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Weyrling Anatomy

Writers: Chelle, Emma, Len, Paula, Suzee
Date Posted: 3rd January 2012

Characters: Y'gel, L'ris, A'shel, Rhosyn, F'veas, K'dee
Description: The new weyrlings get a basic dragon anatomy lesson.
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 5, day 16 of Turn 6

Y'gel watched as the newly impressed pairs gathered in the huge dragon
healing cavern. Some were still a bit awkward and stumbled
occasionally but their riders walked along side and tucked a misplaced
wing back in place or helped their young lifemates to recover from a

How he'd cherished Aughashyth in those days. A loving warm rumble came
from the big bronze behind him as he waited for the students to get
in place.

"Let's all settle down now shall we," he called.

L'ris sat down cross-legged and waited Tyerth to squirm around until
his head rested on L'ris lap. At the same time he was bombarding this
rider with endless stream of questions. }: Who is he? What he does?
What is a dragonhealer?:{

**He's Y'gel. He is a dragonhealer. A person who helps injured
dragons.** L'ris was getting very good at mind-speak, thank's to all
the practice Tyerth was giving him. If he had answered out aloud,
people would had thought him daft, talking to himself all the time.

Y'gel raised his voice over the murmuring to gain their attention.
"This morning we're going over some basic dragon anatomy. So I expect
you riders to pay attention. Your lifemates may sleep through this
class if they wish."

He turned to a stand behind him and uncovered a large sketch of a
dragon wingsail and all of the bones sketched inside it.

Tyerth wasn't sleepy. }: Does my wing look like that?:{ he wondered
and stretched out his wing, blocking the view from those who sat next
to them.

** Yes, now put it down,** L'ris tried to get his wing folded down.

Unless there was a gold weyrling, Rhosyn usually didn't bother with
the younglings except with certain lessons. The basic dragonhealing
lesson was one of them since she had the knowledge and had to be ready
to explain just how important it was to use a gold dragon to control
another one who might be panicking. For now it was Y'gel's show, but
she stood to the side, listening and watching.

A'shel only half payed attention, as he had had this class ages ago.
Instead he watched the sun play off of Himarth's blue hide, showing
the almost silvery lavender undertone to him. Could there be a
prettier dragon out there? The blue crooned in mutual happiness.

}:What was that? What did he say?:{ Wenarth leaned forward, trying
to catch every word Y'gel said. Like Tyerth he had stretched his wing
out to eye it, but in his case he kept on studying it and looking back
at the Masterhealer. Knowing he was the smallest dragon here--even
smaller than the greens--meant he was more determined to be the best.
Beside him, F'veas squirmed a bit as he had never been good at his
Harper classes.

"Easy kid," muttered K'dee as he watched the lad squirm. He the turned his
attention front and centre, having noticed the Weyrwoman off to the side.

"... These bones at the tip are quite delicate at this age." He said
pointing to the drawing behind him. He warmed to his subject and began
to lecture.

"A dragon wing is particularly complicated, comprised of many bones
which allow it to extend, flex and furl. The easiest way to describe
the skeleton of a Dragon wing is to consider the structure of a sail
on a boat or a modified human arm. Two wingbones extend outward from
the shoulder joint, running almost in series to each other, but
separated by the 'elbow', the bones forming the 'lub'. These wingbones
conclude in the finger joints, where the spar bone forms the outer
edge of the wing. The mid-bone and inner-bone also extend outwards
from the finger joint, sometimes known as a wingspar or pinion,
jointed themselves several times, like the spar bone, to provide

He looked at the upturned faces around him. "Any questions?"

Tyerth found it endlessly fascinating. L'ris however, found his
running commentary inside his head distracting. He wondered if he
should ask the Weyrwoman to ask Orlaith to tell Tyerth to shut up. **
Why can't you sleep like Yunoth?** L'ris looked enviously pretty,
little green at sleep. Her rider was equally pretty.

Y'gel did see the young ones looking at their wings and half smiled as
he turned to continue the lecture on basic anatomy.

Last updated on the January 16th 2012

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