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You Look Very Nice (2 of 2)

Writers: Eimi, Suzee
Date Posted: 1st May 2013

Characters: Vestian, Porenne
Description: After a small social gathering
Location: Harper Hall
Date: month 13, day 13 of Turn 6

Vestian tapped the pencil against his bottom lip as he scanned over the
sketch he had made. When Almonteo had arrived at the party, he was able
to pull him away from the group for a few minutes to have a quick chat
about the mural he was being commissioned to paint on the Hallmaster's
wall. It still wasn't quite right, but after their conversation, he did
feel they were a bit closer at least. He reached back to adjust the
pillow supporting his back against the headboard and sat up a little
straighter before gently penciling in a bit finer detail on some of the

Porenne hummed as she came into their bedroom. She'd checked on the
children when they'd come back from the party just to be certain all
was well with their worlds. She sat down at her small vanity and began
pulling the pins from her hair. Shaking in free she brushed it
vigorously. Then she got up to remove her party dress and put on her
night gown. She didn't usually undress when Vestian was in the room
but he seemed engrossed in whatever he was drawing So she just turned
her back as she disrobed.

At this point, touching up the drawing was more a time filler than
anything that really captured his interest. He had been ready for bed
rather quickly, and as there was really nothing more he could do to
improve the sketch tonight, he was merely passing the time until she was
ready to turn the lights out. Vestian hated just sitting there waiting
silently like an idiot. He got the feeling she didn't like it either,
with him watching her every move.

With his drawing at a dead end, he was easily distracted from it by the
movement of cloth falling from her shoulders. He lifted his head,
watching the way her muscles moved, the way her hair fell down her back.
As an artist, he could appreciate the beauty of such a scene. For the
briefest moment he wished he could sketch her in just such a pose. But
she was not a well drawn image on a two dimensional canvass, she was
flesh and blood, and so was he. As such, he could not help but stare.

When she didn't hear him fiddling with his drawing Porenne turned her
head to look at him and saw him staring. A bit startled to see him
looking at her she turned away and closed her eyes for a moment.
Gathering her night things and quickly stepped behind the screen she
normally used. She mentally kicked herself for letting her guard down.
She knew that look and what it led to. But once she was dressed in her
nightgown she couldn't exactly stay where she was. So, she busily
walked across the room to hang up her clothes on the peg where the
drudge could find them to care for tomorrow.

When she had caught his eye, he had tried to look away quickly, but it
was too late. Before he could bat an eyelash, she had hidden herself
away once more. Vestian kicked himself mentally. He knew she hated
anyone looking at her body. It didn't seem to matter that it was a very
nice one, that he only looked because he wanted to admire it. It
certainly made no difference that he was her husband. The way she
reacted, it was hard not to feel like a sexual deviant! And yet, since
sightings of her naked flesh were so rare, the image was burned into his
mind, playing over and over. Shards.

She watched him through lowered lashes and peripheral vision.
**Fardles, now he's going to want...** She just knew that once he'd
seen her bare skin there would be no avoiding his 'needs.' Mentally,
she kicked herself. Of course, she would do her marital duty just as
she should. But she wondered, as she had more than once in the past,
what was wrong with her that she couldn't seem to enjoy his attentions
like some of the harpers tales said. They talked of 'heated passions'
and things of the like. She'd seen so much of that at the Weyr she
didn't doubt it's existence but that passion had never touched her.
She'd blushed when she'd received some of those kinds of looks from
other men but she never encouraged them or even touched her own body
to experiment like one of the female riders had suggested. She didn't
understand what was wrong. Her Vestian was a very handsome and well
built man and she'd counted herself quite lucky when their marriage
had been arranged. But their joining was always awkward and rushed and
after all these Turns she'd just given up trying to figure it out.

She sat delicately on the edge of the bed and put some cream on her
hands before slipping under the covers and putting out the light. She
lay with her back toward him hoping...

After so many Turns of marriage, Vestian had learned that silent message
- don't touch me. He couldn't help but feel it like a slap to his face.
The moment he showed even the slightest interest, she was always so
quick to shut it down. And her tactic worked most of the time. It had
been sevendays since he had last taken advantage of his husband's
prerogative. Even now, he had resigned himself to the idea of just
drifting off to sleep next to Porenne with that space of neutrality
uncomfortably defining their boundaries in the bed they supposedly
shared. But the seed had been planted, the image in his mind had taken
root, and every moment that past, the sexual frustration that had been
building over the last sevendays made every moment more and more
unbearable as he flopped from one side to the other.

After the light was out and she felt him tossing and turning she felt
bad for making it so obvious and turned her head to the side to offer
something else. "Would you like some warm milk? It might help you

Vestian settled on his back, staring up at the ceiling. Now it was his
turn to feel guilty for keeping her awake when she certainly would
rather not be. "No, thank you. I'm fine." With any luck, she'd be
asleep soon, and then he could try to take care of his needs himself.

And the tone in his voice made her feel bad for turning her back on
him. She knew what he wanted, she had seen it on his face. So she
rolled on her back too. Not precisely inviting but not exactly saying
no. "If you want something..."

Last updated on the May 31st 2013

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