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Writers: Len, Paula
Date Posted: 28th January 2014

Characters: B'jon, F'veas
Description: Weyrlingmaster assistant F'veas helps B'jon with his green
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 3, day 12 of Turn 7

F'veas walked along the line of baby hatchlings and their lifemates,
looking for any in trouble. He still wasn't used to having to give orders
and what not, being younger than pretty much all of the new weyrlings. He
sighed mightily, this wasn't what he thought being a dragonrider was
supposed to be like. But then again...he caught sight of his lifemate, all
but fully grown now, still slender and more elegant than a brown should
have been, his hide a warm chocolate, sunning himself along the river's

"You done gorging youself?" B'jon asked, a meat tangling from his fingers.

}: Yes...:{ Denenth replied and yawned, her lids getting droopy.

"Oh, no, don't get to sleep on me! I still need to wash and oil you," B'jon
said but too late. His little green simply fall asleep on her legs. The
cotholder boy's sighed. "Now what?" Was he supposed to carry her? Wake her

"Opps, what now?" F'veas looked from the pair to his own brown for help.

"She just went to sleep, just like a baby," B'jon was amazed. She reminded
him of his own younger siblings, when they had been babies.

"Uh, what now?" F'veas knotted his hands below his chin, feeling very lost
and very young.

Wenarth nudged the tiny green. }:Get up, little one, it's not time to sleep

"I'm not supposed to carry her, right?" B'jon asked. "I mean, she's the one
who should be carrying me around...when she gets bigger, naturally."

Wenarth nudged her harder. :}Get up!:{

}: Geroff, I'm sleeping, :{ the little green woke up enough to grumble at
the older dragon.

}:No, your lifemate cannot carry you and, besides, it's not dignified to be
carried.:{ Wenarth snorted at the tiny green and nudged her again.

With audible grumbles, Denenth scampered up to her feet and started slowly
to walk towards the barracks. }: This is all your fault, :{ she accused her

"What? That you're a little sleepy head? Not working on me, little lady, I
have sisters," B'jon replied. He had yet to learn to speak to her just
inside his head.

Walking beside him, F'veas giggled until he realised it might not be
welcomed. Quickly he clamped his hand over his mouth and glanced over at
the green weyrling, worry all over his face.

B'jon just grinned back at F'veas, not bothered by his laugh. "She _is_
just like my little sister," He said with conspiratory whisper.

F'veas breathed out, all the colour coming back to his face. It was so hard
to remember he wasn't going to be beaten for laughing, or smiling. }:I love
you:{ Wenarth said, worry in his mind voice.

Trying to appear like nothing had happened, F'veas said, "it must be nice,
having siblings."

"Yeah, but it has it disadvantages too. It can get crowded," B'jon replied,
not noticing the other's reaction. His family was typical hold family with
children born in almost regular intervals of two to three Turns.

"Did you...did you like living in a hold?"

"Well..." B'jon hesitated, as much as he loved his family, his own sexual
tendencies, had they become public, would not have been tolerated. "It was
all right as a child, but when I grew up _this_ way," he pointed his green,
"things might have turned out ugly. Had people know. I was expected to
marry and sire a horde of children." He made a face.

"Yeah, I know." He knew he could be honest with B'jon. "My da's a
greenrider and growing up, everyone at my Hold used to assume I'd be just
like him." Even though he had no idea at the time what being a greenrider
was really all about. "And they treated me as though I had already
Impressed a green."

"But you have a brown..." B'jon pointed out. "People can be so narrow
minded," he agreed. "If I were like my father or older brother, I would be
knocking up a wife by now."

"Thank Faranth you and I were found by our lifemates, eh?" F'veas blushed
as he thought about that incredible moment when Wenarth found him.

"Indeed," B'jon agreed. It would have been horrible to him, if he had been
forced to marry some girl he didn't care about. Not to mention performing
his husbandly duties.... the thought made him shudder.

"We're free now."

"Yes, we are," B'jon said. "Of course, we're also bound to those little
creatures," he pointed Denenth and smiled fondly.

"And one day we can go flying over our old homes' heads and show them they
made a big mistake, about both of us!" Werenth bugled at that, a happy
sound for the little brown.

Last updated on the January 28th 2014

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