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Reports for Dolphin Cove Weyr

February 27th 2007

Well Dolphin Cove is very exciting, as usual!

Weyrwoman Traelyn's gold Nyith Rose again this month, and was again caught by J'darin's Hasaarth. It seems Dolphin Cove is stuck with the wherry's arse for the foreseeable future.

J'darin worries over his Harper lover, Maurgen, who has been distant lately. He has no idea of her past with V'lorn and would probably kill the man if he did know. What will he do when he finds OUT? And even more to the point, will Maurgen keep going back to V'lorn, even though she and J'darin have been spending more and more time together?

Weyrwoman Traelyn and Dragonsfall Weyr Wingleader U'kaiah exchange a few letters, delivered by dragon courier, over the course of the month. One of them, however, results in a near heart attack for Traelyn. When the two finally do meet in person, U'kaiah will probably get a round sock to the chin for scaring her so!

Along the way, Traelyn's old friend, bronzerider K'kar from Far Island Weyr (now transferred to Dolphin Cove), comes in for a visit and kidnaps her for an afternoon. It appears that Traelyn has another male admirer!

Wingsecond K'deren has a brief meeting with Ylisahn, finding out they both are buried in hidework filling in for others. K'deren may wonder why J'darin just won't promote him - he was Wingleader in all but name - and Ylisahn struggles with both her job and the Headwoman's job. Toward the end of the month, K'deren is forced to punish N'kalen for a mistake he made during Fall that caused injuries to some young Weyrlings during their Blooding. K'deren sends N'kalen to work with the Weyrlings for a sevenday to make up for his neglect.

Greenrider Kenaline cut her hand on some broken glass, and while it was stitched up, also had a neat flirting job done on her by Journeyman Healer Odarian. Like Father, like son... or so they say!

Assistant Headwoman Ylisahn has been working hard filling in for Headwoman Mayla, who has been ill. Toward the end of the month, Traelyn sought out Ylisahn and asked her to formerly take over duties as Headwoman due to the fact that Mayla was retiring to live with her children.

Weyrling Aidiata makes friends with Greenrider Cherlyn, who is pregnant from Lueanth's last Flight. Aidiata offers to help Cherlyn as she goes through the pregnancy and be there for her if she needs anything. J'ren, now stationed at River Bluff, is the father, but he has stopped speaking to Cherlyn. Will he ever even know he has a child on the way? And what WILL J'darin say when Cherlyn is transferred to the Queen's wing?

Bluerider N'kalen asks bronzerider I'lan for help baking a cake for V'con, followed by a visit to Kraygh for help with stars in the sky. Both are part of a special surprise N'klaen is planning. V'con is certainly a lucky bluerider! Along the way, however, N'kalen pauses in his planning for V'con to charm Cherlyn, and almost succeeds. At the last moment, however, she fled his presence forgetting her book in her hurry to run after he kissed her (and at their first meeting, no less! Shameless bluerider)

V'con himself asks Weyrlingmaster Third G'len some questions about Flights and what being a bluerider means. His concerns are addressed, leaving nothing but pride behind.

D'ren and B'vin have an awkward conversation about the current Weyrleader, and the possibilities for future Weyrleaders, including D'ren. D'ren laughs off the chance that Menanth would ever catch a Queen, but B'vin would rather have an untried rider than J'darin for a Weyrleader, it appears. J'darin is SO misunderstood!

Young Isaline stumbled by accident into V'lorn's weyr. The selfish bluerider quickly charms his way into Isaline's good graces, convincing her in all the _right_ ways that only a full grown man can "teach her right". If V'lorn does anything to Isaline like he has done to Harper Maurgen, the young weyrling might be in trouble.

Dragonhealer N'klaen tells bronzerider O'dan that he and Kizynth just might fly again, contrary to all possible expectations. Shortly after, he also checks on Dyaera's green Tilarth, and pronounces her nearly 100% recovered.

Dyaera was injured much worse than her dragon, but she seems to be doing much better and is on the road to healing ALL the wounded parts, or so it seems of late. When Tilarth Rose to mate a few days after her checkup, blue Aosorath caught her and Tilarth forces Dyaera and D'cal to come to a temporary understanding that is as close to perfect as those two could wish. here's hoping they stay happy!

Brownrider B'ram and Wingthird Eleada take a very nice picnic together early in the month. The two seem happy in each other's company. Perhaps the wounds from both their pasts will heal in time.

Young Junior Apprentice Harper Narrala gets caught sketching Luthinath by Y'sani, and his charm flusters her completely, but does result in an invitation for more sketches! Narrala also has an interesting, if troublesome, conversation with now Headwoman Ylisahn, who reminds Narrala that she should think about what would happen to her if Harper Hall left the Weyr's space.

Come to Dolphin Cove TODAY! Learn to hate the Weyrleader like everyone else! You know you want to!

Written by Clancey as L1

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