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Little Green Dragons

Writers: Chelle, Len
Date Posted: 7th November 2011

Characters: Rhosyn, F'veas, B'ren
Description: Rhosyn takes Pastrah on the rounds through the infirmary with her
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 4, day 21 of Turn 6

The Weyrwoman had gotten her list and was ready to make her rounds to
see the injured riders. She'd gathered some things in her carisak to take
and threw it over her shoulder. Popping in a skin of water for herself, she
headed to the office, her first stop, where she'd meet the boy who was
joining her.

Pastrah watched her come over to him with apprehension. After that
first interview, he didn't feel that this would bode well for him.
He_had_cried just about all night after that interview with her.

She saw him and wondered just what this was going to bring. Rhosyn had
eaten, though, so she was in a good mood so far. "Allright, to the infirmary
we go. You're on time. Good."

He nodded and followed her, making a mental note to keep his mouth
shut this time.

They entered and Rhosyn went to the right wing, walking down the beds.
She nodded to those that saw her, smiling. They came to a stop in front of
a rider who was laid up, his left limb obviously missing and wrapped up.
"How are you doing today, B'ren?"

Pastrah stayed behind her and watched to see what she was doing. The
man reminded him a bit of Holleran back home. He had fallen off a
runaway cart two turns ago and had lost his leg and part of his
remaining foot to it.

"Well, it's hard having the urge to get up every morning to oil Larenth,
and then realizing I can't. I'll never be able to, again." B'ren's voice was
a bit cold, though he didn't turn away. She was the Weyrwoman, after all.

"I know it's hard and we don't know why things happen like they do. Still,
at least you still have Larenth and he has you." She pulled a small parcel
from her bag and handed it over.

"Why can't you? You've still got one good arm. If you want I can
help you!" Pastrah shut up when he realized he may not have been as
sensitive as he maybe should have, to the rider. But really, having
one arm didn't mean your life was over! There was that foster mother
back in the Hold, she had a shriveled arm and couldn't use it but
that didn't stop her from fostering 6 children and cooking and
cleaning on top of it.

"Because with only one good leg, I can't climb up my brown to get him
cleaned like I need to. One hand will be holding a crutch to keep me up.
I can get parts of him, but not everything." B'ren looked at the boy, a sad
look in his eyes.

"Yeah but you can learn to balance yourself...we do it all the time
back where I'm from! It's easy, I can teach you." The boy felt bold
when the Weyrwoman didn't instantly scold him for speaking out. He'd
love to help the man!

Right then, B'ren didn't want to hear about help. He was bitter and he was
angry and he didn't want false hope-especially from some boy. "Oh then
you must know everything about thread eating your leg off without being
able to do a thing about it."

Rhosyn realized this was time to go, to move on to the next one. B'ren was
still grieving. "Come on Pastrah, we have plenty others to get to today." She
put a hand on his arm, pulling him down the aisle. When they were out
of earshot, she said softly. "Sometimes people don't want solutions.
Sometimes they just
want people to listen."

"Yeah but he acts like it's only in the Weyr where people are injured.
I lived in a tiny Hold where people got hurt all the time and you
were always afraid..." He stopped when he realized he was about to
tell her about the beatings he endured about everyday under his

"Why did people get hurt all the time?" Rhosyn's small farmhold had meant
common injuries related to farming, but nothing like that.

"Well...not everyone got hurt..." Should he tell her? It was obvious
she didn't like him, so maybe she wouldn't care if he just told her
what life was like, for him. "It was just me," he said in a rush.
"My mother didn't want me, and she died and, well, my granddad was
stuck with me and being that da is a greenrider he just figured I was
scum and so he...well, he beat me. And he drank and, well..." His
voice trailed off and he ducked his head down.

She sighed, knowing where this was going. Rhosyn understood that the
Weyr had turned into a haven for the misfortunate. Still, she would just once
like to get a candidate with a pretty normal childhood. "Pastrah, do you
understand that none of that was your fault?"

"_I_know. My grand dad is an arsehole and will always be. I mean,
come on, he beat my mum for having me and he thinks my da is some sort
of pervert, and my da is wonderful. I_so_hope for a green like his, I
want to be just like him!" He nodded his head in emphasis and his
face lit up with the thought of a green like Mavikath.

After they finished with the infirmary, she led him into a weyr. Announcing
herself, they walked inside. There, in a chair, was a woman. She was a
as evidenced by the dragon sleeping on a couch beyond. When Liren turned
to greet her Weyrwoman, it was only by sound. The greenrider had no face.
It'd been eaten by thread.

Pastrah had been staring at the pretty green as they came in, and so
when he turned around to see the rider, he was a bit shocked. He
glanced up at the Weyrwoman to see what she was going to do.

"Good day Liren, how is Dorcath?" Rhosyn came forward, then sat down
in front of the greenrider.

"She and I are well enough, Weyrwoman. She is my eyes most days, after all."
Smiling in her own unique way, Liren's one visible eye seemed to be looking,
but it wasn't really functional. Instead, the green's head was focused on the
intruding pair, allowing her to see.

As the women talked, Pastrah tried to take a closer look at her dragon.
Being that his father rode green, and the fact that his grandda called both
his da and him perverts he thought it must have something to do with having
a green dragon. In his mind this meant he was to Impress green, if he Impressed
at all. So he was eyeing all the little greens he could, just to see
what they were
like. So far he was happy with what he saw.

"This is Pastrah. He's hoping to Stand for the eggs this time," Rhosyn
introduced, hoping Liren would take the hint and give the boy his
opening to talk
and ask questions if he wanted.

"Oh, a candidate aye? Boy, what sort of dragon do you want?" Liren asked easily,
catching on.

"My da rides green. I want to be just like him," he answered with
enthusiasm. "He's the best. Your green is beautiful, what's her

"Her name is Dorcath," she answered easily. "And she thanks you for your

The boy nodded and looked to Rhosyn as to what to do next.

"Is there anything you need help with today, Liren?" Rhosyn asked gingerly.
The drudges did a lot of the work, but sometimes the proud riders wouldn't
allow them to do certain things.

The greenrider considered that request and then looked toward her dragon.
"Dorcath and I are faring well. There is nothing today, Weyrwoman."

"Clear skies to you both then!" Rhosyn said her farewell then brought Pastrah
outside and into the corridors. When they had finished their rounds, she stepped
back and looked down at the boy. "You can go now, Pastrah. Tomorrow, I want
you to think about what you've seen and heard today and come and tell me what
you think about it. Okay?"

"I don't need time to think it over, Weyrwoman, I_want_to Stand. I
want my chance at being a Rider."

"Even if you could end up like any of those and feel like they do?"
The question was gentle. It was hard for even Rhosyn to see some of
them since it could
still very well be her despite golds being better protected in fall.

"Even if I could end up like them." He nodded his head.

"Then you'll get your chance." She looked up at the ceiling, hoping she wouldn't
regret this. "If I hear one peep out of the Headwoman that you're not following

"Oh, thank you! Thank you, Weyrwoman!" He jumped up and down and did
hug poor Rhosyn. "You won't regret this! I'll be good, I promise!"
Already his head was full of little green dragons.

Last updated on the January 8th 2012

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