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Accusation 2/2

Writers: AL, Devin
Date Posted: 24th February 2010

Characters: Jerroll, Lerra, Edele, Graston
Description: Captain Lerra pronounces judgment.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 7, day 22 of Turn 5

For a moment, Edele stood there dumbfounded. Then she turned to look
straight at Lerra. "This man is lying!" She breathed vehemently. "I
did no such thing! I've never seen him before in my life!"

Lerra turned back to the men. "Graston, you vouch for this man, as
your friend?"

"Aye Captain." Graston lets his steely gaze fall upon the Captain's.
"I do, with my life."

"What's going on?" Jerroll asked as he came onto the ship.

"Oh thank Faranth." Edele heaves a sigh, then motions to Lerra.
"Jerroll, could you please talk some sense into her?"

Graston frowns and shakes his head. "What do you want me to do with
her, Captain?"

Lerra held a hand up. "Graston's friend here is a guard. He says Edele
told him all about the ship, what we do. All those searches and close
calls ... and now we've found the culprit."

"Edele didn't--" Jerroll started.

Lerra cut him off. "Tell me, Jerroll. Tell me that it hasn't once
crossed your mind that Edele might be responsible."

Jerroll looked around at the crew that had gathered, many of them
confused, some of them angry. His gaze settled on Edele and he

"Jerroll..." After all that she had gone through to convince him, he
doubted her now? She had done nothing! Nothing to betray the ship
she called home. "You know I didn't. You _know_." Edele turns back
to Lerra. "I couldn't, not ever, not to the Silver Sails, not to

Graston shook his head. "It's a shame. She's a sharding good cook too."

Edele turned and looked at each of the crew members that gathered. "I
didn't...I swear!" But all she had were her words, no proof.

Jerroll couldn't lie to his Captain. "It did cross my mind, and I
confronted her about it. I believe she didn't do it. I _trust_ her."

"How can you be sure?"

"She gave up everything for me. She remembered her old life, but she
still gave it up. A safe life, a husband, a son. Everything." Jerroll
understood the value of sacrifice and loyalty better than most people
ever would.

Edele's gaze dropped to the ground. She hadn't told anyone the full
extent of what she had given up. True, they knew most of it, but not
all. Not all.

Graston shook his head and Sirrus with him. "I'm sorry Captain, I
don't want to believe it, I really don't, but Sirrus here, he knows it
was her. There's not many women on this ship and she's easy to

"I understand, Graston. I know how to make hard decisions, and do what
it takes to keep the Silver Sails safe." Lerra caught Jerroll's eye,
and a look passed between them.

"If you don't believe me," Edele stated suddenly, looking up again.
"Then ask Cervil. He's been letting me use his firelizard to send my
messages to my son. He can tell you I speak the truth."

"I've heard all I need to hear." Lerra nodded. Jerroll moved, with a
speed that was almost scary, and Lerra was only a little slower.
Jerroll grabbed Sirrus, the guard, since he was the larger of the two.
Lerra took Graston in a very effective hold.

Edele stepped back as Lerra moved, but it wasn't her they were after.
She blinked in surprise as the two men were taken in hand. At first,
surprise kept them still, but a moment later, they began to struggle.
"Hey! What are you doing?" Graston gasped as he tried to free
himself from Jerroll's iron grip.

"It was a nice try, really. If you'd accused someone else, you might
have even gotten away with it," Lerra said.

"But she went to him! He came to me! He _saw_ her! Spoke to her!"
Graston's voice rose with every word as if by yelling he could get his
words into Lerra's skull.

"Stealing her letter wasn't enough. You had to make sure, so you
brought your friend." She turned to one of the crew. "Get rope."

"Hey! Hey! It was all his idea! I didn't wanna, it was his idea!"
Sirrus began to shout, verifying that Lerra's suspicions had been
accurate. "Lemme go! LEMME GO!"

Edele almost felt like fainting. She loved Jerroll, but she knew that
both he and the Captain were quite ruthless at times. She didn't want
to be on their bad side. "What are you going to do to them?"

"Tie them up good," Jerroll said. "Tie a rock to their feet, and let
the sea take care of them." He would prefer to leave them out for
Thread, but that would take too much work to arrange.

"Jerroll....Lerra...Mercy? Please?" As much as she despises the men,
she isn't sure she wants to see them dead, or be partially responsible
for those deaths.

"They can't talk if they're dead, and Graston, at least, has done
plenty of talking." Lerra said. A few of the crew had brought ropes
and they were tying the men up, ignoring their protests.

Edele didn't argue. She knew that no pleading would help the men.
They bucked, kicked, begged, yelled, and cursed, but eventually they
are subdued. Without a word, Edele turned and quickly disappeared
below the deck.

Last updated on the February 28th 2010

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