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A Name Change

Writers: Emma, Len
Date Posted: 7th December 2011

Characters: F'veas, P'veas, Jaylene, J'nne
Description: Newly re-named F'veas shows his lifemate to his father P'veas
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 5, day 4 of Turn 6

Pastrah sat down at the tale, still lost in wonder. Little Wenarth
was everything he could have ever wanted, so beautiful, so perfect..so
brown. The boy blinked in confusion. What had happened to the green
he was so sure he was going to get?

}:So I'm brown..what's wrong with that?:{ the tiny dragon asked,
opening his mouth for more food.

**Nothing, you're perfect! It's just my dad rides green, so I
thought I would too.**

Wenarth blinked at that, as it make as much sense as mud. }:I'm still
hungry:{ he said wistfully.

"You better feed him," P'veas said as he walked over to see Pastrah with the tiny brown that had chosen him.

The lad looked up. "Oh da! What do you think?" Behind him were
those siblings of the man his da slept with a lot. They were both
smiling at him and Wenarth.

"He's beautiful. You've done so well." P'veas opened his arms to hug the

"You think so?" He was so scared his da would be angry with him for
not Impressing a green. As he reached up to return the hug, Jayonne
stepped forward to feed the tiny brown. Wenarth didn't care, just as
long as he was fed.

"Brown is good, very good," P'veas assured him as he released his son. "So
what do we call you now?"

"I...uh, I mean, we..." He nodded to the small brown happily taking
food from Jayonne's hand. "We've decided on...F'veas."

"F'veas?" While not unheard of, it wasn't common for new riders to
completely change their names.

"Is that okay?" The boy looked frightened and his little brown turned
back to him and crooned. "I mean...I wanted a name that told everyone
you are my da...and the 'F' is for ma but without the 'strah' bit."
Which was part of her family and shards knew, he wanted to forget as
much about that side of his blood as soon as he could.

Jaylene came up and wrapped an arm around the boy's shoulders and
looked at P'veas, concerned.

"I think I like it," P'veas said after a moment. "And if your mother were
here, she would appreciate the honour you have done her."

"Oh good!" F'veas let out the breath he was holding. Jaylene had
been all that was holding him up, waiting for his da to answer.

"And she would be so proud to see you stood here beside a dragon of your

"I just wish she had tried again for her own." The boy sighed and
Jaylene squeezed his shoulders tightly.

"Some things are meant to be, and other's are not," P'veas said. "But it
seems clear that you _are_ meant to be a brownrider."

"You are indeed, m'dear!" Jaylene said, giving him one last squeeze
before letting go. At F'veas' feet, little Wenarth burped and
promptly went to sleep.

"Oh dear, I may have overdone it on the food front," Jayonne muttered,
looking sheepish.

"I think he'll be fine," P'veas said. "Both of them."

Jayonne stood up and eyed P'veas. "So...think you and I can handle
carrying this beastie back to the weyrling barracks?"

"I think we might need to have F'veas here wake him, I think he's going to
need a bath first, or else he'll itch all night, and that won't be much

"How 'bout we just carefully put him in the ocean or river to bath off
and F'veas here puts him to bed?"

"Which Weyrlingmaster is going to allow that?" P'veas joked. "I think if my son is doing this, he does it properly."

"Hey, I tried, kiddo." Jayonne grinned at F'veas. "The least I can
do is carry him for you." As small as the brown was, the kid was even

"Let him try first," P'veas said.

Newly re-named F'veas nudged his tiny brown and said,
"uh...Wenarth...can you wake up? I need to bath and oil you. come
on, you''ll like it."

}:Do I have to?:{

}:Yes, listen to your lifemate,:{ Reanth answered, flying down to eye
the new born.

The slender little brown snorted in annoyance but woke up and nuzzled

"I told you he could do it." The pride in P'veas' voice was there for all to hear.

"Of course, he's just like you!" Jaylene hugged her friend around the
shoulders. "Come on, let's get these this little one to bed and go

Last updated on the January 16th 2012

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