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Rehearsal Notes (PG-17)

Writers: AL, Suzee
Date Posted: 17th September 2013

Characters: Porenne, Ailara
Description: Unexpected consequences of a blurted secret
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 3, day 9 of Turn 7
Notes: Mentioned: Eilomar, Vestian
Rating: PG-17

Their voices soared in the final passage of the new work by their
Master Composer but when the last echo had died away in the rehearsal
hall she heard said Master rushing up towards Master Eilomar to
discuss something urgently with waving hands and expletives.

"I don't think I can do it again," she whispered to the woman sitting
next to her.

Ailara leaned over to hear her companion a bit better, then allowed a
frown to curl the corners of her mouth downward. "We haven't been
practising_that_ long." She murmured in return.

"Yes, but you don't have to whip out high D's over and over," she
chuckled. "Can't that man write something that doesn't involve both
soft and high? Loud and high is much easier."

"Tell me about it. Of course, when he goes to the other extreme,
albeit rare, it's just as bad." Ailara heaved a sigh. "I wish he'd
make up his mind where to put me. I guess getting to know the various
parts on different songs has its advantages though."

"Yeah," she chuckled. At that point their choirmaster dismissed them
and she folded her score. "Well, I don't have the children for another
hour or so. Want to go get a snack?" She never ate before rehearsal or
a performance for that matter so she was a bit hungry when they were

"Are you kidding? I could die I'm so hungry!" Ailara had a flare for
the dramatic, but of course, she wasn't serious. "I think I hear a
meatroll calling my name."

Porenne laughed. She enjoyed Ailara's friendship. The woman could make
her laugh in a way that made her forget how serious life really was at
times. Of course they were able to find exactly what they wanted and
were seated eating in just a few moments. "Its been so quiet with
Vestian gone."

"I'm sure he'll be back soon enough." Ailara watched her friend's face
carefully at the mention of her husband. She didn't know details and
she wasn't going to press, but she had sensed tension. "I'm sure
he'll be back before you realise it."

"Well," Porenne said quietly in a rare moment of transparency. "At
least he isn't bouncing up and down on me at night."

Ailara arched an eyebrow at that comment. "Is he really that bad?"

Porenne shrugged suddenly embarrassed she'd let that much slip but
Ailara was a good friend. Then she shook her head. "I guess I wouldn't
know. Nothing to compare it to. I don't care for it much."

"Well...what's it like? What do you do? Have you talked to him about
it?" Ailara rest her elbow on the table, then placed her chin in her
hand. "That's not how it's supposed to be."

So many questions all at once Porenne was a tiny bit startled. To her
the whole thing was just uncomfortable and messy. "I don't do
anything," she said softly. "I can't talk to him about it but at least
he's quick... usually."

She gave her friend a puzzled look. "How is it_supposed_ to be?"

Ailara stared at her friend. "Seriously? Have you ever talked to any
other women about it before? Have you never asked questions?" Her
mother had at least explained things before she had gotten married,
she'd gone to married friends to ask questions she didn't feel she
could ask her mother.

"No! I've never talked to anyone about it." Honestly she was
regretting the impulse that had led to her blurting out the facts
today. "Who would I ask anyway? Some greenrider at the weyr?" They
obviously enjoyed it though she'd never been able to fathom why and
she'd just figured it had something to do with dragons. Maybe she
really was as cold as Vestian seemed to think she was.

"Did your mother or any female relatives never give you 'The Talk'?"
If not, they had done her a disservice. "Maybe _we_ should have 'The
Talk.'". She glanced around, then lowered her voice. "Maybe
somewhere quieter and a little less out in the open where you can be
more comfortable."

She thought for a moment and then said "Practice room," and thumbed
over her shoulder before clearing her tray and walking down the
hallway to one of the many small rehearsal rooms. They were well
soundproofed to keep music inside an not contaminate others doing
their own rehearsing.

"All right." Ailara rose and followed her friend to dispose of her
tray. Afterwards, she trekked after Porenne, then closed the door once
they stepped over the threshold. "Okay, so, sex. What do you know
about it?"

"Well, I've never talked to anyone before. When my husband wants it, I
do my duty." She didn't really know how to explain it better than
that. But she knew she had to try something because her children were
growing and some day she'd have to give her own daughters a speech that had
obviously not worked well for her. "I just lay there an let him."

"Oh honey that's the first problem. If you just lie there, then it's not
going to be as much fun for him, and it definitely won't be any fun for
you." Ailara couldn't understand how the women could have failed her
friend. Well, she certainly wasn't. "We need to get you educated."

"Wait! What?" Her eyes nearly popped out of her head. "I don't understand."

"Don't worry you will." Ailara lowered into a chair and leaned
forward. "Lesson one: Your tongue and what you can do with it..."

Last updated on the November 1st 2013

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