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Phoenix's Stories (1 - 6, earliest first)

A Grand Adventure
Saran and his sister get searched for Dolphin Cove Wey
Writers: Emma, Phoenix, Suzee
Characters: S'ran, Oria, L'cor, Rossalin

Unpleasant Meetings
Saran meets Tisafelle for the first time and is not impressed.
Writers: Miriah, Phoenix
Characters: S'ran, Tisafelle

Lost and Found
Saran meets Dorana while lost in the Weyr.
Writers: AmajoS, Phoenix
Characters: Dorana, S'ran

Bumpig into You
Maenna bumps into Aviday and they get to talking
Writers: Miriah, Phoenix
Characters: Maenna, Aviday

A Mother and Son Reunion
S'ran meets up with his mother during the hatching feast and catch up.
Writers: Phoenix
Characters: S'ran, Sarasy,

Splish, Splash
Saran helps Oria bathe Degrorth. Chatting ensues throughout.
Writers: Emma, Phoenix
Characters: S'ran, Oria

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