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Persona Profile: S'lan


Name: S'lan
Age: 17
Birthday: m11 d10
Rank: Junior Weyrling
Location: Dragonsfall Weyr
Craft: Technician
Craft Rank: Junior Apprentice
Face Claim: Levi Miller

Physical Description of Persona:
Samlan is gangly, all knees and elbows but with the promise of gaining a bit of height as he gets older. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He's slim and an active sort of person who is filled with nervous energy.

Emotional Description of Persona:
A child of the Weyr, he knows his mother was a drudge but knows nothing of his father. He was raised in the creche with a foster mother who provided well for his emotional needs growing up. He's well adjusted to life in the Weyr and has quite a few friends in the lower caverns. Samlan is generally a happy persona but he does have flashes of anger at times like all teens.

History of Persona:
Samlan was born and raised at Dragonsfall. He had a normal childhood for the Weyr. He excelled at his studies in Harper school. He's explored every nook and cranny of the Weyr with his friends and gone on the obligatory tunnel snake hunts. The kitchen drudges watch out for him as he's famous for supplying his buddies with bubblies hot out of the oven.

More recently he began following the technician's around the Weyr as they did their repairs and found he was curious enough to ask to apprentice. He's started learning but doesn't really want to go to the Hall. Ultimately he wants to Stand.

Family and Friends
Palima, 50, Weyr Resident (Foster Mother)

Dragon's Name: Wazath
Dragon's Age: 2
Dragon's Colour: Brown
Description of Dragon:
Wazath was hatched a fine and delicate featured, yet large brown hatchling. He is confident, determined and focused with a serious temperament.

He is a very dark brown with slightly lighter glints along his dorsal ridge and head knobs.

Approved: July 18th 2017
Last updated: September 9th 2019

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