired out
from their travels, if they came overland, but you'll be ready to start
work right away. Here - I've prepared a timetable for you to begin with,
although we can adjust it as you settle in and decide on the direction
of your studies. You were intending to specialize as a teacher and
archivist, if I recall correctly?"

Arrilon eagerly skimmed the timetable, but made sure to listen to
Jayala as well. "Yes, that's the plan," he confirmed. "I've had a
chance to do both at the Weyr, so I'm excited to take a look at the
archives here, and see how teaching methods might be different. I've
had some helpful conversations with Hall trained harpers about what
classes here are like."

"Yes, there are some differences, but since we spent several Turns at
the Weyr, we naturally have more in common with the teaching there than
some other Crafts," Jayala said. "I have no doubt you'll pick up all you
need to know quickly, but if you have any questions don't hesitate to
ask." She tapped the timetable. "Senior Journeyman Kurtin is running the
class and study group for journeymen interested in teaching; he's got a
great deal of experience teaching in holds that you can benefit from."
She paused. "We harpers have to be aware of certain...differences in
attitudes between Weyr, Hall and Hold, and act with discretion. But you
don't need to worry about that yet."

"That sounds great," he replied, glad he could jump right into a class
on teaching. He was a little intimidated by being in a room of
Hall-trained harpers, who had likely worked together for Turns, but
that's what he'd signed up for by transferring. "I definitely
experienced differences going from a Hold to a Weyr. I haven't spent
any time in smaller holds though." At least he would have it easier
than female harpers if he did teaching circuits at some point.

"You'll get the chance, if you decide to follow that path. We need more
harpers out on the roads and in the holds. Too many cotholds don't see a
trained teacher for months on end." And that led to all kinds of
ignorance, which could be dangerous, especially in a Pass. "For the rest
of your time, our Master Archivist will get you working on a project or
two, but you can always suggest your own if you develop any particular
interests. Also, many of our journeymen join the choir, or form practice
groups for instrumental music. Master Eilomar or I can help you with
that, if you want."

The Journeyman remembered his recent conversation with H'run at the
Weyr, and the bluerider's attempt to understand why a woman would
Impress a blue. However, that wasn't Arrilon's project, and he had
little interest in any Weyr-focused research. He hoped he'd stumble
across something interesting, but in the meantime was glad the Master
Archivist could direct his work.

At the mention of music, a small smile came to his face. "I would
definitely like to do a bit of both, if there's time for it. A lot of
the practice groups at the Weyr are impromptu, or temporary, since
dragonriders and even Candidates don't always have reliable
schedules." The members of a group were always in flux, which was a
challenge, even with a stable core of full-time harpers. It would be
nice to just be surrounded by others whose primary commitment
was to being a harper.

"Ah, good! I can certainly find a place for you in one of our chamber
groups," Jayala replied, her eyes lighting up as she thought over the
possibilities. "Is there an instrument you prefer to play? Or would you
be happy to switch between a few different ones?"

"I'm best at the gitar, but also regularly play the flute. I haven't
picked up a recorder in a while," but its similarities to the flute
meant he could fairly quickly get used to it again.

"Hmm. Perhaps Journeyman Hafal's quartet, their second gitar player is
due to leave for a posting at the end of the month and it would expand
their range to have a flautist. Or... Well, you might try out with a few
groups and see where you fit the best." She reached for the timetable
and made a few notes. "Now, the Headwoman will have assigned you a
shared room with another journeyman. You can have the rest of the day to
settle in and explore the Hall, though I'd suggest you stop by the
archives to see the Master there. I expect Hallmaster Vestian will send
for you at some point, though he can get rather caught up in his craft

Study groups, the archives, chamber groups... it was a whirlwind of
new experiences, and Arrilon couldn't wait. "Thank you, Hallsecond.
That all sounds good." He couldn't imagine a better start to his time
at the Hall.

"You're very welcome." Jayala handed back the timetable, then stood to
show him to the door. "If you go along to the end of the corridor and
down the stairs, cross the hall and take the door to your left, you'll
be in the staff quarters. The Headwoman should be there and she'll find
someone to show you to your room." She smiled, remembering the time when
she'd first arrived at the Hall herself from the Weyr. "I wish you every
success in your studies, Journeyman."


Last updated on the July 21st 2021

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