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She Can Hear Them

Writers: AL, Chelle, Emma, Len, Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 10th July 2012

Characters: D'lorn, Briata, K'dee, F'veas, A'shel, L'ris, Bertina
Description: The weyrlings are introduced to one of River Bluff's HADs.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 7, day 12 of Turn 6

When they were all sitting there with their dragonets, D'lorn took his
usual stance in the middle of the group. Giving the signal to quiet
down, he waited for quiet before speaking. "Good afternoon to all of
you. Today, we're going to talk about people with special abilities.
Some of you may know that there are folk out there who can speak
and listen with any dragon-even though they may not have impressed.
Today, you're going to meet one."

He turned, nodding to Briata. "This is Briata, an apprentice weaver
here at the Weyr. She is one of these special folk and one of two that
live here at River Bluff. Since you will likely run into her at some
point in the future or someone like her, I wanted to give you the
chance to get to know her and ask her questions." He moved back,
giving her the floor.

L'ris looked her curiously. He had heard all kind of things about her
from rumors, but he had never met her personally before.

Briata stepped forward and inclined her head politely to the group. She
was familiar with a couple of weyrlings, and one in particular, but the
others were complete strangers. "Good morning." She greeted. "I...suppose
if anyone has any questions, I'll be happy to answer them."

L'ris lifted his hand up. He had a question he absolutely had to ask.

A'shel watched him, nervously biting his lip. Briata was as close to a
best friend as he had and he felt quite protective of her.

"How do you deal with the constant chatter? I know Tyerth is pretty
talkative," L'ris asked.

K'dee was reluctant to question. To him it seemed that D'lorn was
trying to push the young woman into something she didn't seem so
sure about. Had he even asked her first?

F'veas just watched, thinking how awkward that must be, having all those
voices in your head!

Briata inclined her head to L'ris. "At first, I couldn't deal with it.
My first visit to the Weyr was to attend a hatching. I had to leave
early because there were so many voices that my head felt like it was
going to rupture. When I moved to the Weyr, it was very difficult at
first. I had an almost constant headache and became tired very easily
because of it." She smiled a little. "Since then, however, I have
learned how to block out the voices. I can...turn it on and off in a

"I wish I could block out Ty," L'ris sighed. At best, he could tune
down Tyerth's voice to a background hum.

Briata managed not to stare at L'ris. To hear someone say that about
their dragon...she honestly couldn't imagine _her_ saying it if she had
a dragon. What sort of bond was _that_? "Does anyone else have any
other questions?" She gazed around and wondered if there was any point
in her coming if only one question was going to be asked.

A timid greenrider hand went up in the back of the room. "Ma'am,"
Bertina said softy. "How do you tell the voices apart? Do they sound

L'ris was still thinking of his own bond and Briata's answer. It had to
be easier to block it out if you didn't have the Impression bond so
deep that you woke up middle of the night dreaming of flying (which was
fun) or about tearing throat out of herdbeast and feeling the hot,
sweet blood on your mouth (mildly disturbing) and then realize that
you have shared your dragon's dream.

Briata gazed at the greenrider, then nodded as she answered the
question. "Yes. Just as every one of you sounds different, so do the
dragons. In fact, dragons tend to sound a lot like their riders - not
exactly, but very close and it helps to recognize them."

The young girl shrank back down into her chair. She had more questions
but wasn't sure she was brave enough to ask another question. But
after a moment her hand went up again. "Do they know you can hear

Pleased at the questions that were coming now, D'lorn just listened.
Some of this was new information to him as well so he was filing it
away. The greenrider respected Briata for the help she provided,
though he did wonder why some had the ability and some didn't and why
she hadn't impressed with such a useful skill.

Briata nodded to the girl. "Sometimes they do. Sometimes it takes
them by surprise. Usually they know...most of the time they know."
She let her eyes shift around, waiting for any other questions. She
answered a few, but they began to get fewer and far between. Finally
no new hands went up and she turned to D'lorn. "I suppose I've
answered everything...of course, if anyone thinks of anything, I'll be
glad to answer any further questions. Just come see me."

Last updated on the July 15th 2012

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