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Just Like You

Writers: Emma, Len
Date Posted: 24th October 2011

Characters: P'veas, F'veas, J'zen
Description: P'veas finds out that life with a child about isn't as carefree as it used to be
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 4, day 3 of Turn 6

J'zen sighed and cuddled into P'veas' shoulder. "That felt good." He
looked up and smiled at the dark haired greenrider before kissing him
lightly on the lips. "We need to have a mid-afternoon 'session' more

"Well when it's as good as that," replied P'veas with a smile. "How could
anyone say no?" An arm snaked around his fellow greenrider gently pulling
him a little closer.

J'zen could think of no other answer to that than a deep sensual kiss.
Deftly he maneuvered P'veas to get on top of him, moaning when he
touched all the right parts.

"You like that, do you," P'veas said as he lightly traced a finger over the
greenrider's chest, before slowly allowing it teasingly to drift lower,
then higher again as he saw and heard the reaction he got.

J'zen_would_have given himself to the moment...however...

"Uh...honey, who is that?"

He pointed over P'veas' shoulder to the waif of a boy that stood
there, open mouthed.

P'veas eased himself into a position where he could pull a sheet over him
and J'zen. "Pastrah?"

"Da...? What are you doing?!"

"Son," he began realising that he might get a funny look or two from J'zen.
"You really should learn to knock before you come into people's weyrs.
Sometimes we need private time with other people."

"Son?!" J'zen looked from P'veas to the boy and back again. "Get off
me," he frantically whispered to his lover.

While he did as asked, P'veas was also speaking to Mavikath.

**Please tell J'zen's I'll explain later, and if he gets mad with the boy
I'll kill him. Tell him that the boy has had a hard time because of me and
needs treating gently.**

"Pastrah, please close that curtain by the bed and I'll come out and talk to
you in a moment."

After the boy did as he was told, J'zen sat up, still clutching the
furs to him. "P'veas!" he whispered, "you have a son?!"

"One night before I impressed there was a girl, she went home when she
didn't impress herself, and she didn't know Pastrah was on the way, I didn't
either," P'veas explained. "I only met him once, and I thought he'd stay in
his home until he was searched." He was reaching for clothing even as he
spoke. "He grandfather, well he told him that we were all perverts and had
no morals, so even though he's seen us, I don't want you to get angry about
that. He needs to learns a few things, and quickly."

J'zen reached out and lightly touched P'veas' arm. "Sweetie, go easy
on him. He's just a babe." His face lit up in a huge smile. "You
have a son?! I_love_children!" He would have clapped his hands in
delight, if that wasn't undignified to do.

"I plan too," P'veas said. "I think his mother's family gave him a really
hard time."

"Ahh.." Already J'zen was plotting on their next restday. They could
grab his family and all of them go on a picnic! He had a dreamy face
as he got dressed.

"Can you give us a moment or two?" P'veas asked as he pulled his shorts on.

"Okay." The pretty greenrider mock pouted before throwing the rest of
his clothes on and leaving the tiny family to it.

"Pastrah," P'veas began as he pushed the curtain aside. Now clad in shorts
and a loose shirt, he hoped this was a lot less embarrassing for the boy. "I
know that this must have been a shock for you, but there are a few things
you need to know about life in the Weyr." He gestured the boy to sit on a
small couch, and sat beside him.

Da...I don't think she's going to let me Stand." The boy had sunk
into the sofa, still shocked at the reaction the Weyrwoman had with
him just the day before. The image of seeing his parent naked was
burned into his mind forever but he had other, more important things to think

"Say that again," P'veas said slowly.

"The Weyrwoman...she doesn't like me at_all._She just gave me a hard
time about Standing and all and said I have to meet her at the
infirmary later. She seems to think that only bad things happen in
the Weyr and that I don't know anything about hardship." At that he
burst into tears and buried his head into his dad's shoulder.

Arms went around his son, holding him close for a moment to try and soothe
him. "What the Weyrwoman thinks doesn't matter, what a dragon thinks does.
If your hatchling is in one of those eggs, he or she will find you, don't

"It'll probably be a she, don't you think?" He glanced up at his dad,
wondering what it would be like, to be a greenrider.

"Nobody knows," P'veas said after a moment. "Just because I ride green
doesn't mean you will."

"But I_want_a green. I want to be just like you!"

P'veas wondered how to explain things, "Son, some people in the holds think
that green riders are," and he hesitated a moment. "Perverts, because green
dragons are female, and if a man rides one, he isn't a real man. And that's
wrong, yes, it is true that men who ride green do like other men, and love
other men too, but that isn't wrong, it's about the person inside. Do you
understand that?"

The boy started to nod, and then shook his head. "Grand da called me
a pervert, so doesn't that mean I'm like you too?"

"No it doesn't. Everyone is different. Some people like girls, some like
boys and some people like both. When you are a bit older, you will find out
for yourself who you are and what that means." Privately P'veas hoped that
Pastrah would be able to decide in peace, unless a dragon made the decision
clear to him. "And if you want to try things along the way, that's fine too.
But when you are thinking like that, then promise me one thing."

"What's that?"

"That you come and talk to me about it. I won't get mad, I'll listen, and if
I can I'll help you."

At that the boy snuggled into his father's shoulder. "Da?"

"I'll be there for you," P'veas said as he accepted his son's closeness.
"That's what a father should do."

"Da? I love you."

"Love you too son."

Last updated on the December 16th 2011

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