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Could I Do That

Writers: Chelle, Len
Date Posted: 10th October 2011

Characters: F'veas, Rhosyn
Description: Pastrah officially asks Rhosyn for permission to Stand
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 4, day 13 of Turn 6

It took him awhile but finally Pastrah found the Weyrwoman's door.
What would she say to him? What if she said no? What then? Despite
his father's reassurances he still was scared of being sent back.
Well there was nothing else to do, he had to ask her permission to
Stand. Being Searched wasn't good enough. Softly, he knocked.

"Aye, who's there?" came the easy call as Rhosyn sipped from her cool
water glass.

"It's Pastrah, ma'am. P'veas' son..you asked to see me?" The boy
fidgeted on the other side of the door.

"Ah yes, come in." She sat back in her chair and prepared herself for this

The young boy opened the door and--taking a deep breath--walked in.
She was pretty, the Weyrwoman was! He gulped and looked down when he
realized he was staring at her. "M-ma-am?"

"You and I are going to have a little talk. After all, I want to get to know
everyone before they have a chance at my queen's eggs. So sit down and tell
me about yourself and why you think you'd be a good dragonrider." She wasn't
a mindhealer, but she could usually pick up on things.

Pastrah stared at her, mouth agape. What could he say about himself
to impress her? His mind went completely blank at that. "I..my dad
is a rider here, P'veas..."

"And?" **P'veas-greenrider** Rhosyn kept watching the boy. He obviously
wasn't very bright.

"And..." He looked at her as his brain tried to get out of its deep
freeze. "My mother was also a candidate but she didn't Impress. So
she went back to her home Hold, had me..." Should he say how he was
treated by his grandfather? Fidgeting a bit he went on. "And we came
to see my da once...and his green. And then she died and I was raised
by my grandfather. And then bluerider D'arvn found me and said I
could come here to Stand..." His voice trailed off at the end.

"Well Pastrah, what qualities do you have that would make you a good
dragonrider?" She watched the boy, searching for any sign of something
that impressed her.

What? How did he know? He blinked at her and scratched the back of
his head. "Well I...ma'am, I don't know, to be honest. Maybe I won't
make a dragonrider at all, I don't know." His eyes drifted off a bit,
imagining himself on a green like his dad's. Softly he repeated, "I
don't know. Only a dragon can know that."

**No confidence-check; a bit slow-witted-check** Rhosyn was hard pressed
to see why this one should get anywhere near those eggs. "Tell me about
what you think a dragon is and what's involved in having one."

She was taking the piss now. "A dragon is a scientifically engineered
fire lizard bred to sear threads from the sky and keep Pern safe. And
to have one means you are risking your life and your dragon's every
sevenday or so to sear the aforementioned threads from the sky, saving
person, animals and food from them. You give up any thought of
freedom as you have to take care of your dragon, feeding, bathing and
oiling it. It this what you mean?"

"Aye, and in most cases any thought of a family. There is also the risk
of losing your dragon, but not yourself and having to live with that for the
rest of your life or grievous injury." Not one to sugarcoat things, she had
planned for the candidates to meet some of their more injured riders.

"I know." She really thought him stupid, didn't she? His earlier
opinion of the Weyrwoman was wearing off.

"I thought you weren't raised in the Weyr?" she asked.

"Do you have to be raised only in a Weyr to know that?"

"No, but usually the ones raised outside the Weyr aren't around dragons
enough to really understand what we mean. They literally consume your life.
Have you seen threadscore before Pastrah?"

"I've been to the Weyr before, Weyrwoman." Gosh, she really did think
him an idiot. But then again...

"For how long?" Just because someone had visited a Weyr didn't mean they
had really seen what Rhosyn wanted them to see.

"A day."

"And that's all?" The kid thought he knew everything from a day? **This is going
to be sharding good**

She obviously was a prejudice jerk, the boy seethed to himself. "Yes,
a day, which is more than most Hold boys get. Or are we not actually
allowed to Stand even though we've been Searched and found to have
whatever it is that dragons are attracted to?"

"Boy, I was a holder myself before I came to the Weyr so I know all about
holders and impressing. Now, cut the tone." Rhosyn was a goldrider, a
Weyrwoman, and no one would talk to her like that. "You've got one shot.
As part of my duties, I see to the injured riders and dragons in the Weyr.
You're coming with me. Report here at the eighth candlemark. Understood?"

He glowered at her before nodding his head.

Last updated on the December 16th 2011

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