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First Day as a Weyrling

Writers: Chelle, Emma, Len, Paula
Date Posted: 11th January 2012

Characters: D'lorn, A'shel, K'dee, L'ris, F'veas
Description: Thew new weyrlings wake up on their first day
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 5, day 5 of Turn 6

The greenrider walked up and down the barracks. Today he wouldn’t wake them as soon as he would the days after. D’lorn knew it would be a shock to suddenly find yourself a weyrling with an entirely different life. Still, he did get his charges up early, knowing their dragonets were going to be hungry and they had things to do.

}:Wake up my lovelies. Time to eat!:{ Villith broadcast to the new

Tyerth was up in a flash and poking his rider to his ribs. }: Up, up, I'm
hungry! :{

L'ris groaned. He didn't want to wake up. His head hurt and he had gotten to bed only few hours earlier.

K'dee was face down in his bed, one arm flung out to reach for Vatonth. The bronze stirred, reaching his rider's hand, giving a little bugle.

"Faranth! I'm coming," came the sleepy response from the young man.

Wenarth nudged his lifemate and watched the other dragons, having
been up for a bit. }:What do you think?:{ he asked the taller blue
beside him.

}:I'm hungry,:{ Himarth responded as he watched A'shel make his bed
and pat both the little dragons sitting side by side.

}:Me too..but I meant the bigger issue.:{ The slender brown crooned
when he was patted and then went back to studying the new greenrider
in his life.

"Allright ladies! If you're not out here in five minutes, we're going to
have problems!" came the yell, letting them know he meant business. D'lorn would not have dragonets starving because their riders couldn't get their sorry butts up. That was lesson one-the dragonet's needs came first.

L'ris crawled up from his cot. Bleary eyed, he located a pitcher of water.
After drinking two glasses of water, he was starting to feel better. He
picked up his yesterday's tunic, decided that it was still good to wear and pulled in on. }: I'm starving, :{ Tyerth said helpfully. Like L'ris couldn't feel it.

By now K'dee was hunting for his boots, Vatonth had put his head into one of them, curious to know why his K'dee had to put them on his feet. }:Can I eat them?:{ asked the young bronze. **No,** came the response, **But you will get to eat in a moment, trust me.**

Wenarth shook his head at the others and wandered out of the barracks.
F'veas would find him as soon as he got out of bed. There were
things to do, places to be! He didn't have time being silly like his

When Himarth whined a bit, A'shel reached down to cuddle him. **It's
alright, I'll get you fed soon enough.**

L'ris made some attempt to arrange his cot but Tyerth was getting impatient and more demanding, so he just had to take the little brown out for food.

It might have been a cheat, but a blanket was swiftly used to cover over
rumpled sheets as K'dee finally got himself ready to head outside.

When they were all assembled in front of him, D'lorn looked each of them
over. "Good morning all. I'm D'lorn, Weyrlingmaster third and I've been
assigned to this particular class. You'll meet the rest of the staff later."

"First lesson-you will be expected to wake by the sixth candlemark. You will need to feed your dragonet, bathe, and oil them. Your dragonet comes before you. If you are on time, you're late. So I expect you to be a few minutes early for every lesson."

He walked in front of them, aware that the dragonets standing there would be hungry. He wanted their riders to feel that, to realize that they had to keep them fed on time. "Your first lesson of the day is at the ninth candlemark. Before then, you need to bathe, eat breakfast, and get yourself presentable. Clean your cot. There will be inspections periodically."

"For now, get your dragonets fed and then we'll get started." He gestured to the meat that was laid out on the table. Today, they didn't have to butcher their own. They would the next day, though.

Last updated on the January 16th 2012

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