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Take Wing

Writers: Chelle, Emma, Len, Paula
Date Posted: 11th August 2012

Characters: D'lorn, F'veas, A'shel, K'dee, L'ris
Description: First flights for the junior weyrlings.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 8, day 16 of Turn 6

Whirling eyes looked on as Villith stood her ground while the little ones
gathered. They were urged to get into a line and D'lorn stepped in front of
them. "Today will be the first time you will be able to ride astride your dragon.
It'll be a short flight, really not much more than few wing flaps in the air,
but we'll let you do it a few times to make sure the little ones aren't overtaxed."

"All should go well if you don't let your dragons overdo it. They will be
excited and some of them might not realize how easy it is to wrench a wing.
If your dragonet is hurt, it will put you behind in training and into trouble with
the weyrlingmasters. If there aren't any questions, go ahead and mount and we'll
take turns."

}: Can we go now? Would Himarth like to wrestle me? When are we flying?:{
Tyerth kept asking, his head swinging from side to side.

L'ris sighed. ** Pay attention and do exactly as we're told to.** He took
grip of Tyerth's neck strap and actually pulled the dragon's head so he was
facing D'lorn and Villith. It took all his strength to do so.

**Do_not_screw_ this_up_now** he said with weight and seriousness in his
words. If they messed up, they would be stuck as junior weyrlings. L'ris
didn't want that. He was starting to think his brown had an attention disorder.

"L?ris, you're up. Get into position there and then go," D'lorn signaled to
the young brownrider, watching Tyerth carefully. This was going to be an
important test for this pair, he could already tell.

** Did you hear, Ty, we're first,** L'ris said and hopped up to his brown's
back, clipping closed the straps and douple checking that they were secure.
"Just a short flight," L'ris admonished. Finally the seriousness in his voice was
leaking into Tyerth's mind, for once the brown didn't reply anything, He just
crouched on his hind legs, made few warming up movements with his wings
and then they were in the air!
}: Whee! This is fun! :{ the young brown cried.

** There's the mark, now land,** L'ris commanded.

}: But I want to keep flying!:{ Tyerth's tone carried pleading whine.

**Down!** L'ris roared the order mentally, putting his every ounce of will
power behind it.

Stupefied Tyerth didn't as much land as crash to the ground.

** You all right?** L'ris immediately asked with worried tone.

}: You didn't have to yell me!:{ the brown pouted.

After Villith determined Tyerth was fine, the green waited
till he was outof the way, then let the next dragonet know it was their
turn. The green's eyes whirled a happy blue to see them doing well in
their training so far. }:Go on now:{

F'veas quelled, hoping they wouldn't choose him and Werenth next.
}:But why? I want to go!:{

Beside him Himarth fidgeted like a race runner, the sun hitting his
luminous blue hide and making it seem almost silver. He was ready to
go and it showed.

}:Himarth-it's your turn!:{ Villith told the blue, encouraging as
she was wont to do. She was vain over her babies, even if they weren't really
her babies after all.

**Ready!** A'shel was so excited after watching his friend's flight. **Let's

The graceful blue spread his wings and took to the air. In two flaps he was
over the same mark and landed beside the brown, but not quite as gracefully
as he had meant to. A'shel's head snapped back. He clutched it and gave L'ris
a sheepish grin.

"Well done!" D'lorn yelled before seeing that Vatonth was up next. When the
others were out of the way, he signalled for the bronze pair to go when they were

K'dee checked the straps one more time. He could feel the nervousness of the
bronze, or was it anticipation? Sometimes it was hard to tell.

"We can do this," he murmured to Vatonth even as he mounted up. Buckles were
fastened, and the bronze extended his wings and was up in the air, It was
only moments, and to K'dee felt like they were barely off the ground before
they landed almost gracefully next to Tyerth.

L'ris gave thumbs up for A'shel and K'dee.

K'dee returned the gesture, with a grin for both of them.

}:Wenarth, you can fly now. Show them how it's done:{ Villith told
the brown. She never let it be known that she had favorites-particularly
since it changed daily who they were with her green's memory, but she
thought the brown was adorable.

The slender brown opened his wings, after making sure his young rider
was fully ready. He knew his was the youngest here, so it was up to
him to take more care than some of his clutchmates. Not quite flapping
as much as the others, he gained just enough air to deftly skim the ground
below them, never gaining more than 7 feet or so off the ground. It wouldn't
do to scare his charge now. And as he had already been told that his lifemate
wouldn't be old enough for turns to fly Fall, he didn't feel the need to show off.

}:That was so very good. Now everyone line back up and we'll do it again!:{
Villith was so proud. The green made a pleased bugle, telling the rest of
the Weyr to see how good the younglings were doing. Flapping her wings, she
almost resembled poultry for a moment.

Last updated on the August 12th 2012

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