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A Change of Plan

Writers: AL, Devin, Cali
Date Posted: 31st October 2009

Characters: Y'nub, Jerroll, Lerra, Bartonn
Description: Bartonn gets Y'nub to take him to the Silver Sails to warn them about a change in plans.
Location: Elsewhere on Pern
Date: month 5, day 15 of Turn 5
Notes: Silver Sails

Bartonn peered up at the sky. He was impatient, but the only indication of that was the frown that tugged the features of his face down. He had sent for Y'nub, but the dragonrider shouldn't have taken so long. It was important that the message be delivered and Bartonn didn't trust anyone to deliver it but himself. Besides, he'd have to renegotiate things and that was certainly not something he was going to have someone else do.

Later as the last light of the day was disappearing over the cliffs, Larweth landed not far from where the Gray Gail was docked. Y'nub jumped down and walked annoyed towards his uncle's ship. He'd come as quickly as he could, even leaving before he'd been able to have dinner, still, he could tell by the look on his uncle's face that he wouldn't care. "I can't exactly rush off in the middle of drills. There is a time difference between us you know."

"This is an important matter, boy." Bartonn hurried past Y'nub to approach the dragon. "Time is of the essence. Can you get me to the Silver Sails?"

Y'nub raised an eyebrow. "It depends. Do you know where she is? At sea or docked someplace?" He debated asking _why_ time was of the essence, but held off in case the man supplied the information himself.

"At Gaiden's Port." Bartonn mounted the bronze dragon with uncanny ease and looked down at his nephew. "I need to speak with the Captain."

What was the point in asking? He probably wouldn't tell him and he was probably better off not knowing. He settled himself on Larweth, feeling odd that his uncle was holding on behind him, and envisioned the evening shadows covering Gaiden's Port.

~ ~ ~

It wasn't every day that a dragon came to visit, and a bronze dragon at that. The crew was understandably awed, and understandably nervous. Not so much of the beast itself, but of what it might bring. Jerroll stayed a step behind and to the right of Lerra as she greeted the visitors.

"Bartonn ... to what do I owe the pleasure?" she asked.

"A bit of a problem, I fear." Barton cast a glance around, then motioned to the stairs that led to the galley. "Mind if we converse in private?"

Y'nub caught Jeroll's eye and gave a nod in greeting. Now wasn't the time to bring friendship into the equation, his uncle obviously meant this for business.

"We can meet in my cabin." Lerra turned to lead the way. Jerroll returned the nod and followed the captain and Bartonn below.

Bartonn didn't say another word until they were in Lerra's cabin and the door was closed. "We have a problem with the delivery." He started off as soon as he was certain they wouldn't be overheard.

"What kind of problem?"

"One of my contacts has found out someone's tipped off the holder." Bartonn growled the statement. Someone had betrayed them, but he didn't know who. "Therefore, if you deliver the goods at the main port at Shailow, you're going to find yourself boarded wth guards."

Lerra's eyes narrowed slightly. "Lucky you were warned in time to warn us."

No wonder his uncle had been in so much of a hurry to get to the Silver Sails. It was luck too that the ship was still at Gaiden's, it could easily have been at Shailow by this point, it was only two days away.

"There is an older port that's not used any more." Bartonn went on. "It's further West. You can dock there without any problems and I can have some runners with a cart available to carry the goods to the hold proper."

They would be hashing out details for awhile and Y'nub was starving. "If you'll excuse me." He gave a nod to all and left them in the office.

"And this dock is safe? I won't have my ship smashed against rocks for the sake of your cargo." Lerra wanted every assurance that there would be no problems. The surprise inspections the ship had been subject to lately had put her on edge.

Bartonn nods. "It's safe, it's just not used any more because the hold grew but not in that direction. It's considered too far from the hold to be convenient, but it will be close enough for our needs." Not as convenient normally, but in that case, it would be a life saver.

"And your men will be ready to take the cargo when we arrive?" the Captain asked.

"Yes, ready and waiting." Bartonn wasn't going to tell anyone about the cargo until the last possible moment. He didn't want word getting out about it, especially if it had been someone among his ranks. "Just bring it and I'll take care of the rest."

Lerra nodded. "All right, then."

Jerroll leaned against the wall and wondered: was it Edele?

Last updated on the November 3rd 2009

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