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New Turn... Same as the Last...

Writers: Eimi, Suzee
Date Posted: 31st May 2013

Characters: Vestian, Porenne
Description: First light on the new Turn.
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 13, day 30 of Turn 6

It was Turn's beginning and the sun rose upon a clear and beautiful
day. She could hear the children's voices chattering excitedly as they
fingered the gaily wrapped packages she'd placed upon the hearth the
night before.

"Vestian," she touched his shoulder. "They're awake."

She rose to wrap herself in her dressing gown and as she crossed the
foot of the bed she reached out to shake his toe. "I have cook making
your favorite sweetroll this morning. Smell?"

"Hmmm," her husband groaned, not wanting to be pulled awake. The Gather
the night before had gone long into the night, and all he wanted now was
to sleep until high noon. He was sure it was barely dawn. "Is it

"Sure smells like it," she tapped his toe again. "Hey, just come on
and watch them open the presents, then you can go back to sleep."

Vestian sighed inwardly. **It's only once a Turn,** he reminded
himself. "I'm getting up. Just let me splash some water on my face.
Can you get me a cup of klah, please?" he asked, though he made little
move to actually move.

"Of course," she said a bustled off to get him a nice hot cup. She
didn't really expect him to be out of the bed by the time she got back
but at least he hadn't refused. A few minutes later she was back with
his cup. "The sticky roll just came out of the oven," she sang to him
as she opened the door.

Her husband was sitting up at least, with his feet on the floor, still
contemplating standing. Why did the children have to open their Turn
Over gifts so early? They had waited this long, what was a couple more
candlemarks? "Are there any left?" he asked after taking deep sigh and
pushing himself up off the bed.

"Yes," she smiled handing him the klah. "I wouldn't allow them to
touch until their papa had his first pick. Dulsee is down there now
warding off their sneaky little fingers."

"Thank you," he murmured before setting the cup on the nightstand.
Vestian wanted to wash his face and comb his hair while it cooled. "Can
you find me some clothes?" he asked, walking back towards their private
bathing room.

She smiled at his back and then shook her head and moved the clothes
she'd laid out for him the night before from a nearby chair to the bed
where he expected to see them. Then she proceeded to get dressed

"What did I get the children for Turns End?" he asked from the bathing
room as he grabbed his toothbrush out of it's cup.

"Well," she smiled. "I caught Epsorio sketching on scraps but he
panicked when he thought I'd tell you about it. So you got him his
very own colored chalks and sketch pad." She came to the door of the
room and leaned against the jam. "Lelldora has wanted a new puzzle so
I got one made by the woodsmiths. I think it will give her a
challenge. Of course Aponia was easy, just a new doll."

His son was sketching? Well, maybe it was in the genes, Vestian
thought, curious to see if there was any talent there or if he was just
doodling as many students do. "Is he any good?"

She smiled at the question. "I'm not the best judge of course, but I
thought they were advanced for his turns. He had his perspectives
right and they looked almost real."

Interesting. Well, it would make sense if he had inherited some talent
from him. Maybe it would be worth taking a look at his drawing some
day. "Do the girls draw, too?"

"Not nearly as well, but they're much younger," she said with a
chuckle. "Little Aponia just likes to smear chalk all over

"How old is Epsorio now?" He had to be getting close to apprentice age
by now. Perhaps he would want to do something artistic, as he had done.
Though, Vestian wasn't sure how he felt about that.

"He's eleven," she said softly not in any way judging. It would really
be the perfect time for Vestian to show interest if only he saw that.

"Hmmm," he hummed thoughtfully before rinsing his mouth out. "I guess
we'd better start thinking about his future soon." There was no
question that he would be apprenticed somewhere. He expected his son
would have a craft.

She knew she'd said as much more than once but he hadn't been
listening. So she just agreed with him as if she'd never thought of
it. "Oh yes! Thats a very good idea."

Vestian hid his urge to look at her and roll his eyes. Her tone made it
sound like this was a new idea to her, but he knew her at least better
than that. She spent all her time doting on and thinking about their
children, and had said something to him in the past about needing to
make arrangements for their son. He had just at the time chosen to
ignore it because it was still long enough in the future that it was
ridiculous thinking about, especially as he was working hard trying to
earn his own knots. Perhaps it was all the time she spent around their
children that made her think she needed to coddle him like she did them.
**Tell me what you really think and not what you think I want to
hear!** his mind screamed as he hung his towel back in it's place.
**I'm a grown man, I can take it!**

But after so many Turns of marriage, he figured there were just things
they had to bare and keep to themselves. Vestian knew full well there
were things in him she didn't like either.

"Yes, well, why don't you ask him later where his future interests lie
and we can go from there," he muttered, grabbing his comb and patting a
few errant hairs down. "How about you dish me up a sweetroll. I'm sure
the children are starving. I'll be right down."

"Alright," she said and turned to do as she was bid. Though her voice
could be heard calling to the children that their daddy would be down
soon after she'd gone through the door.

Last updated on the June 1st 2013

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