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Take Your Time

Writers: Emma, Len
Date Posted: 12th August 2012

Characters: P'veas, F'veas
Description: F'veas flies with his dad
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 9, day 3 of Turn 6

The slender brown opened his wings and flapped them enough to raise his
front legs off the ground. Peering at the adult green next to him he
sheepishly said, :}well I just wanted to make sure they're working

On the ground beside him, riding straps all but dwarfing him, F'veas glanced
at his dad and asked, "so what do you think?" He felt Wenarth the most
beautiful brown in the world but he still needed that reassurance from the
only family member who loved him.

"He looks good," P'veas assured his son. "And so do you, weyrlinghood suits

"Thanks da!" He held up his straps, his face clearly reading 'help!'

"Turn them over," P'veas said gently. "You've got them upside down."

"Have I?" He blushed and unscrambled them, noting that his da was
right, they_were_upside down. "I'm never going to get the hang of

"That's what I said all those turns back," P'veas studied his son for a
moment, wondering just how one night had created something so amazing. "Then
our weyrlingmaster taught me a trick," P'veas held out his own straps. "See
the buckles here?"

F'veas nodded and cuddled closer to his da. He watched closely to see
what trick he had up his sleeve.

"You mark them," P'veas showed his son. "Like this. Then you know which way
up they need to be, and which buckles belong at the front. If you can't do
it yourself, ask the smith to do it, and have it look like they are
decorative marks."

The slender lad watched what his dad was doing and copied him. The
straps fell into place and little Wenarth came over to let him slip
them on. Once they were buckled in place, he turned back to his dad.
"This look okay?" he asked in a voice that wasn't used to praise.

"They look great, he looks great," P'veas told his son. "You are going to
fly really well, you know that?"

"I hope so!". He flushed at the praise for his lifemate. Ducking his head
down so his dad didn't see the flush there he carefully got astride Wenerth.

"Ready to go?" asked P'veas as he clipped the last buckle into place on his
beloved green.

"I...think so..." A life of mental abuse made him doubt himself and
check over his brown one more time.

"Take your time," P'veas reassured him. "Maviakth and I aren't going
anywhere until you two are ready."

"I'm ready...I think..."

:}We are ready:{ Wenarth reassured him. Even at such a young age he was a
brown through and through.

"Someone looks ready," P'veas said.

F'veas smiled. "He's always ready."

Wenarth eyed Mavikath. }:I try and take the best care of my rider,
he's so unsure of himself,:{

}:You need to be confident for him, and he will learn from you,:{ Mavikath
reassured the brown. }:You have time, use it.:{

The brown nodded and, after opening his wings, lept gracefully into the blue
sky. F'veas wooped in the pure joy of being on a dragon.

His dragon.

Last updated on the August 20th 2012

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