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A Parent's Love

Writers: Emma, Len
Date Posted: 3rd October 2011

Characters: P'veas, F'veas
Description: P'veas' son comes to the Weyr
Location: River Bluff Weyr
Date: month 3, day 2 of Turn 6

Pastrah sat on the narrow bed and looked at the pile of clothes beside
him. The Headwoman's assistant had provided him with them, and the
tiny space at in the candidate's barracks. It was all overwhelming
for the young boy. He had never been given new clothes or a warm bed
of his own. And his da? How would he find him? The place was huge.
And so he sat, eyeing his clothes and the empty room.

The greenrider asked a passing candidate where he might find the new boy.
Word had been sent to him when the Headwoman had sorted the lad out with a
place in the barracks. The lad, who looked to be at the older end of the
age range for candidates pointed back and said, "There, the new boy is

"Pastrah?" questioned the greenrider as he finally stood before him. "I came
as soon as I heard you were here."

"Da...?" the boy had watched the greenrider coming across the room
but hadn't recognized him until he had opened his mouth. A ridiculous
flutter of fear surged through him. What if he didn't want him
either? "Da...I..."

"You were searched?" Soliera had told him that much, but suggested he talk
to the boy himself. "What did your mother say?"

"Mum's dead."

P'veas stared at the lad, seeing his mother in him for a moment. "She's
dead?" he asked softly. He, well women were not for him as Mavikath proved,
but Finstah had been special in her own way. "I'm sorry, she was special,
and I did love her, she was," he paused struggling for words. "She was a
very good friend to me when I needed it, and gave me something that nobody
else could."

"Da..." How could he ask him if he loved him? He'd been alone for so
long..he just couldn't. "Can I see your green...please?"

"Mavikath, she's outside," P'veas said. "Are you sure? You don't want to
settle in some more?"

The child shook his head and stood up, walking quickly outside.
Rubbing a few tears from his face he asked, "where is she?"

"There," P'veas pointed as a green dragon ambled slowly over.

At the sight of her the boy did break down. "Grand da hates me..." he
managed to get out before all but falling on the tiny green's shoulder
and sobbing.

P'veas let Pastrah cry for a few moments, giving him the time to get his
head around that statement. An awkward arm went around the boy, "Did he
actually say that?"

"He said he didn't care what happened to me, for the blue search rider
to take me away." He eyed his dad. "He thinks you and I are perverts
and are only good as thread fodder."

"Holder folk don't understand," P'veas said softly. "My father, he said much
the same things when he heard about Mavikath." He paused to gather his
thoughts, wondering how best to explain things, especially since it now
seemed his son was going to be here for a while. "Sometimes, well it doesn't
matter whether a person is a man or a woman when you love them. It's what's
inside that counts."

"Da..." Pastrah whispered, "do you love me?"

"From the moment I knew about you. I only wish your mother had told me

"I hate them! I hate everything about them!" He kicked at the
ground, imagining them to be his mother's family. "Can I change my
name? I don't want any reminder of them on me." Another thought
occurred to the boy. "If...if I don't Impressed, I don't have to go
back to them...like mum did, do I?"

"The Weyr never turns anyone away as long as they are willing to do their
bit, you could be a crafter, or even a general worker. Everyone here works
together," P'veas told him. "And if you do impress, then you can change your
name by eliding it. You'll have a new name then."

"To what? It'll never sound as good as your's." Pastrah hated his
name..it reminded him of all the hate that had been directed his way
from his mother and then his grandfather.

P'veas thought for a moment. "P'rah, A'rah, maybe your dragon will help

"Yeah? I_can_change my name completely?"

"It's not unheard of," his father told him.

The lad looked up at his dad. "I'd want your part to stay in it..or
if I could change it to reflect that I'm your's..." At that he flung
himself into his father's arms, just wanting a parent's love.

Slowly, and awkwardly P'veas hugged back. Maybe, just maybe he might be able
to build a relationship with his son.

Last updated on the December 16th 2011

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