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The New Hallmaster

Writers: Clancey, Miriah, Suzee
Date Posted: 1st August 2014

Characters: Vestian, Porenne, Kaladril
Description: A new Hallmaster is installed at Harper Hall
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 8, day 1 of Turn 7

Dressed in his best suit of Harper blue, Vestian stood beside his
wife, his heart pounding. Word had been passed quickly and the triumph
and satisfaction that coursed through him as he stood before the
Hallmaster of the north couldn't be hidden. This was what he had
worked for since his apprenticeship.

Porenne stood proudly nearby also dressed in her best with their
children perfectly behaved at her side. In her hands she held his
new knots waiting for the Craftmaster to bestow upon her husband.

The Harper Craftmaster had made the trip down to instill a new
Hallmaster at the Hall now located at Emerald Falls. He was pleased to
do so and had heard wonderful things about Vestian from Almonteo
before he had gotten sick.

They needed a solid Hallmaster here with all the recent changes;
allowing women apprentices, moving locations.

There was no room for a lag in Hallmasters here.

His name was Kalardil and he was about 60 Turns old, but still looking
fit and in his prime in his own version of his best Harper blue.

"Welcome everyone to this installation of a new Hallmaster. We are so
pleased to have a Harper of Vestian's caliber to take over running the
Harper Crafthall. " The knots were held up.

"Master Vestian, do you swear to uphold the honor of the Harper craft?
Do you swear to care for your Hall carefully and wisely, and for your
harpers as family? Do you swear to keep the Tradition of our Craft
strong in Hold, Hall, and Weyr, and ensure no child goes untaught the
basics? Will you make sure that all voices blend together in

Kaladril finished and paused, waiting for Vestian's response.

Back straight and face fixed with the gravity of the situation,
Vestian was unable to keep the triumph from lighting his eyes. "I do
so swear it with all that I am and more."

"With these knots, you will now become Vestian, the Harper Hallmaster
of Emerald Falls."

Vestian turned to Porenne and faced her and for a moment, his eyes
were warm with affection as he turned his shoulder to her to place the
knots on. Everything he had worked for was his! “Thank you, Master
Harper Kaladril.”

Porenne smiled back at him with true pride and affection. His
expressions of any feelings were very rare and it was as if a light
had turned on inside him. She fastened the new knots to his shoulder
then stepped back half a step and turned to smile at the crowd
gathered as they exploded in applause. Her husband was a truly great
man in her eyes and this proved it once again.

Vestian slowly bowed to Kaladril and then to the crowd. His entire
being was suffused with pride and his chin lifted. He took his wife's
hand and lifted it to his lips, listening to the swell of the crowd.
So filled with triumph, he turned to Porenne and cupped her face,
pressing his lips to hers and tugging her against him. The crowd
cheered in response, though some looked on with shock; Vestian had
never been openly affectionate with his wife and certainly not so

No one was more surprised that his wife but she was breathless with

a huge smile on her face and she fairly glowed when he finally let her
go. She was not embarrassed at all but stood to applaud him with the
rest of the gathering.

The Masterharper smiled, his eyes sparkling as he watched Vestian

acknowledge his promotion, in what was in his opinion, the best way


He raised his hands to join in the clapping for a time, then put one
hand up in the air, stilling the gathering with the mysterious skill
that most Harpers, especially Master Harpers, possessed.

"Congratulations to you, Master Vestian! This is your Hall now, and I
look forward to great things. In the meantime, lets celebrate!"

As the applause died, Porenne slipped her hand into her husbands ready
to be lead to the reception hall and the rather large celebration the
Headwoman had prepared. Of course since it was the Harper Hall, she
could already hear the orchestra warming up. The crowd parted for them
as they made their way down off the stage that had been used for the
induction ceremony.

Last updated on the September 7th 2014

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