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Family Talk

Writers: Emma, Len
Date Posted: 7th December 2011

Characters: F'veas, K'dee
Description: Candidates Kridzee and Pastrah meet
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 5, day 2 of Turn 6

"Hey kid!" Krizdee waited for the new boy to turn around.

Pastrah stopped in his track when the other lad said that. Not saying
a word he turned and looked.

"Can you pass me that that jug of Klah?" he asked.

Pastrah did as asked. The boy was a lot older so it wasn't like he
was going to argue.

"Thanks, new guy." the jug was warm, suggesting the drink within was too.
Krizdee poured himself a mug full, and shoved the jug back in his direction. "Get yourself one too and tell me about yourself."

The kid looked small, barely old enough to sport candidate knots, but he was clearly new to the place.

"Thanks." Pastrah pored himself a cup. "How about you start?"

"Not much to tell," Krizdee began, then paused to take a sip of the drink.
"Born here, Da's a rider, Ma's not." He pointed to his knots, "Starsmith."

"My da's a rider too. P'veas is his name, a greenrider." His chest
puffed up in pride for his father.

"Your Da's a greenrider?" That earned the younger lad a funny look and a
raised eyebrow. The nearest most greenriders got to women was the dragons
they rode. "That sounds like a good story you've got there kid."

"Really? I thought that'd be normal in the Weyr..." Pastrah looked
confused, as he was a bit too young to work out just what being on
green meant.

"Most greenriders, well most male greenriders like the boys as much as the
female greenriders do," explained Krizdee.

"Do they? Then how was I born?" Pastrah felt more, not less, confused.

"Kid, I think that might be a question for your father."

"Really?" Pastrah squeaked.

"Some things, like that you have to talk to your parents about. I mean your mother could tell you."

At that, the boy's face fell. "My mum's dead."

"Sorry," Krizdee could appreciate losing a parent, so many of his friends
had seen their families devastated by loss or serious injury in the past few turns since the start of the pass. "I'm sure she was a good woman."

"Maybe..." He didn't want to speak ill of the dead, so Pastrah choose
to shut his mouth about her. "She choose a great guy to be my da
though. I've been helping him with his dragon and boy is she
beautiful! I want one just like her!"

"Oookay," drawled Krizdee. So this kid could well follow in his father's
footsteps, and why not? He certainly intended to buy walking off the sands
with a handsome brown following him some day.

"What about you? What's your family like?" Now that there was a break in
the conversation, Pastrah saw the chance to turn the attention on the
older boy.

"Da's a bronwrider in the Weyrleader's wing. My Ma's a crafter like me. Got two sisters and a brother around. My brother's probably around your age."

"Really? Is he Standing too?"

"Yeah, and my sister as well. Faranth help the Weyr if there are three of us as weyrlings at once." Krizdee grinned. "That Weyrlingmaster isn't going to know what to do with us."

Pastrah frowned in thought, wondering if he knew them at all. "What
are their names?" So far he didn't know too many other kids in his

"Deenar's my sister, Lakriz is my brother, and I'm Krizdee."

"I think I may sit next to your sister in dragon anatomy class." The
brother's name was unfamiliar.

"She won't bite if you want to talk to her."

"She seems so studious...I wouldn't want to interupt her thoughts."

"It's an act, if I know Deenar, she's planning some sort of prank."

Pastrah could only nod at that, as he couldn't say he had any friends
yet at the weyr, amongst the candidates. All of them, except for a
few weyr-bred children, were all older than him and no one seemed to
have time for the little holder boy. "Well, I should go, my da said
he was going to take me for a ride when I got to his weyr..."

"Enjoy yourself kid. The hard work'll start soon enough."

Last updated on the January 16th 2012

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