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Persona: Dolphin Hall
Posting: Amber Hills Hold


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Persona Profile: Asley

Writer: Phoenix

Name: Asley
Age: 24
Birthday: m6 d15
Rank: Junior Journeyman Printer
Location: Dolphin Cove Weyr
Job: Printer
Craft: Printer
Craft Rank: Junior Journeyman
Speciality: Ink Production

Physical Description of Persona:
Tall and slender, Asley stands at about 5'10". She has dark blonde hair just past her shoulder blades. Her features are fairly plain except for large, expressive brown eyes.

She's not very muscular, but she is solid and won't break. Asley's skin is usually tan since she goes outside whenever she can. She favors lighter colored clothing.

Emotional Description of Persona:
She is shy when she first meets new people, but turns talkative as she gets comfortable around them. She can be slightly sarcastic in humor, with short patience and temper at times.

When it comes to her craft, she is meticulous. As a printer, it is a good trait since it breeds mistakes when things are rushed. She loves the presses, the inks, and the paper. Asley will spend candlemarks tied up with her books, pamphlets, and other useful things.

History of Persona:
Born at Southern Boll Hold(tm) to drudge parents, she spent many happy candlemarks watching her brother work in the Hold stables. She loved runners as much as he did, but knew it wasn't her calling in life. Their parents died of illness the winter she turned ten, so her brother took her with him to Topaz Sea Hold when he took a job there. She showed an interest in the busy Printer's Hall at the Hold, so her brother arranged for her to apprentice to the craft. She works hard to make him proud of her.

Asley moved to the harper hall at Dolphin Cove when the Hall at Topaz was damaged during the disaster. However, when the decision was made to move the Hall back to Emerald Falls, she was forced to decide whether or not she wanted to move. Torn, she was in favor of getting her knots and then moving back to the Weyr when she was done.

Finally after spending some time in the wretched Hall and learning how it feels to be a female in a Hold, Asley has received her knots and is ready to travel.

Family and Friends
Kenley, 31, Holder (Brother)

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Last updated: June 30th 2019

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