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Persona Profile: Ioven


Name: Ioven
Age: 46
Birthday: m4 d1
Rank: Senior Journeyman Smith
Location: Sunstone Seahold
Craft: Smith
Craft Rank: Senior Journeyman
Speciality: Ceramics

Physical Description of Persona:

NOTE: To adopt Ioven requires permission from Chelle due to the existing back story

The first thing that might strike some people about Ioven is the apparent size of his head and neck in proportion to the rest of his body. That is not to say that it is abnormally large, but his square jaw and thick neck almost look like they should be on the body of a man broader in the shoulder and longer in the leg. Even so, though his features are strong, they are certainly not unpleasant, and his face is often softened by an appealing smile, gentle blue eyes and the short beard he often wears. His brown hair, like his beard, is now sprinkled with grey, and showing some signs of retreating just above his temples.

Emotional Description of Persona:
Some would accuse Ioven of having a lack of imagination or creativity. Though he possesses both to some degree, he likes being comfortable, and routine and order to him equals comfort. Failure and mistakes are uncomfortable, which leads him to be cautious about trying new things on his own. Though Ioven is a very practical person, he is not without a sense of humor, even at his own expense.

Despite hard times in his life, he has managed to keep a positive outlook. This is due partly to his innate nature, but mostly to his two daughters. They are his world and he is a loving and devoted father.

History of Persona:
Ioven was born at Falling Rock Hold in the Eastern Barrier Range. His childhood was rather unremarkable. After graduating Harper Classes, he went into the Smith craft, mostly because that was what his father and brothers had chosen to do. Of all his brothers, he showed the most aptitude, and so his father chose to send him to the Hall for formal training. In the end, he did dare to be different from his kin, however, when he chose ceramics as his specialty. He found the repetitious movements soothing rather than tedious, and thought it was a most practical field since their Hold had plenty of other smiths to work the forges.

After a couple turns of journeying, he requested to be sent back to his home at Falling Rock Hold where he could ply his trade in familiar surroundings and put down roots. When he was twenty-seven turns, he met the daughter of a family friend who was nearly eight turns his junior, Narys. He was smitten almost immediately, but his cautious nature made admitting his feelings rather difficult. Ioven was constantly waiting for signs of any hints as to her inclinations before he would say anything. After a turn of dancing around the subject, he finally worked up the nerve to speak of his admiration for her, and nearly a turn more before he asked her to marry him. She proved to have endless patience, and at last they were wed when he was thirty turns. Two turns later they welcomed their first daughter, Venrys, and three turns following that, their daughter Syren.

Their eldest daughter had barely turned five turns when Narys started experiencing headaches and nausea, which soon lead to seizures and sudden mood swings. The healers knew that it was likely that there was some cancerous growth in her brain, but they were powerless to do anything about it. Ioven and Narys knew it was only a matter of time, and probably very little at that. Though the time was too short, the wait was painful and draining on them both, but Ioven never strayed far from her side until the very end.

Now he found himself with two daughters and a broken heart. He rallied himself admirably for their sake, but he could not stand being in a place full of so many bittersweet memories. He wrote once more to the Smith Hall and asked if they might not know of a place looking for a ceramics maker. That is how he and his children found themselves far from his home and settled in Sunstone SeaHold.

In his fortieth turn of life, he was sent on a special errand back to the Smith Hall and the neighboring Garnet Valley Hold for some specialized training and research for his adopted Hold. Not wanting to be parted from his daughters for so long, he brought them with him for the duration of his stay.

Much to his surprise, while there his daughters formed a strong bond with their unwed foster mother, Parale. As the time grew near for them to return to to their home Hold, Ioven began to understand that his children needed a real mother. He asked Parale to come back to Sunstone Seahold as his wife for their sake, and she accepted.

Family and Friends
Parale, 39, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (Wife)
Venrys, 14, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (daughter)
Syren, 11, Hold Resident, Sunstone Seahold (daughter)
Narys, 6, Deceased - Hold Resident (wife)

Approved: March 25th 2010
Last updated: June 26th 2014

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